How is lathe of inclined slideway numerical control installed and its use method?

Lathe of this inclined slideway numerical control uses Electromechanical unifinication design, lathe bed and leg are integral structure, lathe bed retreat is inclined 30 degrees, the structure is compact, tigidity is strong, aseismatic sex is good, platoon bits is convenient. Machine tool main shaft uses main shaft unit, frequency conversion or servo advocate electric machinery, gaojukeshi does not have main shaft rotate speed now extremely timing, slideway uses an entrance slideway of tall accurate and linear scroll, drive uses communication servo electric machinery, fixed position precision is tall, floating rate is rapid. Slideway uses concentration automatic lubricant device and whole sealing defend, lubricant and sufficient, safe and service life is long.    Lathe of this inclined slideway numerical control can install much group to discharge tool carrier, multitask dynamoelectric tool carrier or tool carrier of hydraulic pressure servo. Clamp of main shaft workpiece can choose stretch collet or dynamical chuck, make workpiece outfit clip convenient and quick.    Of lathe of this inclined slideway numerical control procrastinate board the ball silk lever that transmission silk lever is high accuracy, the transmission space between filar lever and nut is very little, but also not be to say to do not have clearance, and should have space only, after moving towards a direction when filar lever when again retrorse drive, hard to avoid can generate backlash, backlash can affect treatment precision, and because this kind of machine tool of 45 degrees of lathe bed has gravitational effect, gravitational and immediate effect the axial at filar lever, the backlash when transmission is almost 0. If you are unidentified still white, you can look for a common nut and screw, upend up, pigheaded move screw, again retrorse go back, go to from beginning to end with respect to can clear nut controlling filar lever at the same time, won’t have backlash so, if make nut and screw smooth put, won’t have this kind of effect.    The tigidity of lathe of this inclined slideway numerical control is good, cutting causes machine tool vibration not easily, the cutting tool of this kind of machine tool is the cutting of inclined upper part in workpiece, cutting force and the gravitational photograph that main shaft workpiece produces are consistent, main shaft movement is relatively so smooth, cause cutting vibration not easily, and lathe of ordinary numerical control is when cutting, cutting tool and the cutting power that workpiece produces are up, the gravity that arises with main shaft workpiece is abhorrent, cause vibration easily so.    Installation of lathe of inclined slideway numerical control and use   1, the working precision to assure a machine tool, bolt of foot of soil preparation of the attune when installation or damping pay a foot, assure machine tool standard, do not make slideway screwy.    2, installation debugs the job to finish, must check rotational place to whether reach electric equipment line neatly first reliable, have running test next, experiment time is little at 2 hours, decide normal and rear accessibility test-drive is machined.    3, main shaft bearing can produce gap after the machine tool uses period of time, the user can be adjusted appropriately according to using rate. Space is too little, easy bring about bearing calorific; gap is too big, the precision that can affect work very exterior surface roughness. The locknut degree of tightness that can pass bearing of pair of main shaft around undertakes adjustment, the clearance of bearing maintains beautiful is in 0.006mm.    4, the size of the machine tool procrastinates board all deserve to have iron of a place of strategic importance, can be adjusted after use period of time through adjusting iron of a place of strategic importance big, small procrastinate board clearance, should in order to move agile, it is advisable to do not affect treatment precision.    5, the machine tool slides place must lubricate adequately, every (with 8 small chronometer) should undertake adding noting mechanical oily 2-4 second, bearing is lubricant should every 300- – 600 hours change.    6, should do good machine tool to maintain at ordinary times reach clean job.    7, the machine tool should read machine tool operation instruction handbook in detail before use.

Nantong science and technology year outstanding achievement had a deficit beforehand 2014 announcement

Our company board of directors and collectivity trustee make sure this announcement content is nonexistent state of sex of any false account, misdirect is major perhaps omit, assume to the authenticity of its content, accuracy and integrality reach joint liability individually.    One, this period outstanding achievement is premonitory circumstance   1. During outstanding achievement is premonitory   Came on January 1, 2014 on December 31, 2014.    2. Outstanding achievement is premonitory circumstance   Calculate via the pacing at the beginning of financial department, predict to managed outstanding achievement to will appear 2014 deficit, implementation vest in appears on the market the net gain of company shareholder is – 185 million yuan or so. Specific data will be in a company gave in year report 2014 detailed exposure.    3. This second outstanding achievement is premonitory without accountant office audit.    2, go up circumstance of year of outstanding achievement of the corresponding period   (one) vest in appears on the market the net profit of company shareholder: 2, 779, 358.41 yuan   (2) every accrual: 0.004 yuan   3, this period the main reason that outstanding achievement has a deficit beforehand   Because of short duration did not amount to a design to produce can, our company are wholy-owned subsidiary Nantong is connected can the fixed moving cost that place of progressively go into operation of finite liability company brings hot work of engine of essence of life is higher, machine tool of together with company advocate level of interest rate of wool of course of study is inferior, 2014 year outstanding achievement of predicting company will considerably deficit.    4, other specification item   Premonitory data is above only data of preliminary business accounting, specific and accurate financial data announces formally with the company year report was 2014 accurate, please broad investor notices to invest a risk.    Hereby announcement.    Nantong science and technology invests group Inc. board of directors   On January 31, 2015

