Many 04 special tasks carry trade of numerical control machine tool check and accept

The near future, have many 04 special tasks through checking and accept, it is respectively: Mill of VHT vertical car is compound machining center this task is assumed by company of group of Dalian machine tool, began overall modular design, trends and research of the compensation that heat up voice, duplex revolving stage (apply the brake of hydraulic pressure of pitching moment electric machinery) , A axis places a head (machinery swings electric main shaft) development and dependability tackle key problem etc, finished 1000mm of Φ 800mm, Φ 3 prototype develop two norms, preliminary undertook applied test and verify. Library of large chain knife and library of knife of high speed disk type and change knife unit development automatically to study the task is assumed by company of group of Dalian machine tool, began a system to design research, key treatment craft and dependability experiment, build 18 testing stand to wear, large knife library can configure cutting tool 40, 120, short-hilted broadsword hefts 30kg, change knife time 5-10s; Library of knife of high speed disk type can configure cutting tool 30-48, change knife time 4.5s. Group of Dalian machine tool has formed production of knife library batch and group from ability of form a complete set.    The circle inside rigid numerical control is compound grinder task is assumed by joint-stock company of the machine tool that do not have stannum, main and crucial technology has: Finite yuan of design, hot condition and trends answer main shaft of report of technology, high speed and linear electric machinery application, workpiece is online detect, the job such as grinding craft and software development. Development goes two prototype, had passed 1032 hours of assessment in the user, the result is favorable.    High speed of 5 axes linkage, nicety but periphery of dislocation razor blade and blade of double end panel grind task of grinding machine of numerical control tool to be assumed by limited company of Hanjiang machine tool, began research of static stiffness of entire keep in reserve, heat to be out of shape the machine tool is error compensation, modular design, complex razor blade builds capture of system of expert of grinding of model, razor blade, razor blade to emery wheel of visual identifying system, diamond is developed and amend compensation system, razor blade, trial-produce gives two norms 3 prototype, wait to hard alloy razor blade in the user undertook actual grinding applies. At present this kinds of machine tool basically relies on an entrance, the promotion of prototype will conduce to the market share that promotes homebred tool grinder.    Piston of ECK2150 numerical control becomes elliptical lathe task sends limited company of numerical control machine tool to assume by Changsha, core technology includes: Control plate of electric machinery of noisy linear servo, servo blocks frequency to be not had with numerical control system seam compositive, ” process card of G code + ” process designing, servo is linear the communication of electric machinery and driver and software of axle control, special to machine tool standard technology and measure software to wait. Development goes a prototype, finished Shaanxi diesel engine to weigh labour limited company is heavy-duty and marine diesel engine is crucial—Become elliptical piston turning treatment.