The United States is right China goods unfavorable balance of trade will decrease effectively, waste paper situation can have what kind of change

On May 19, 2018, sino-US two countries publishs associated statement with respect to negotiation of bilateral classics trade in Washington. Statement points out, both sides agrees, will take effective measures materiality reduces the United States to be opposite China goods unfavorable balance of trade. From this, duration is close the of short duration of Sino-US trade war of two months comes to an end, both sides will return to normal classics trade dealings. In the meantime, inside course of study to outside useless want unfreeze, beautiful useless superintendency strength to whether can be weakened, the discussion that price of domestic waste paper and paper value will move toward the problem such as He Fang also is troubled by bubbling with noisely. But read this statement afresh when us, and when leader of country of connection near future attends the serious talk of the conference, with respect to meeting discovery the problem is not so simple. Inside a month, waste paper price rises for 21% , paper price rises show according to relevant data for 22%   , from April 20 – on May 20, short in lunar time, price of national useless reference already was controlled from 2600 yuan / ton rise 3100 yuan / or so tons, go up be as high as 21% to control. Among them, during May, the country abandons experience mad go up – callback – upgoing price goes situation. Will look through vicissitude of the market, the waste paper before this is rapid the phenomenon of the callback is basic in consist in between small paper mill, the country of large paper mill is useless buy price relatively smooth. Occupy the personage inside course of study to analyse, this is partial paper mill probably the method of shipment of supplier of revulsive waste paper. Look only with respect to current trend, the country abandoned the price recently regain rises passageway, fear still will having inside short time rise space. And corrugated paper price is given priority to with rising all the time. From April 20 – on May 20, the price of corrugated paper reference with 140 heavy grams by 3900 yuan / or so tons rise 4750 yuan / or so tons, go up for 22% the left and right sides. As to the corrugated paper with other heavy gram, if cover with tiles high 120 grams, quoted price of factory having paper is as high as 5200 yuan / ton. Its go up the cause is probable be: Paper mill high price purchases raw material, do not wish to sell base paper with low, although paper estate market does not have sufficient demand to prop up, but master the product that gives birth to the bibcock paper mill that reduces advantageous position to also can pass raise up the price and the means that charge price to sell by high priced stocks content is produced. Be about to enter what is more,the rather that more June, demand can have the market to improve certainly. Associated statement does not involve trash import, import policy is abandoned outside or tighten up   as before so, as the cease-fire of Sino-US trade war, abandon outside whether to meet unfreeze, pull small country to abandon the price thereby, lower wrapping paper price further? Will look from inside statement, the regulation of Sino-US both sides to waste paper respect almost the word was not carried. The most important in statement 2 o’clock is: Both sides agrees, will take effective measures materiality reduces the United States to be opposite China goods unfavorable balance of trade. The consumptive demand that increases ceaselessly to satisfy Chinese people and economy of stimulative high quality grow, just will increase from the United States to buy commodity kimono Wu in great quantities in. This also conduces to American economy growth and obtain employment. And both sides agrees to increase American produce and export of the sources of energy significantly. Accordingly, in future, china increases an import will morely from the United States. According to Shen Mohong the research of the source figures: In goods commerce domain, what China basically emphasizes particularly on to need at importing place is medium high-end industrial product, if be tasted among the industry such as old car, plane, integrated circuit, accurate machine tool,mix finished products. In addition, the sources of energy such as the gas of shale of entrance strength; that also can continue to enlarge the produce such as soja, cotton, oil also has the possibility that enlarges an entrance. Clearly, what China needs is the product of American high quality and service, of need is the sources of energy that home is in short supply, and the entrance of these products does not have these and waste paper, useless plastic, useless metal it seems that any relations. The country abandons supply situation or improvement, because importer tastes the   of grow in quantity of wrapping paper box that takes,be and, negotiate in Sino-US both sides while, congress of countrywide zoology environmental protection is held 18 days in Beijing to 19 days, national leader emphasizes wanting to increase strength to advance zoology civilization construction, solve zoology environment problem, make fight of assault fortified positions of good pollution prevention and cure stoutly, drive construction of civilization of our country zoology to stride new chance to extricateoneself from an awkward position. The place on put together is narrated, from the point of statement, sino-US both sides abandons an entrance to suffer bounds word to inscribe a word to did not carry; to look from the conference speech of government of near future state to solid, make fight of assault fortified positions of good pollution prevention and cure stoutly, driving construction of civilization of our country zoology to stride new chance to extricateoneself from an awkward position is current main job as before. So, even if is the instantly in cease-fire of Sino-US trade war, import policy is abandoned outside or can not have bigger change. Nevertheless, although outside useless import policy won’t have bigger change probably, but situation of waste paper supply or can improve somewhat as before. Because,this is, the wrapping paper that our country has 20 million tons every year at least is exported as the product abroad, and prospective our country should enlarge an entrance, can more products take wrapping paper box to enter country, this is useless to the country important complement. As rubbish plus future classified system is carried out, reclaim the channel such as the complement that systematic construction, home enlarges consumption and import goods to pack, the country abandons resource to return can constant growth, accomplish autarky even. Of course, all these needs longer time.