Leader of bureau of science and technology of jujube village city comes Shandong survey of firm of machine tool of Pu Lu spy

On August 31, 2015, zhang Xian of deputy mayor of city of state of prosperous of international of Fu Tingan of director of bureau of vice-chairman of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference of jujube village city, science and technology, deputy director general, Teng is depended on, Dong Hong of director of bureau of science and technology silvers coin wait for group 6 people come Shandong Pulute machine tool. President Lin Zhao has, Feng Tongzhou of vise general manager, Li Xingyong accompany survey.    Lin Dong thing grows to manage state and development program to waited to make brief report to city leadership with respect to company current business. Subsequently, the city leadership such as Chairman Fu Tingan will to the company produce the spot, examined company production and case of innovation of science and technology on the spot. Become match lathe of numerical control of inclined lathe bed of truss type robot – before TCK6336S product when, leaders stop a long time, the robot that listened to Lin Dong thing to grow to be begun about the company in detail applies a technology to study a situation, and produce learn to grind the introduction of cooperative achievement.    In the fill that sees company own research and development domestic and international blank product – the SHK20 that offers Singapore client is large laser beam welding of 5 linkage numerical control receives 6 axes when be in charge of thread cutting lathe, leaders are interested especially, look carefully at while, enquired task project approving and development state of affairs carefully. After listening to the introduction with Lin Dong senior issue, the city leadership such as Chairman Fu Tingan evaluated a company highly in recent years rapid development and the remarkable result that obtain in research and development of machine tool of high-grade numerical control and production field place. In the meantime, to the company the development henceforth planned to offer sufficient affirmation, the major policy problem that develops to a few concerned enterprises, offerred guiding proposal.