Global 3D printed analysis of technical current situation 2018

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The 3D technology that print is the earliest can restrospect to 1976 ink jetPrinterinvention, charles introduced from the northern and western nationalities or from abroad Er used optical technology at becoming V-neck territory quickly 1984, pulled open the heavy curtain that 3D prints. 20 centuries after 80 time, the 3D industry that print gets domestic and international wide attention, all sorts of 3D print a technology to also erupt simultaneously in many industry application exhibit, already enclothed nowadays make, the many domains such as medical treatment, learning, aerospace, military affairs.
According to the characteristic of the technology that print, 3D is printed can divide fuse for alternative laser shape, alternative laser agglomeration shapes, laser is direct agglomeration technology, electron beam fuses type of technology, melt deposit shapes, alternative hot agglomeration, stereo flat pressworks, 3 digital light processing, technologies that print, reach cellular plot.
Chart 1: 3D prints technical classification
Current, main figuration technology basically includes the 3D property that print solid of stereo photoetching, stereo light shapes, PVC is plastic very hot imprint answer film, melt is crowded piece shape, three-dimensionalSpray paint is printed, digital light is handled. Since on century SLA of 80 time metaphase shapes 90 time later period reachs since the technology develops, appeared ten kinds different shape quickly technology, outside a few kinds are being narrated before dividing, typical still 3DP, SDM, SGC waits. Among them, SLA, LOM, SLS and FDM4 are planted technology, remain 3D to print technical mainstream at present.
Before academy of look up industry ” 2018-2023 year the look up before market of global 3D estate and report of analysis of investment strategy program ” data shows, the development that 3D prints relies on technical progress and breakthrough badly, at present global 3D prints the technology with the most welcome application to be FDM technology, 63.9% what hold platform gross earnings; SLA+DLP technology is ranked with the platform gross income of 18.1% the 2nd, ranking tertiary is SLS technology, platform income is occupied than for 11.1% .
Chart 2: Global 3D printed technical application circumstance 2016 (unit: % )
Chinese 3D prints a technology to develop the current situation
Home shapes quickly technical research and development works only then at 20 centuries 80 time end, go up in time place and keep consistent on international, had formed northing, Hua Zhongke up to now big, Xi’an hands in university of big, Tsinghua center of 4 big research and development, accepted on scientific research level had achieved international top-ranking level. The group of Professor Wang Huaming of northing is to look the minority on preexistence bound can realize laser to shape quickly the plane uses titanium alloy bear the research organization of force structural member, and be exclusive an unit that has realized outfit machine; Group of Hua Zhongke’s big Professor Shi Yusheng developed a world’s greatest laser to shape quickly 2012 equipment (SLS) of 1.2×1.2m working face. Xi’an makes the crucial technology that also mastered SLA equipment with group of Tsinghua university research and development greatly.
Our country just introduces 3D to print a technology in recent years, very as bigger than difference as foreign photograph, main body uses a field in technology and market now, level of research and development is not high, join with the market degree inferior, had not produced bigger economic benefits at present. Had appeared with the United States 3DSystems and Stratasys printer of two big 3D appears on the market the company is different, the 3D of our country prints technical traceable Xi’an to hand in big, Hua Zhongke to wait for a college with Tsinghua university greatly, relevant technology changes concentration to be in school-run enterprise.
Chart 3: Chinese 3D is printed shape quickly orgnaization of main scientific research
Up to 2017, patent of the technology of our country 3D that print applies for quantitative altogether 9907, the applicant counts 3062, average patent counts 3.24. Patent of the annual 3D technology that print applied for a number 2016 3554, 35.87% what take all and patent measure; Patent makes public a number to be 4739, 48.38% what occupy all patent to count, grow 79.78% compared to the same period. In the patent that the 3D technology that print makes public, invention accredit is patent 340, practical and new-style patent 1630, the exterior is patent 293, the invention is patent 2530.
Chart 4: 2010-2016 year 3D prints change of relevant and patent amount to pursue (unit: )
But, should see our country 3D prints a technology to still be put in a lot of problems, “ is for instance low-level repeat ” phenomenon, the action that makes cast a person finitely to fail to develop better, learning especially, produce, grind combinative respect strength is insufficient, affect the commercialization of scientific research achievement, till industrialization.
Additional, business circles prints technical importance to know inadequacy to 3D, lack the strong support of the enterprise, the fund of research and development that sends a person at present is almost assume by the country, the enterprise did not produce its dominant effect. Print the enterprise of technical equipment to already introducing 3D, also fail to produce its effect adequately. Because current 3D prints technical equipment price too costly, because this is broad,small and medium sized business can get 3D prints technical service rarely.