Chinese redbud spends straw papermaking: Annual but managing lumber of 1 million M3

A few days ago, hunan always auspicious paper tasted limited company to put on record to supervisory bureau of technology of Hunan Province quality recall plan, will rise from May 16, 2017, the 32K Tian Zi that recall part produced on December 6, 2015 this. The amount of the lesson books for keeping accounts that suffers an effect is 20000.
The degree of decolour of cover of existence of lesson books for keeping accounts inside this second recall limits does not accord with a standard to ask, the likelihood is right of the student healthy bring potential safe hidden danger. To the lesson books for keeping accounts inside recall limits, hunan always auspicious paper tastes limited company to will be dealt with for the client return money, in order to eliminate hidden danger.
Hunan always auspicious paper tastes limited company to will rise to release recall plan on company website on May 25, 2017, clew bought the consumer disuse of afore-mentioned model lesson books for keeping accounts, shunt-wound department Hunan always auspicious paper tastes limited company to undertake handling.

Ink jet cycle pressworks core technology obtains 6 patent breakthroughs to presswork new technology

Do not use special paper, also do not need to undertake paper pretreatment, whole presswork the process is full automatic one machine is finished. Revive cycle of ink jet of research and development of look forward to pressworks core technology, the biggest change rise presswork quality, shorten considerably presswork periodic, presswork small lot cost is reduced to original 3 into, own 6 patent.
Yesterday, in the workshop of the limited company of science and technology of information of Suzhou advection layer that is located in Suzhou high new developed area, having cycle of high speed ink jetDigital printing machineThe iteration before product line leaves factory is debugged. Send foldout glue to assemble a book from paper, number of cycle of high speed ink jetPrinting machineImplementation is full automatic one machine is finished.
“ pressworks speed amounts to 150 meters / minute, minutely can produce double-faced printed sheet of 1010 pieces of A4, can produce double-faced printed sheet of 1.45 million pieces of A4 everyday. Luo Shaohua of general manager of ” this company says, printing machine of number of cycle of high speed ink jet rose to presswork not only efficiency, still saved many labor cost, need pressworks to wait for many 10 working procedure through plate making, Shi Mo, pressurization before “ , we are cut to 2 working procedure, need 3 people only. ”
Luo Shaohua says: Characteristic of black-and-white of number of cycle of ink jet of “ high speed depends on cycle short, cost is low, make ‘ is followed imprint along with order, need not await ’ to become reality, 0 inventory ’; is in implementation books ‘ small lot pressworks in, its cost has traditional black-and-white only 1/3. ” is get used to market new change, this company firm catchs a technology to tackle key problem. According to introducing, printing machine of number of cycle of high speed ink jet is home is used exclusivelyUV printing inkUndertake pressing needing ink-jet printing, do not use special paper exclusively, also do not need to have the cycle number printing machine of paper pretreatment, ink jet cycle pressworks core technology already obtained 6 patent authorization.

Protruding imprints in the label that prevent bogus to presswork the application of the domain

In last few years, homePrinting ink of ability in swimmingPressworking industry, be in especiallyFood is packed, Plastic presswork, soft edition pressworks waited for a respect to have rapidder development, but in gravure, especially paperboard kind smoke mark pressworks the domain has some of lag relatively.
1, manufacturing efficiency and presswork cost
The printer foreword that protruding imprints and hind treatment working procedure produces even the line the situation more, can implementation and offset print, sunken imprint, the net imprints, digital gush code presswork means, and cold very hot, model cuts those who wait for treatment device to join even group, the production that is label from cast expect model to cut finished product to finish offer possibility, manufacturing efficiency is tall, presswork cost is low. And odd label of piece of paper offset print is general it is to presswork first, chase piece of treatment to become finished product again next, accordingly, production is periodic and longer, presswork accordingly cost wants a few taller.
2, dry speed and dry effect
Pressworking on the spot when, protruding imprints aircraft is general use UV solidify means, this kind of means is dry speed is fast, dry the effect is good. Be like the printing machine of satellitic type cycle of the sun, each presswork baseplate deserves to have unit of solidify of a group of UV, pressworking when large area is on-the-spot, operation personnel can estimate Chinese ink a little bit shift is big, such pressworking the Chinese ink layer that come out is thick, have qualitative feeling. And common sheet piece paper offset press does not have UV solidify function, the printing ink after pressworking cannot immediately dry, pressworking so when large area is on-the-spot, if Chinese ink layer is thicker, cause easily stick dirty, printing ink dry and undesirable wait for a phenomenon.
3, mesh attune pressworks
When mesh attune pressworks, offset print is behaved relatively outstandingly, arrive from plain net absolutely the transition of the net changes natural; And the performance that protruding imprints is poorer, transfer from plain net absolutely when the net, it is 3% place to be able to appear in site area rate about net phenomenon. Nevertheless, imprint as protruding the advance rapidly of technology of direct plate making, protruding imprints realized site area to lead from 1% ~ the net does not appear inside 99% limits.
4, glue face pressworks
Glue face pressworks is protruding imprints a when the technology has relatively special presswork means, and at present, offset press has not involved type of this one party. Alleged glue face pressworks, when pressworking namely come off the copy paper of stuff of not dry glue first, next in the “ glue that contains glue sticky agent face ” undertakes pressworking, again copy paper to it compound, continue to presswork on the face capable person that doing glue stuff finally and make finished product. This kind pressworks the technical demand of means is higher, and should imprint in protruding go up how to imprint of the back functional aircrew. General, glue face pressworks is to imprint first ” of “ glue surface imprints again the front, because this should imprint protruding,before a few aircrew of machine change this costume or dress to carry offset print on the back to brush aircrew. Additional, the overprint when noticing to carrying two sides on the back to presswork even, presswork the problem such as flatness of pressure control, material.
5, the effect that prevent bogus
Protruding imprints imprint with the net, sunken imprint, offset print presswork the printing machine that means random assembles, can come true to get on a variety of pressworking in a label the advantage between craft is complementary, make label more elegant, have the sex that prevent bogus more. The author thinks, use the label that combined-type printing machine prints, imitated difficulty is quite big. If make a holiday person want to use onefold presswork means will forge the label that prints by assorted printing machine, must have handled 2 times so track an issue, can appear otherwise overprint error, cannot undertake emersion to former label.
By afore-mentioned comparison visible, use protruding to imprint means pressworks the ticket that prevent bogus has definite advantage. And the fact also is such, code, 2 safeguard are contained on market at present code, the label preventing bogus of form code imprints with protruding be in the majority.

