How to undertake precision of machining center job examines?

(one) , the locates test specimen should be located in X journey intermediate position of test specimen, be in along Y and Z axis agree with the proper place office of test specimen and clamping apparatus fixed position and cutting tool length is placed. When having special demand to the position position of test specimen, answer to set in the agreement of manufactory and user   (2) , the fixed test specimen of test specimen should be installed in upper part of appropriative clamping apparatus, in order to achieve the biggest stability of cutting tool and clamping apparatus. The installed surface of clamping apparatus and test specimen should flat. Should examine the parallelism that test specimen installs the surface and clamping apparatus clip to oppose an aspect. Should use proper mix to so that make cutting tool can perforative,support a method with machining center aperture full-length. The proposal is used immerse oneself in bolt to secure test specimen, produce interference in order to avoid cutting tool and bolt, also can choose other equivalent method. The total height of test specimen depends on chooses fixed method.    (3) , the material of test specimen, material of test specimen of parameter of Dao Jihe cutting and cutting cutting tool and cutting parameter are chosen according to the agreement between manufactory and user, should record come down, commendatory cutting parameter is as follows:    1, cutting speed: Cast-iron it is 50m/min; aluminium about it is 300m/min about.    2, feed: It is about (0.05~0.10)mm/ tine.    3, cutting deepness: All milling working procedure is cut in radial should be 0.2mm greatly. (4) , the dimension of test specimen if test specimen cutting several, over all dimension decreases, bore diameter increases, when be used at checking and accept to examine, the proposal chooses final outline to machine test specimen dimension and the accord that set in this standard, so that mirror the cutting precision of the machine tool according to the facts. Test specimen can relapse in cutting experiment use, its norms should maintain the diagnostic dimension taxi that gives out in this standard place 10% less than. Use again when test specimen when, before undertaking new essence of life cuts an experiment, should undertake layer cutting, in order to clear all surfaces.