Does method of machining center milling have dragon door what?

Machining center milling basically divides dragon door to go against mill and suitable mill, what do Na Nixi and suitable mill method have to differ? Next small make up give everybody introduction!    Dragon door great majority of machining center milling is to use the means that go against mill to finish. But, answer to use suitable mill as far as possible, such meetings obtain better treatment result. When because of dragon door machining center goes against mill, the generation before bit is cut chafes strongly, cause treatment case hardening, make next tooth is cut hard.    When planer-type milling machine arranges mill, should make milling width approximates diameter of 2/3 milling cutter greatly, this can make sure edge can cut work instantly at the beginning, have attrition hardly. If be less than diameter of 1/2 milling cutter, criterion bit begins again ” attrition ” workpiece, because cut fashionable cutting ply decrescent, every age feed also is reduced the narrow because of radial cutting width. “Attrition ” the result makes cutting tool loss of life, to hard alloy cutting tool, increase every to age feed is mixed reducing cutting deepness is more advantageous.    So when thick mill, when be like radial cutting width to be less than milling cutter radius, increase feed, life of its cutting tool will rise, handling time of planer-type milling machine shortens subsequently. Of course, surface of workpiece of need of mill of essence of life is bright and clean, should restrict feed so.    Try tone width of this one radial milling, the compare work of diameter of affirmatory milling cutter and radial milling width, had better be in door of high accuracy dragon undertakes on machining center, so that adjusting rate while, observe the change of surface roughness of its workpiece surface.