Railroad product applies efficient cutting tool to improve manufacturing efficiency

Regard the machining of railroad product as the enterprise, cutting treatment remains our main technology measure. Our company basically produces the component such as the piston on diesel locomotive diesel engine, supercharger, the material that its key forms a part is aluminium alloy of low carbon alloy steel, forge and nodular cast iron character, it is to forging for the most part semifinished product and cast semifinished product. Because product precision demand is very high, type of spare parts form is various, and treatment machine tool is numerical control machine tool for the most part, include center of milling machine of numerical control lathe, numerical control, turning, machining center to wait, accordingly the choice of the cutting tool of numerical control cutting to machining a process especially important. Importing cutting tool still is the mainstream: Be in 10 thousand or so about as a result of year of crop of our product, also be large quantities of quantities to produce pattern, the demand on the quality to cutting tool and service life is so higher, what choose for the most part is foreign entrance cutting tool, what basically choose like lathe tool is Yisika, agree the brand such as accept, what milling cutter chooses is Shanteweikekeleman, hill the brand such as porcelain of tall, Beijing, what tap chooses is the brand such as YAMAWA, OSG, give priority to with milling cutter of standard lathe tool, standard, basically use semifinishing machining and precision work, use low feed of high rotate speed, with the car era is ground, the value can achieve exterior surface roughness Ra=1.6 μ M is the following, the result is very right still. Annual cutting tool wastage is very big, once statistic passes, accumulative total more than kinds of 20 cutting tool year use up add up to about 339, total cost also is quite tall. Homebred individual plant also has been used during continent diamond, Taiwan a few cutting tool such as river source, opposite for show slightly inferior, basically be service life go up not as good as, for instance a razor blade, abroad imports can machine 30, and homebred can machine 25 or so only. PistonIn machining a process, standard cutting tool is occupied 6 into, the cutting tool that be not mark is occupied 4 into, what the major cutting tool that be not mark searchs is processing factory of domestic cutting tool the home uses his to only equipment undertakes making, early days also has looked for manufacturer of foreign brand tool, because the price is too high and give u, the price that although at present home is not mark cutting tool,machines manufacturer is cheaper, but product quality and treatment level still see one spot, the service life of cutting tool is inferior, pledge with the material of cutting tool with coating the technology matters. Tap is compared in our company commonly used, because piston and supercharger rely on bolt connection to assemble, the snail keyhole on the spare parts relies on tap treatment to come out. Look at present, compare without sexual price relative to taller tap, although have famous brand of YAMAWA, OSG, we also are being used all the time, but sexual price is compared is not very tall, this makes the tap that tall sex price compares with respect to manufacturer of need home tool, already good with cheap. Cutting cutting tool chooses undeserved meeting to bring about temperature of cutting muscularity, cutting as a result of cutting parameter tall, cutting tool is easy wear away, especially wrought alloy steel, aluminium alloy, cast-iron the spare parts that waits for different capable person to pledge, differ character besides cutting tool material besides, how to choose the most appropriate cutting parameter, want with reducing cutting tool to wear away to be weighed particularly. When to put forward to expect to domestic tool manufacturer: As the rapid development of machining industry, cutting tool industry of home also should catch up with modern pace, from research and development ability should rise ceaselessly to production level, accelerate the development of industry of domestic cutting tool. When does here put forward to expect to domestic tool manufacturer: (1) should master pulverous metallurgy high-speed steel to make cutting tool well, raise level of high-speed steel cutting tool. Performance of pulverous metallurgy high-speed steel is very superior, it is good to have high strenth, tall hardness, tall tenacity, tall wearability, machinability wait for a characteristic, inevitable in the future meeting replaces hard alloy predominate, the treatment industry that masters its to machine preparation to be able to give country is brought change brand-newly. (2) accumulates the application of new material of research and development, new coat. The large-scale construction of railroad of our country high speed and urban orbit traffic, brought huge market and business chance to new material market, believe cutting cutting tool also is met likewise such, satisfy the treatment need of each enterprise, get used to the client’s demand actively. (3) assures the dependability of output of cutting tool product and stability. The dependability of cutting tool quality and stability got the credit of the user not only, still built cutting tool brand famous degree. (4) has the capacity that offers money in time. Major manufacturing industry belongs to mass production, offer goods inadequacy temporarily, can lose a large number of order, company having damage is honorary. (5) technology personnel should be had seasonable and accurate the ability that solves spot cutting problem. Sometimes the likelihood because parameter of a certain cutting or what a certain angle chooses is impertinent, cause the effect that short of client wants, be badly in need of helping in the client at this moment when, no matter be the spot or phone,communicate, can take out a solution in time, help client solves a problem. Using efficient cutting tool is the measure that raises manufacturing efficiency to cannot be replaced, we should take the technology of cutting tool application seriously, raise the level that cutting of our country metal machines jointly.

