Nantong science and technology year outstanding achievement had a deficit beforehand 2014 announcement

Our company board of directors and collectivity trustee make sure this announcement content is nonexistent state of sex of any false account, misdirect is major perhaps omit, assume to the authenticity of its content, accuracy and integrality reach joint liability individually.    One, this period outstanding achievement is premonitory circumstance   1. During outstanding achievement is premonitory   Came on January 1, 2014 on December 31, 2014.    2. Outstanding achievement is premonitory circumstance   Calculate via the pacing at the beginning of financial department, predict to managed outstanding achievement to will appear 2014 deficit, implementation vest in appears on the market the net gain of company shareholder is – 185 million yuan or so. Specific data will be in a company gave in year report 2014 detailed exposure.    3. This second outstanding achievement is premonitory without accountant office audit.    2, go up circumstance of year of outstanding achievement of the corresponding period   (one) vest in appears on the market the net profit of company shareholder: 2, 779, 358.41 yuan   (2) every accrual: 0.004 yuan   3, this period the main reason that outstanding achievement has a deficit beforehand   Because of short duration did not amount to a design to produce can, our company are wholy-owned subsidiary Nantong is connected can the fixed moving cost that place of progressively go into operation of finite liability company brings hot work of engine of essence of life is higher, machine tool of together with company advocate level of interest rate of wool of course of study is inferior, 2014 year outstanding achievement of predicting company will considerably deficit.    4, other specification item   Premonitory data is above only data of preliminary business accounting, specific and accurate financial data announces formally with the company year report was 2014 accurate, please broad investor notices to invest a risk.    Hereby announcement.    Nantong science and technology invests group Inc. board of directors   On January 31, 2015