Before entrance of machine tool of Chinese metal treatment measured depreciation to add in Feburary

According to the newest statistic data that custom releases, 2010 1-2 month, metal of entrance of Chinese accumulative total machines a machine tool 10, 422, decrease compared to the same period 6.8% ; Accumulative total imports amount to be 1.027 billion dollar, grow 9.1% compared to the same period.

Only in Feburary month, chinese entrance metal machines a machine tool 4, 269, increase compared to the same period 4.63% , annulus comparing drops 30.78% ; Entrance amount is 478 million dollar about, grow 7.44% compared to the same period, annulus comparing drops 12.95% . The entrance is average and monovalent for 112, 005 dollars, lift compared to the same period 2.68% , annulus comparing is elevatory 25.76% . Import monovalent growth, the entrance structure that makes clear Chinese machine tool still is in optimize ceaselessly.