The raw material cost such as wrapping paper barley rises retail price of beer of Zi rich market is common on tone

AsWrapping paper, the raw material cost such as barley rises, the beer on Zi rich market also begins to rise in price, among them the beer of ” of green Lan Sha of ”“ of “ Lao hill of masses tipple, retail price went up every bottles 5 wool.
Today, the reporter is in shop of water of a wine sees market of piece of Yuan Bianmin of inn science and technology, the beer that making work basically is “ blueness ”3 of green Lan Sha of ”“ of hill of Pi ”“ Lao is planted brand, bottled the Qingdao beer of 500 milliliter is more popular, every bottles 4 yuan, of short duration did not rise in price, but it is the goods in stock before, reentry new money rises in price for certain. The beer of ” of green Lan Sha of ”“ of “ Lao hill with citizen more consumption already all rose in price, average every bottles go up 5 wool.
Subsequently, the reporter is in Luzhong vegetable terminal market shop of business of water of a large wine understands, at present Qingdao beer is considering rising in price, according to market level analysis, beer bottle of Qingdao of the middle ten days of a month holds 500 milliliter trade price this month will by 36 yuan / chest is swelled it is 38 yuan / box, average every bottles rise in price 1 wool 7, retail price goes up every bottles on average 5 wool. Piece inn east all the way the chief of shop of water of a wine says, the Lao hill beer that making work at present every bottles of 600 milliliter, beer of green Lan Sha every bottles of 500 milliliter, but from this year after 51 holiday, retail price goes up to from 2 yuan 2.5 yuan. Every include two kinds of beer 9 bottles, trade price goes up to by 15 yuan 10 days ago 17.5 yuan.
The reporter visits know, the brand beer such as ” of snowflake of “ Harbin ”“ already began distinct range to rise in price. Gentleman of the Song Dynasty of the personage inside course of study says, this summer, the client drinks beer will floriferous money, dine together by consumption beer of ” of hill of Lao of a packet of “ is calculated, at least floriferous 4.5 yuan. The price of the barley in beer itself raw material rises substantially, near future homeThe material that packCost rises in price, the profit margin of beer is narrow, bring about those who produced manufacturer to raise beer to approve 0 prices.

Oil price mad hurricane goes up, innovation of waste paper alternate is tall, paper moral course of study faces new change

