How is lathe of inclined slideway numerical control installed and its use method?

Lathe of this inclined slideway numerical control uses Electromechanical unifinication design, lathe bed and leg are integral structure, lathe bed retreat is inclined 30 degrees, the structure is compact, tigidity is strong, aseismatic sex is good, platoon bits is convenient. Machine tool main shaft uses main shaft unit, frequency conversion or servo advocate electric machinery, gaojukeshi does not have main shaft rotate speed now extremely timing, slideway uses an entrance slideway of tall accurate and linear scroll, drive uses communication servo electric machinery, fixed position precision is tall, floating rate is rapid. Slideway uses concentration automatic lubricant device and whole sealing defend, lubricant and sufficient, safe and service life is long.    Lathe of this inclined slideway numerical control can install much group to discharge tool carrier, multitask dynamoelectric tool carrier or tool carrier of hydraulic pressure servo. Clamp of main shaft workpiece can choose stretch collet or dynamical chuck, make workpiece outfit clip convenient and quick.    Of lathe of this inclined slideway numerical control procrastinate board the ball silk lever that transmission silk lever is high accuracy, the transmission space between filar lever and nut is very little, but also not be to say to do not have clearance, and should have space only, after moving towards a direction when filar lever when again retrorse drive, hard to avoid can generate backlash, backlash can affect treatment precision, and because this kind of machine tool of 45 degrees of lathe bed has gravitational effect, gravitational and immediate effect the axial at filar lever, the backlash when transmission is almost 0. If you are unidentified still white, you can look for a common nut and screw, upend up, pigheaded move screw, again retrorse go back, go to from beginning to end with respect to can clear nut controlling filar lever at the same time, won’t have backlash so, if make nut and screw smooth put, won’t have this kind of effect.    The tigidity of lathe of this inclined slideway numerical control is good, cutting causes machine tool vibration not easily, the cutting tool of this kind of machine tool is the cutting of inclined upper part in workpiece, cutting force and the gravitational photograph that main shaft workpiece produces are consistent, main shaft movement is relatively so smooth, cause cutting vibration not easily, and lathe of ordinary numerical control is when cutting, cutting tool and the cutting power that workpiece produces are up, the gravity that arises with main shaft workpiece is abhorrent, cause vibration easily so.    Installation of lathe of inclined slideway numerical control and use   1, the working precision to assure a machine tool, bolt of foot of soil preparation of the attune when installation or damping pay a foot, assure machine tool standard, do not make slideway screwy.    2, installation debugs the job to finish, must check rotational place to whether reach electric equipment line neatly first reliable, have running test next, experiment time is little at 2 hours, decide normal and rear accessibility test-drive is machined.    3, main shaft bearing can produce gap after the machine tool uses period of time, the user can be adjusted appropriately according to using rate. Space is too little, easy bring about bearing calorific; gap is too big, the precision that can affect work very exterior surface roughness. The locknut degree of tightness that can pass bearing of pair of main shaft around undertakes adjustment, the clearance of bearing maintains beautiful is in 0.006mm.    4, the size of the machine tool procrastinates board all deserve to have iron of a place of strategic importance, can be adjusted after use period of time through adjusting iron of a place of strategic importance big, small procrastinate board clearance, should in order to move agile, it is advisable to do not affect treatment precision.    5, the machine tool slides place must lubricate adequately, every (with 8 small chronometer) should undertake adding noting mechanical oily 2-4 second, bearing is lubricant should every 300- – 600 hours change.    6, should do good machine tool to maintain at ordinary times reach clean job.    7, the machine tool should read machine tool operation instruction handbook in detail before use.