What note model to shape precision of craft influence product?

In production certain measure asks to compare accurate important note model when, every the range that dimension permits to fluctuate is very small, ask only 9 wave motion is measured even.
In producing a course, normally the influence notes model the main factor of dimension precision, it is to note model shrinkage. Shrinkage is bigger, precision is poorer. Accordingly, because PP makings and POM makings note model shrinkage is very big, their note model precision is differred quite normally is this primary on purpose. And the shrinkage of other material also is not very small normally, note model so dimension precision is not very tall below the condition noting model in general convention.
Can be reduced actually through air plane note model shrinkage, achieve thereby rise note model the purpose of dimension precision. We need to increase to shoot glue or keep the time that approach and pressure greatly only, can make note model contractive quantity gets decreasing, shrinkage is reduced apparently, dimension precision nature can get rising.
As a result ofRecord model machineThe limitation of quality, the pressure that shoots glue cannot be moved too high commonly, approve in great quantities with respect to meeting generation otherwise sharp edge. Accordingly, be in commonly used common on the machine that note model, still basically be support increases to shoot glue or protect the time that approach to achieve rise note model the purpose of dimension precision.
Note model to ensure dimension precision, the precision of the mould is the requirement that needs to assure above all, and the choice is stabilized reliable (parameter wave motion is not big) , it is more important that a future life of the engine that note model is produced.
A few high accuracy of modern new development record model machine, actual it is precision of some of function stability, parameter extremely high maximum pressure records model machine. According to introducing, its note model shrinkage can think almost 0, note model to come out every time that is to say dimension is mixed almost model the measure of antrum is euqally chief, fluctuant limits is controlled one tiny bit only, precision it may be said is extremely tall.

Researcher develops 3D to print new-style biology printing ink

Come from Neibulasi California Lincoln university, the group that the researcher of polyclinic of equestrian Sa Zhu Sai and Masschusetts Institute of Technology forms developed printing ink of a kind of new-style biology to be used at 3D to print, include the plasma that contains a lot ofplaque among them. This can let the organization that biology 3D prints have heal property of improvement. The plaque in blood makes condense all round cut, and return blood-vessel of repair such as, the skin, muscle, the injury of the parenchyma such as tendon. Already proving to use the serous material that contains a lot ofplaque to regard an operation as cure in the past is useful, and its and live thing 3D prints technical photograph union can initiate brand-new medical treatment application.
The goal with ultimate “ is to print but embedded functional sex organizes a structure, in order to replace or the organization that repair is damaged. State machinery and Ali Tamayol of professor of material engineering assistant say the Bulasijia inside ” . One of “ challenges are to create a kind of structure, when the organization of embedded make choice of after injury or organ, can release unripe chief factor, start pair of heal and renewal process. The biology ink of ” this group contains the mixture of gel of alga acerbity salt and plaque cell. Be printed for biology and this is developed. However, the first phase is the ability that tests its to affect heal.
Compare with the similar ink photograph that does not have plaque, the initiative test that has to ink in the lab has delectable result. In the time that does not arrive one day, the ink that contains a lot ofplaque has made enough cell migratory the nick that makes an appointment with the man-made skin of 50% in order to cicatrization to go up, and the version that does not have plaque enclothed his only 5% . Ink still revealed the other and distinctive quality that plaque can offer, this is the ability that enhances ” cell what it can say for “ . It is inside 24 hours the dry cell with double above to without plaque form migratory. These dry cells can develop muscle, cartilage or skeleton.
Add chloridize calcium in ink subsequently, its form union between the polymer catenary of acerbity salt of a few alga. This makes material more ropy, but print to 3D still have enough plasticity. A lot of structures are printed with printing ink, include reseau, the structure that establish record and snakelike line. It is proved to be able to be printed effectively, show a heal body and the potential that can print.
In printing 3D calcic solution of structural immerge chloridize next with strengthening them further, this is the method that body itself uses. Scathing place connects regular meeting naturally elevatory calcic level, because this implements this kind of method,conduce to inside embedded body when the structure of alga acerbity salt that strengthens 3D biology to print. When development applies a standard to the operation, biology ink is OK also mix with the plaque of patient oneself and other cell. This kind of mixture is OK the risk that reacts the immunity that prints a structure to embedded 3D biology falls to lowest, because of the DNA that it will be based on him patient.
This discovery that studies a group is in a problem ” the 3D biology of support of project of organization of patient particularity Bioinks is printed ” introduce in detail in the paper, this paper is published on magazine of “Advanced Healthcare Materials” . Their project got academy of American national sanitation, neibulasi California tobacco is resident the support that fund studies in the Sa case of total hospital of dot and state of equestrian Sa Zhu Sai.