Macroscopical level
Economic data: Change the curve asks scan of contrast of couplet of the paper in consulting in detail
Line of K of oil price case pursues: Relative to smooth phase, update reference every week
Suffer effect of periphery international condition, crude price achieved 4 years again on May 11 new tall, highest strong to 72 dollars / near the bucket.
National statistic bureau is announced 10 days, countrywide dweller consumed price index in April (CPI) annulus is compared drop 0.2% ; Rise compared to the same period 1.8% , go up than going up lunar fall after a rise 0.3 percent. Index of industrial producer producer price (PPI) annulus is compared drop 0.2% ; Rise compared to the same period 3.4% , go up than going up the month enlarges 0.3 percent. The expert expresses, short-term inside the base that our country CPI and PPI did not increase considerably, inflation will be moderate can accuse. Monetary policy has larger space, dovish and neuter fundamental key won’t be changed. Data shows inflationary pressure is not at present great.
End on May 9 afternoon closing quotation, majority of commodity option market drops, crude oil futures continues since refresh appears on the market new tall.
Customs total office: Imported total value April three hundred and seventy-two billion and ninety million dollar, grow 16.7% compared to the same period, export two hundred billion four hundred and forty million dollar among them, grow 12.9% compared to the same period, import one hundred and seventy-one billion six hundred and fifty million dollar, grow 21.5% compared to the same period, sino-US commerce did not appear temporarily get the negative effect of trade war.
Raw material cost
1. Coal: On May 10, look forward to of bottom of dynamical coal price is firm, begin to rebound somewhat, price of 5500 kilocalorie coal picks up 602 yuan / ton level.
2. Oar of merchandise on hand: Enter oar price continued to maintain steady pattern in May, needle leaf oar is in 6700-6800 yuan / ton, broad leaf oar is in 5750-5800 yuan / ton level, outside May dish maintain basically also in April level, 5-6 month beforehand appraise maintains existing pattern basically. The yield of factory of oar of a few broad leaves of domestic can utilization rate is in 82% the left and right sides, drop somewhat than April.
3. Outside dish oar: Outside May dish oar price is relatively stable, integral newspaper is at present smooth, before a few months are consecutive occurrence backwater of small bullish pattern.
Paper industry head
1. Newest and authoritative data produces heat, 2017 go countrywide paper and chipboard output 111.3 million tons, relatively go up year of growth 2.53% , among themBoard paper23.85 million tons, grow 3·47% compared to the same period, base paper of rows of tiles on a roof 23.35 million tons, grow 2.86% compared to the same period. Countrywide paper and chipboard consumption one hundred and eight million nine hundred and seventy thousand tons, relatively go up year of growth 4.59% .
2. Waste paper shows insanity again, waste paper price is achieved piece new tall, paperboard mill stays simple case, base paper factory rises in price case is high frequency roll out, base paper breaks part of plant of goods, 2 class to stop sheet, 3 class factory is dumbfounded, waste paper is gotten go up, base paper follows go up the heat that pattern makes market of near future paper, Corrugated paperA week soares nearly 1000 yuan / ton. Not vigorous spending market, be done by waste paper price however popular in a state of anxiety. China is restricted to become main internal cause to be being set strictly from American waste paper.
3. Entrance waste paper was controlled in 28 million tons 2017, its are Sino-US useless occupy 13.8 million tons, the acute that at present beautiful useless entrance measures is decreased, the price already from the 151 dollars a year ago / ton steep fall 74 dollars, be equivalent to 474 RMBs only / ton, and the price of domestic waste paper has exceeded 3500 yuan / ton. Look from waste paper utilization rate, every tons of base paper needs to use up 1.17 tons of waste paper, because of the exit of a large number of packing, at present of domestic waste paper reclaim rate in 50% . So, to the research of waste paper policy and tendercy, it is the crucial factor that holds trend of waste paper prices.
4. Waste paper price is unusual rise while, not be to rise in price brought joyance, may cause paper moral course of study to wash out the open of mode, because of the mutation of waste paper policy, integral pattern has violated law of value, the likelihood causes the health that violates resource to optimize to direct, already sea cleans out the look forward to of many medium dimensions paper that remains dene is not be forced because of ignored environmental protection to stop be restricted, be close to because of devoid raw material shuffling however, in terminal consumption, can abandan paper box to seek more replace or had filled with this, cheap outside abandon already by firm control of 3 big tycoons, unfair competition already was the fact that does not dispute, what need attention most is second half of the year those who begin is large-scale newWrapping paperProduce can the investment risk that equipment put into production will exist to leave boiler without rice, rising in price is not benefit any more good, can cause pair of future wrapping paper to supply chain instead bigger impact.
5. Review prices change, price of near future oil price, coal and waste paper price rise generally to go up greatly even, oar price is exalted also and stable, make new impact to papermaking cost, the day of paper mill can become not quite feel well, the counterattack prices of wrapping paper, can deny cause other low the ready to do sth that confuses paper to taste, be worth to pay close attention to, but analyse underlying factor, the of short duration before other paper items is not had start the stable element that rise in price, to trafficker, maintain information acumen fact to be necessary, epicycle wave motion may not be to rise in price the prices of bonus, shuffle however the beginning of prices.
6. Vietnam of manage article papermaking plan of the 2nd 400 thousand tons of product line operation of the put into production end 2019.
Prices is monitored

Global 3D printed analysis of technical current situation 2018

[ChinaPack pressworkNews of industrial net home (graph)]

