Haipuruisen passes Beijing company of new and high 2016 technology is maintained afresh

On December 22, to Beijing sea general lucky dark science and technology expands limited company (later development all abbreviation ” Haipuruisen ” ) , it is a life that is worth to congratulate. Basis ” company of new and high technology maintains administrative measure ” (country 2016 〕 of 〔 of division draw well 32) and ” job of cognizance management of company of new and high technology is how-to ” (country 2016 〕 of 〔 of division draw well 195) concerned regulation, cognizance Haipuruisen is company of new and high technology, period of efficacy is 3 years. Haipuruisen is maintained afresh for company of new and high technology, this is development of pair of business of sea Pu Ruisen not only approbate, also be to the sea Puruisen expresses great expectations. Haipuruisen is located at county of Beijing close cloud, held water 2007. 10 years short, haipuruisen is industry of numerical control machine tool to ignite a hope however. Today’s Haipuruisen in all patent application 128, the invention is patent 28, accredit is patent 82. Be not being satisfied is up gear, face a lot of honor, haipuruisen still not arrogant not impetuous, continue to be explored on machine tool road. In machine tool industry ” feel climb boil dozen ” , also let Haipuruisen harvest richer and richer production experience. ZhongGuanCun is new and high science and technology of unit of director of association of pilot enterprise, medium and small businesses, Beijing studies patent of technical company, Beijing development orgnaization… the validity that the report just of these bright looks confirmed to Sen Jian holds Hai Purui. On November 11, 2013, the national form that Haipuruisen becomes to exceed accurate technology revolution to drive conformity of manufacturing industry of equipment of Chinese high end to innovate through leading is new and high technical company. 2016, haipuruisen is mixed by right of top-ranking manufacturing technology again with when the innovation ability that all takes is maintained through company of new and high technology, the technical innovation level that also means Haipuruisen strode a new chance to extricateoneself from an awkward position again. Carry a state twice continuously company of new and high technology, solid to an enterprise belong to god-given. Of this honorary backside is Haipuruisen of each employee pay with effort, this among them hardships also has Haipuruisen only the person knows. To realize our country by ” make big country ” march toward ” production powerful nation ” new span, haipuruisen all the time with ” intelligence is changed ” , ” green is changed ” , ” the service is changed ” , ” internationalization ” to expand a line, make high accuracy, high-powered machine tool equipment. Kongfu does not lose an observant and conscientious person, haipuruisen already became our country crop the biggest exceed accurate machine tool to produce one of businesses. The achievement of such arrogant person is sea general luck dark person uses countless day day and night nocturnal boiling comes out, approve caboodle of high grade machine tool product to come out with a batch. Haipuruisen is own research and development tens of planting function exceeds accurate machine tool steadily to equip, go up with market equipment of other machine tool is different is, machine tool product can realize Haipuruisen glass of optics of pair of copper, gold, steel, Tantalum, germanium, aluminium, zinc, silicon, colophony, all fronts, crystal kind wait for material qualitative lens face, cone, spherical, blame spherical, cylinder, . Accordingly, of product of machine tool of sea Pu Ruisen cover a range very wide, inspect optical, optics to make from the eye, sunken imprint plate making arrives industry of lumber of office bad news, haipuruisen be nothing difficult. Be worth what carry is, by Haipuruisen of own research and development exceed accurate sheet to nod diamond lathe, exceed accurate sheet to nod numerical control of special type of roller of diamond lathe, accurate edition the much money product such as two upright boring machine is lathe, rigid numerical control domestic initiate, fill home is blank. Also as a result of machine tool product special with high grade, haipuruisen is gifted people’s expectations. The support of the favour of the user, government these become Haipuruisen to will develop henceforth not exhaust motivation. Congratulate Haipuruisen to pass Beijing again finally company of new and high 2016 technology is maintained afresh. Future, haipuruisen will take this honor to initiate bigger blue sky, trade of the machine tool that help strength is larger stronger.