Zhejiang lukewarm city examines quarantine bureau fathers to involve entrance lathe security

A few days ago, zhejiang lukewarm city examines the entrance lathe that the staff member comes from Japan to two carries out quarantine bureau when examining, discover multinomial and safe index is unqualified, entrance equipment discharges knife type lathe for small-sized and rigid numerical control.    Examine in the spot in the process, discovery should import a machine tool to basically put in the following problem: Jacket of electric box door has element of control electric equipment, electric equipment has exposed electric equipment terminal inside cupboard door, nameplate of mark of caution of inside and outside of door of electric equipment cupboard, Control Panel, equipment, emergency stop button is tagged, operation manual did not use Chinese, label of lightning of electric equipment ark was not tagged in door of electric equipment cupboard. Once door of electric equipment cupboard is electric component leakage of electricity, cause safe accident probably. Additional, its caution mark and operation specification did not use Chinese to cause generator easily also to be operated by accident, raise hidden danger of safe production accident. Afore-mentioned problems do not accord with relevant and mechanical safe level to ask, reason is sentenced for unqualified, ask deadline is rectified and reform.    In recent years, the country releases test gauge of a series of mechanical and electrical products in succession model, form relatively perfect entrance mechanical and electrical products to examine superintendency system. But because partial importer and consciousness of safe production of company receiving money are thin, negligence Electromechanical is electric and safe, cause shadow cost of company receiving money to increase.    Examine quarantine branch warns broad company: The import should understand first before the entrance technical standard is normative related Electromechanical equipment, build system of job of relevant safe production; Equipment safety accordance should understand to quality safety management department when purchasing equipment, reject to use safe index rejected equipment, reduce safe cost, promote an enterprise benefit.