Shandong Teng city signs a ten million 5 days yuan order of machine tool product

Yesterday, electromechanical of Teng state city does release statistical data to show: The thirteenth that rings down the curtain before long afore tool of China International machine tool is exhibited on, the enterprise of 17 machine tools such as Lu Na machine tool of Teng state city passes 5 days of time reveal be on sale, the spot sells a product 62, value more than yuan 1000. Turn the product of mechanical machine tool that give priority to with industrial intelligence especially, get the favour of domestic and international travelling merchant.    As we have learned, exhibition of tool of China International machine tool is IMTS of Chicago of afterwards Germany EMO, United States exhibit after the meeting, dimensions exhibition of the 3rd big tool of international machine tool, whenever double year hold in Beijing. This the exhibition has the ginseng of many 1300 manufacturer that comes from 32 countries and area to exhibit, dimensions amounts to 120 thousand square metre, among them the manufacturer outside the condition many 600, churchyard manufacturer many 700, showpiece mechanical amount more than 3200. Company of machine tool of Lu Na of our city organization, power amount to the ginseng of enterprise of 17 machine tools such as heavy industry company to exhibit, exhibit an area 2000 more than square metre, the product is involved stand, horizontal and dragon door machining center, robot of numerical control machine tool, industry, flexible the many class such as production unit, in all more than 190 cover a product. According to Teng Zhou city Electromechanical does director Zhang Lei to introduce, with join with going out outside exhibit photograph comparing, teng state city is in current the level of science and technology that exhibits the ginseng on the meeting to exhibit a product had bigger promotion, especially the intelligence such as industrial robot changes a product to become postpone the central issue on the meeting, get trade department leader and the height that are the same as industry business are evaluated. Among them, company of science and technology of Shandong Xin peaceful produces ” robot of Er of the Supreme Being ” , once appear,get the attention of numerous honored guest.    Company of science and technology of the peaceful that occupy Xin says about chief, in global machinery machine tool industry grows the big backdrop with not optimistic situation to fall, conventional artificial treatment is taken put makings craft to already cannot satisfy an enterprise to expand demand, the managing cost that use worker worker, improve manufacturing efficiency and quality, already made the new requirement of the enterprise. Here the circumstance falls, “Industrial intelligence is changed ” point to clear direction for transition of machine tool company, make the focal point that the company grows. To this, their company innovates through implementing a technology, research and development industrial robot product, with period enhance the ability that answers market competition.    Zhang Lei tells a reporter, accelerating executive intelligence to make is Teng Zhou city industry transition upgrades, the important way that enhances competition ability of manufacturing industry core. Exhibit meeting result this relatively ideal, to publicizing Teng Zhou machine tool enterprise is having positive effect. Henceforth, teng state city returns measure of will farther aggrandizement, make the policy of form a complete set that accords with industrial program, for enterprise of mechanical machine tool development industry intelligence provides favorable environment.