2018 China (international) dressing and food burden exposition

2018 China (international) dressing and food burden exposition hold time: On November 16, 2018 – 18 days hold a place: Fair of Chinese import and export merchandise exhibits a house (bead area reads Guangzhou city sea 380 Pa continent can exhibit Jiang Zhonglu center) sponsor an unit: Chinese dressing association undertakes unit: of limited company of exhibition of international of the flavour in Beijing assist run an unit: Sauce of European dressing association, Korea kind the ginseng that association of soy of labour union of a person of same business, Japan, Chinese cooking association, China locks up management association, Hubei to save dressing association, Jiangxi to save association of dressing of city of dressing association, Chongqing to respect repeatedly postpones business: China (international) dressing and food burden exposition (abbreviation CFE) only then did 2005, lift every year do, be what by the country association of dressing of guild —— China sponsors one course is current the throughout the country is the biggest flavor taste major to exhibit. The dressing major that leads support to exhibit meeting, Department of Commerce to approve for domain of the trade inside Department of Commerce is exhibited meeting. Chinese dressing association serves as sponsor square, act on “ to promote industrial resource conformity, promote company brand image”do exhibit a tenet, extend the case of meeting market disorder in the light of domestic dressing, assume rise to make only brand exhibit the important task of the meeting for the industry, bend force offers a propaganda paterial card for the enterprise, reveal taste newly, investment negotiates, the platform of mutual communication, for dressing at the same time manufacturing company and jobber, shopkeeper is built contact and undertake commerce negotiates offer machine meeting. Exhibit can hold 13 at present, already grew for countrywide dressing industry the the biggest, most complete major is exhibited, have the honor to win “ China food to exhibit special honour of meeting TOP20 strong ” continuously. CFE issues ceaseless development to expand in each square support; 2018, CFE will be in Guangzhou Pa continent can exhibit central afterwards add to begin. Produce the communication of enterprise, distribute enterprise and cooperation to promote dressing of China and foreign countries further at the same time, we will exhibit the multinomial zone such as special administrative area of business of meeting setting international, governmental platform zone to show a service in CFE, in addition, tone flavour tastes more than 10 wonderful activities such as sale height forum, electric business forum to also will be held in the corresponding period. Here, cordial ground invites, welcome to each personage is participated in and support 2018 China (international) dressing and food burden exposition! Our authority: 1, Chinese dressing association sponsors: Authority and professional, avoid non-standard commercial act; 2, intellectual property protection: Raise intellectual property to protect consciousness, the standard extends meeting market order; 3, enterprise of famous dressing brand: Main support and cooperate, satisfy high-end fixed position; 4, domestic and international top-ranking orgnaization and organization cooperate: Content is comprehensive and rich, have the service of specific aim more. Our advantage: 1, look forward to of the name of an article of flavour of domestic transfer to other localities: Ginseng exhibit an enterprise to cover an industry the brand of a gleam of of 95% above, 99% what its market share takes whole dressing market; 2, official website: Release exhibit can newest trends, track an industry, exhibit business and market heat; 3, professional audience invites about: Professional audience covers each levels of dressing industry and relevant industry; 4, network: 200 thousand giant database, enclothe abroad 6 level of more than 60 country and area and country are urban and rural system; 5, “ man-to-man ” purchases a butt joint: VIP of type of “ man-to-man ” serves accurate butt joint each demand; 6, tremendous market radiant emitance: On north wide 3 ground are held by turns, look forward to of radiation Beijing ferry, bead 3 old economy encircle trigonometry, long triangle, extend to global limits; 7, media is interactive conduct propaganda: More than 40 media is exhibited to spot direct seeding in person meeting, 56 trades paper, magazine, media of 95 industries website, 312 area website, place is right exposition whole journey reports and reprint; 8, small letter small gain: Exhibit meeting information to be released in time, industry news pays close attention to effectively, professional audience interacts continuously; 9, make an appointment register: Register quickly, easily, before exhibiting all-around preview exhibit the meeting is wonderful. Activity of form a complete set of the corresponding period: 1, forum of science and technology of Chinese dressing industry 2, equipment of dressing industry industry creates high-end forum; 3, forum of technology of countrywide dressing new burden; 4, Chinese salt industry develops high-end forum; 5, dressing + Internet congress; 6, investment financing negotiates the butt joint is met; 7, limits of item on display of forum of height of development of Chinese soy industry: 1, dressing is made, distribute enterprise soy, feed flavoring of essence of vinegar, fermented bean curd, chicken, cooking wine, gourmet powder, sweet laborious, sauce to bloat dish, sauce, compound flavoring (juice) , oyster sauce, fish sauce, milt, salt, sugar, salad oil, peanut oil; 2, Western-style food dressing is made, can of set of food of distribute business day, peaceful food set, Western-style food, potato makes pork of category, Western-style food kind, dish of be soiled of sauce of cheese series, butter series, breakfast series, Western-style food, olive oil, Western-style food, peanut butter, ketchup, mayonnaise; 3, additive agent for food and food burden are made, products of burden of food of sex of grease of alcohol of the agent of distribute enterprise acidity, agent that fight a form, anti-foaming agent, antioxidant, bleacher, amylaceous, metamorphic starch, amylaceous candy, sugar, edible and fat substitute, special flour, function, cocoa; 4, pack, mechanical equipment company and dressing of company of the material that pack, container make special machine equipment of equipment, general package machine, auxiliary mechanical equipment and fittings production company, reach the of all kinds material that pack (paper kind, plastic kind, metal kind, composite material kind, glass kind wait) , business of the design that pack; 5, the orgnaization is of all kinds related dressing plan of the professional newspaper that concerns with dressing, periodical, website, sale, enterprise seeks advice and invest an orgnaization to wait. Ginseng exhibit expense: One, the standard exhibits: Domestic company 13800 yuan / enterprise of abroad of 9 square metre 3000 dollars / 9 square metre 2, smooth ground exhibits: Domestic company 1500 yuan / enterprise of square metre abroad 300 dollars / square metre standard exhibits a configuration: Electrical outlet of a two one Zhang Zhan desk, campstool, power source (5A) , two fluorescent lamp, exhibit 3 times board, lintel board word, carpet explains: Domestic and international ginseng exhibits area of hire of business smooth land to be not gotten little at 36 square metre, exhibit cost of box of a construction administration fee, report, charge of electricity to wait by ginseng exhibit an unit to occupy fact is additional pay. Extend a privilege: 1, unit of Chinese dressing academician extends a cost privilege 5 % ; 2, book before April 30, 2018 exhibit hand in exhibit a cost —— to extend a cost privilege 10 % ; 3, book before July 31, 2018 exhibit hand in exhibit a cost —— to extend a cost privilege 5 % ; 4, the ginseng 2017 exhibits an enterprise to will be enjoyed extend a privilege that expends 5 % . The organizing committee contacts means: Contact: Ceng Ling male (lady) mobile phone: 17765153345 phone: 021-54700980 fax: 021-54700980 E-mail: QQ of 1948353694@qq.com business affairs: 1948353694