2 machine tools will be in aid CIMT2009 shows product of boring milling machine

In exhibition of machine tool of the 11st China International (CIMT2009) go up, jinan limited company of group of 2 machine tools will exhibit linkage of XKV2740 5 axes decides diplodocus door (double dragon door) boring machine of mill of be born of numerical control of milling machine of boring of mobile numerical control and TKS6920 high speed.
5 axes linkage decides PU Injection series diplodocus door (double dragon door) the product of series of PU Injection of heavy-duty numerical control that milling machine of boring of mobile numerical control is development of development of this company proper motion. Its are main the characteristic includes: Configured main shaft of big torque mechanical to regard treatment as the head, basically use at processing the metallic stuff work such as cast-iron, cast steel, alloy steel. This machine tool can install the high accuracy that pair of work have below clip, efficient puissant milling treatment in, complete the treatment of numerical control cutting of workpiece of complex and three-dimensional curved surface. Such not only raised workpiece to be mixed by the precision of treatment face bright and clean degree, the handiwork of the working procedure after still decrease or cancelling is repaired grind, solved thereby should raise manufacturing efficiency to want to rise to be machined again already the difficult problem of workpiece precision. It is reported, this machine tool is the first mechanical of domestic milling machine of boring of numerical control of 5 axes linkage, not only the requirement that satisfied home to make a trade each, and the dependence that cast off congener to abroad product.