The 3D technology that print is the earliest can restrospect to 1976 ink jetPrinterinvention, charles introduced from the northern and western nationalities or from abroad Er used optical technology at becoming V-neck territory quickly 1984, pulled open the heavy curtain that 3D prints. 20 centuries after 80 time, the 3D industry that print gets domestic and international wide attention, all sorts of 3D print a technology to also erupt simultaneously in many industry application exhibit, already enclothed nowadays make, the many domains such as medical treatment, learning, aerospace, military affairs.
According to the characteristic of the technology that print, 3D is printed can divide fuse for alternative laser shape, alternative laser agglomeration shapes, laser is direct agglomeration technology, electron beam fuses type of technology, melt deposit shapes, alternative hot agglomeration, stereo flat pressworks, 3 digital light processing, technologies that print, reach cellular plot.
Chart 1: 3D prints technical classification
Current, main figuration technology basically includes the 3D property that print solid of stereo photoetching, stereo light shapes, PVC is plastic very hot imprint answer film, melt is crowded piece shape, three-dimensionalSpray paint is printed, digital light is handled. Since on century SLA of 80 time metaphase shapes 90 time later period reachs since the technology develops, appeared ten kinds different shape quickly technology, outside a few kinds are being narrated before dividing, typical still 3DP, SDM, SGC waits. Among them, SLA, LOM, SLS and FDM4 are planted technology, remain 3D to print technical mainstream at present.
Before academy of look up industry ” 2018-2023 year the look up before market of global 3D estate and report of analysis of investment strategy program ” data shows, the development that 3D prints relies on technical progress and breakthrough badly, at present global 3D prints the technology with the most welcome application to be FDM technology, 63.9% what hold platform gross earnings; SLA+DLP technology is ranked with the platform gross income of 18.1% the 2nd, ranking tertiary is SLS technology, platform income is occupied than for 11.1% .
Chart 2: Global 3D printed technical application circumstance 2016 (unit: % )
Chinese 3D prints a technology to develop the current situation
Home shapes quickly technical research and development works only then at 20 centuries 80 time end, go up in time place and keep consistent on international, had formed northing, Hua Zhongke up to now big, Xi’an hands in university of big, Tsinghua center of 4 big research and development, accepted on scientific research level had achieved international top-ranking level. The group of Professor Wang Huaming of northing is to look the minority on preexistence bound can realize laser to shape quickly the plane uses titanium alloy bear the research organization of force structural member, and be exclusive an unit that has realized outfit machine; Group of Hua Zhongke’s big Professor Shi Yusheng developed a world’s greatest laser to shape quickly 2012 equipment (SLS) of 1.2×1.2m working face. Xi’an makes the crucial technology that also mastered SLA equipment with group of Tsinghua university research and development greatly.
Our country just introduces 3D to print a technology in recent years, very as bigger than difference as foreign photograph, main body uses a field in technology and market now, level of research and development is not high, join with the market degree inferior, had not produced bigger economic benefits at present. Had appeared with the United States 3DSystems and Stratasys printer of two big 3D appears on the market the company is different, the 3D of our country prints technical traceable Xi’an to hand in big, Hua Zhongke to wait for a college with Tsinghua university greatly, relevant technology changes concentration to be in school-run enterprise.
Chart 3: Chinese 3D is printed shape quickly orgnaization of main scientific research
Up to 2017, patent of the technology of our country 3D that print applies for quantitative altogether 9907, the applicant counts 3062, average patent counts 3.24. Patent of the annual 3D technology that print applied for a number 2016 3554, 35.87% what take all and patent measure; Patent makes public a number to be 4739, 48.38% what occupy all patent to count, grow 79.78% compared to the same period. In the patent that the 3D technology that print makes public, invention accredit is patent 340, practical and new-style patent 1630, the exterior is patent 293, the invention is patent 2530.
Chart 4: 2010-2016 year 3D prints change of relevant and patent amount to pursue (unit: )
But, should see our country 3D prints a technology to still be put in a lot of problems, “ is for instance low-level repeat ” phenomenon, the action that makes cast a person finitely to fail to develop better, learning especially, produce, grind combinative respect strength is insufficient, affect the commercialization of scientific research achievement, till industrialization.
Additional, business circles prints technical importance to know inadequacy to 3D, lack the strong support of the enterprise, the fund of research and development that sends a person at present is almost assume by the country, the enterprise did not produce its dominant effect. Print the enterprise of technical equipment to already introducing 3D, also fail to produce its effect adequately. Because current 3D prints technical equipment price too costly, because this is broad,small and medium sized business can get 3D prints technical service rarely.

