The raw material cost such as wrapping paper barley rises retail price of beer of Zi rich market is common on tone

AsWrapping paper, the raw material cost such as barley rises, the beer on Zi rich market also begins to rise in price, among them the beer of ” of green Lan Sha of ”“ of “ Lao hill of masses tipple, retail price went up every bottles 5 wool.
Today, the reporter is in shop of water of a wine sees market of piece of Yuan Bianmin of inn science and technology, the beer that making work basically is “ blueness ”3 of green Lan Sha of ”“ of hill of Pi ”“ Lao is planted brand, bottled the Qingdao beer of 500 milliliter is more popular, every bottles 4 yuan, of short duration did not rise in price, but it is the goods in stock before, reentry new money rises in price for certain. The beer of ” of green Lan Sha of ”“ of “ Lao hill with citizen more consumption already all rose in price, average every bottles go up 5 wool.
Subsequently, the reporter is in Luzhong vegetable terminal market shop of business of water of a large wine understands, at present Qingdao beer is considering rising in price, according to market level analysis, beer bottle of Qingdao of the middle ten days of a month holds 500 milliliter trade price this month will by 36 yuan / chest is swelled it is 38 yuan / box, average every bottles rise in price 1 wool 7, retail price goes up every bottles on average 5 wool. Piece inn east all the way the chief of shop of water of a wine says, the Lao hill beer that making work at present every bottles of 600 milliliter, beer of green Lan Sha every bottles of 500 milliliter, but from this year after 51 holiday, retail price goes up to from 2 yuan 2.5 yuan. Every include two kinds of beer 9 bottles, trade price goes up to by 15 yuan 10 days ago 17.5 yuan.
The reporter visits know, the brand beer such as ” of snowflake of “ Harbin ”“ already began distinct range to rise in price. Gentleman of the Song Dynasty of the personage inside course of study says, this summer, the client drinks beer will floriferous money, dine together by consumption beer of ” of hill of Lao of a packet of “ is calculated, at least floriferous 4.5 yuan. The price of the barley in beer itself raw material rises substantially, near future homeThe material that packCost rises in price, the profit margin of beer is narrow, bring about those who produced manufacturer to raise beer to approve 0 prices.