Of lathe of special numerical control switch on the mobile phone measure

Department of coordinate of lathe of special numerical control is the coordinate department with inherent lathe of special numerical control, it is the foundation that make and adjusts lathe of special numerical control, also be the foundation that sets workpiece coordinate department. Department of coordinate of lathe of special numerical control has been adjusted before leave factory, do not allow to change at will commonly. Reference point also is a on lathe of special numerical control changeless limit is nodded, its position is decided by mechanical link stopper or journey switch. Affirmed through answering machinery machine tool coordinate is fastened at 0 o’clock. Time machinery should switch on the mobile phone first before 0 o’clock, the face plate of numerical control lathe should be familiar with first before lathe of special numerical control switchs on the mobile phone. The form of face plate is the same as numerical control system closely related. Of lathe of special numerical control switch on the mobile phone have have hard easy. Produce systematic lathe to matching a plan. Switch on the mobile phone to be compared mostly simple, after opening power source commonly, system of the direct numerical control that start can. After switching on the mobile phone, through answering 0, make workbench returns origin of lathe of special numerical control (or reference point, the place that secures a distance at this o’clock to have one with origin of lathe of special numerical control) . Of lathe of special numerical control time 0 (wind reference point) measure is: Switch park ” time 0 ” the position. By the hand direction of the feed that use a rod bolts + X, + Z comes a 0 indicator light are bright. After switching on the mobile phone, must answer first 0 (wind reference point) , if do not make this work, criterion the function such as pitch error compensation, back unoccupied place compensation will not come true. Origin of machinery of set machine tool is the same as the G54 instruction in process designing to be concerned directly.

What does numerical control lathe have to environmental requirement?

Use of equipment of numerical control lathe normally must satisfy following requirements, the machine tool is located wave motion of power source voltage is small, environmental temperature under 30 photograph show degree, opposite temperature is less than 80% .    1, the position of environmental requirement machine tool should be far from Zhen Yuan, should prevent sun the influence of direct illuminate and heat radiation, avoid the effect of moisture and air current. If there is Zhen Yuan near the machine tool, criterion machine tool all around should set vibration isolation channel. Machine what affect a machine tool directly precision and stability otherwise, will make electronic component contact undesirable, malfunction, affect the reliability of the machine tool.    2, power source asks installation of lathe of ordinary numerical control is in machine job shops, not only environmental temperature change is big, use condition is poor, and all sorts of Electromechanical equipment are much, cause electrified wire netting wave motion is big. Accordingly, install the position of numerical control lathe, voltage of need power source has strict control. Wave motion of power source voltage must be inside limit, and maintain relative stability. Can affect the regular job of numerical control system otherwise.    3, the environmental temperature of lathe of temperature condition numerical control under 30 photograph show degree, opposite temperature is less than 80% . Generally speaking, numerical control is electronic-controlled box interior sets a fan or cold fan, in order to carry electronic element, especially temperature of central processor job constant or temperature poor change is very little. Exorbitant temperature and humidity will bring about life of control system component to reduce, cause breakdown increase. The heighten of temperature and humidity, dirt grow in quantity can be in integrated circuit board generation felt, bring about short circuit.    4, when user of normative use machine tool is using a machine tool, do not allow to change the parameter that controls set of the manufactory inside the system at will. The set of these parameter matters to a machine tool directly feature of each component trends. Only numerical value of clearance compensating parameter can give according to actual condition adjust. The user cannot change at will machine tool accessory, if use,exceed the hydraulic pressure chuck that the manual sets. The manufactory is when setting accessory, mature of each link parameter match. Change blindly those who cause each link parameter do not match, cause the accident that estimation is less than even. The pressure of oil cylinder of tailstock of tool carrier of chuck of use hydraulic pressure, hydraulic pressure, hydraulic pressure, hydraulic pressure, should be in allowable inside stress limits, do not allow to rise arbitrarily.