Homebred intelligence changes supply a gap of the production that pack

In the 6th China (Shanghai) Fair of international technology imports and exports city business association forms a delegation exhibit an area, home is banner and dedicated at intelligenceThe equipment that packWith provider of solution of product line of the automation that be not mark, shanghai male enjoys mechanical equipment limited company to carry intelligence full automatic change ” of packer of equipment “ all-round to be joined on invitation exhibit, exquisite design, intelligence is changed and height is compositive change, all show “ Chinese wisdom builds ” distinctive glamour.
The banner intelligence inside course of study turns the production that pack, fill home is blank. Be in male inside the area exhibiting an area that enjoys a group, equipment of an intelligence machine drew numerous look, “ this is us an all-round packer, not small look is whole equipment, it is a home’s banner intelligence equipment actually, be equivalent to system of a robot, efficiency is 4 times what replace other and mechanical facility. ” Shanghai male enjoy relevant controller Cheng Xiaoran to say.
Additional, in one is being revealed in video picture aside full automatic the course that changes production, the bottled product that each comes from treasure clean company undertakes wrapping outfit, classification through this intelligence equipment, in an orderly way is very quick, and in whole production segment, did not appear an artificial operation.
Cheng Xiaoran thinks, real industry 4 it is the unmanned system that solves whole thing to shed chain, and at present male enjoy a group production of this kind of automation also is “ high in the clouds introduces to be assembled ” , automatically on original basis technology, online detect technology and all sorts of passing feeling technology, make intelligence turn production, final and complete implementation nobody turn production.

Environmental protection ” superintend high pressure ” enter normalization to talk about a bulletin to ask about duty neat go into battle

