Cutting tool raw materials prices rise in price

Recently, with the domestic representative of zhuzhou cemented carbide cutting tool announced that rise in price, the cutting tool brands brand also issued a barrage rise in price notice.The following is a part of the company’s price rise (source network, the release, the specific price is given priority to with the brand sale) : zhuzhou cemented carbide group co., LTD. Since March 21, price shall execute new product;Zigong cemented carbide co., LTD chengdu branch on March 26, the type of carbide product price increase of about 5%;Gesac measures are useful in xiamen special alloy co., LTD., April 10, the carbide rod product sales price adjustment about 10%;Paulson spring days group on April 1, the price adjustment, the overall adjustment ratio remained at 2% to 2%;Kenner Asia (China) enterprise management co., LTD. Date on May 1, the related tool products price adjustment, has not released;Solid g tool and trading (Shanghai) co., LTD. On April 2, to adjust the price of some products about 10%;Thai cosette los superhard tools (Shanghai) co., LTD. Start up on April 8, 3-6 points;Why the great brands of the cutting tool all rise in price?It is understood that rising prices of raw materials is the main reason for the tooling prices.Cemented carbide raw material prices have been rising in 2017, caused the carbide product production enterprise production costs have risen sharply, the annual carbide product price rose, cemented carbide production enterprises generally face income drops, even without the embarrassing situation.Cemented carbide production enterprise is unable to undertake the rising raw material costs soaring, near the end of a lot of cemented carbide manufacturing companies were forced to helpless, also can increase the product price.In the rise in price of raw materials, tungsten, cobalt biggest gains.Main material used cemented carbide, tungsten carbide powder, in the year of 180 yuan\/kg has been up to now at the end of 269 yuan\/kg, prices soared more than 50% for the whole year.Tungsten powder is also at the beginning of the year from 2017 181 yuan\/kg all the way up, early September when the highest even up to nearly 300 yuan\/kg, regeneration of the price of tungsten carbide powder is from the beginning of the end of 158 yuan\/kg has been up to now 208 yuan\/kg, rose by nearly 35%.And tungsten carbide material of another major gains is very big also.According to metal bulletin, according to data from the 2017, cobalt prices almost doubled, trading at about $29 per pound.Ubs said the cobalt is the best performing base metal in 2017.Of course, there are many reasons for the rise in price, raw material cost increase is just one of the reasons, operating costs, labor costs increase is also the important reason for the rise in price.In recent years, along with the trend of consumption upgrade, rising public demand, high quality product with high price, price nature also will follow.(this article is provided by China machine tool business original, reproduced this website articles, subject to a written authorization.)