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Talk about a bulletin to ask about duty first-run superintend asks neat go into battle duty 18 thousand more than person
” of high pressure of superintend of environmental protection “ enters normalization
The expert builds character to advance legal system of environmental protection superintend to change construction as soon as possible
On May 3, zoology environment ministry talked about Shanxi to save Jincheng, Heibei to save Han Dan and Shanxi to save Yang Quan about with respect to problem of air pollution prevention and cure 3 municipal government basically are in charge of a comrade, synchronous time-out the evaluation of construction project annulus that 3 city add air pollution content newly to discharge is approved. Before this, the pollution after zoology environment ministry reported superintend of central environmental protection 7 cases thick and fast rebounds, the great pollution incident that rectifies and reform not do one’s best and media exposure. Meanwhile, first-run superintend of central environmental protection handed over to the society recently beautiful beautiful report: Two years short what time finished all to the whole nation province is complete enclothe, ask duty the number exceeds 18 thousand person, the environmental problem that solves masses report 80 thousand many.
It is reported, our country will begin “ of superintend of central environmental protection the first round to look round this year ” and superintend of the 2nd round of central environmental protection. The reporter notices, from talk about, the bulletin arrives ask duty, job of superintend of our country environmental protection is in ceaseless development, and the high-pressured state that carries ceaseless raise the quota from beginning to end. The expert thinks, superintend of our country environmental protection has entered the new level that establishs Zhang Li to make, should combine practice of environmental protection superintend next, advance legal system of environmental protection superintend actively to change, standardization construction, stimulative local government is better fulfil obligation of environmental protection government.
Begin environmental protection superintend, it is arrangement of a when the Party Central Committee, the State Council pushs zoology civilization construction and environmental protection work major institution, the distinct effect that height of conference of reform committee first time affirmed the first round to superintend of central environmental protection is obtained is deepened in the round in the center of held in March.
Data is the most convincing. It is from January 2016 after the Heibei superintend that start is pilot, superintend of central environmental protection came true inside two years to the whole nation 31 are saved (area, city) superintend is enclothed completely. First-run superintend of central environmental protection in all as provincial as 768 reach above to lead level of 677 cadre, hall to led a cadre to begin individual talk, provincial to 689 branch and unit undertake visitting asking ask; Accept masses environment to inform against 135 thousand, drive directly solve the environmental problem beside masses 80 thousand many, turn over to provincial Party committee and governmental accumulative total by the program move send 387 zoology environment to damage responsibility to find out question records; Accumulative total put on record penalizes 29 thousand companies, amerce makes an appointment with 1.43 billion yuan; Put on record investigates 1518, detain 1527 people; Talk about party card to lead a cadre about 18448 people, ask duty 18199 people of cadre of party card leader, be in class above to lead a cadre among them 875 people. Occupy additionally divulge, rectify and reform as a result of what superintend of central environmental protection turns over records will last very long period of time, because this asks finally duty the number will exceed 18 thousand person far.
Be worth what carry is, april since the last ten-day of a month, the pollution after zoology environment ministry reported superintend of central environmental protection many cases thick and fast rebounds reach the incident that rectifies and reform not do one’s best. On April 20, zoology environment ministry reported autonomous prefecture of limited company of metal of power approach of in relief city of Hunan Province Shao, West Hunan to always arrange prefectural grand to promote paper industry early or late city of salt of province of finite liability company, Jiangsu appears on the market many environment such as Inc. of agriculture of biology of company brightness abundant pollutes incident.
The reporter notices, the 3 pollution incident that reports this is garrison in superintend group a ” of “ back thrust was killed after the end, undertake “ attack a vital point namely discover in type ” special superintend. As we have learned, be aimed at the problem that the pollution after superintend group went rebounds, superintend of central environmental protection began “ to attack a vital point conciously type ” special superintend, begin special superintend in the light of problem of industry of key area, key, key namely. Introduce according to Liu Youbin of spokesman of news of zoology environment ministry, according to central deploy, still will begin “ of superintend of central environmental protection the first round to look round this year ” and superintend of the 2nd round of central environmental protection, force contention controls time 3 years to come true to be enclothed completely again.
The personage inside course of study points out, ”“ of “ motor-driven type attack a vital point the form of a kind of exploration that type ” special superintend regards environmental protection as superintend, superintend of superintend, as provincial as the existing environmental protection central environmental protection together, made the system of environmental protection superintend of the mutiple level, much level that has Chinese distinguishing feature, enhanced posture of high pressure of environmental protection superintend further, those who drove responsibility of whole society environmental protection fulfil.
According to zoology environment ministry relevant controller expresses, at present the whole nation already had 26 provinces to city is built by central mode and carry out a province mechanism of superintend of the following environmental protection, 31 province all established superintend to rectify and reform leader group. In addition, since starting superintend of central environmental protection, the whole nation is saved each (area, city) already came on stage or edit level of code of zoology environmental policy, system 240 multinomial; 31 province already all published plan of superintend of file of division of labor of environmental protection duty, environmental protection and party card to lead cadre zoology environment to damage responsibility to investigate executive method.
On April 25, li Ganjie of minister of zoology environment ministry is done to standing committee of countrywide National People’s Congress ” the report of the State Council about state of 2017 year environment and in finished state of environmental protection target ” when point out, will make provision of job of environmental protection superintend this year, each district of farther squeezing ramming is square, departmental responsibility of environmental protection of the door, each main body. Li Ganjie still expresses publicly for many times, undertaking be summinged up adequately to superintend of first-run environmental protection, research is advanced superintend of center environmental protection is relevant in concerning of code make the work, bring into it legal system is changed, the orbit of standardization.
Environment of zoology environment ministry with director of economic policy research center Wu Shun lustre tells a reporter, develop to depth ceaselessly as environmental protection superintend, how to make superintend more standardization, program is changed, convention is changed and law is changed very pressing. Urgent affairs is to accelerate advance legal system of environmental protection superintend to change construction, make clear environmental protection superintend with the form of administrative regulations mechanism of program of basic system, work, responsibility, make job of environmental protection superintend has a law to be able to be depended on. The expert such as Wu Shun lustre points out further, can explore publish byelaw of superintend of national environmental protection, compose is built include to supervise examination authority, superintend to supervise and direct authority, ask duty authority the system of power of environmental protection superintend that waits inside.