But laser with cimc strategic cooperation Push manufacturing industry upgrade

: laser on May 25, cimc group and signed the strategic cooperation agreement, the two sides meet in the early stage of the cooperation basis, further improve strategic cooperative partnership.Tide to cimc multiple business sectors of intelligent manufacturing and industrial upgrading of the world’s leading laser processing equipment and technical support, family and cimc will also for continuous innovation and development of laser equipment to provide a wide range of application scenarios and space, of the family and for all kinds of equipment in such aspects as logistics to provide solutions, the two sides also discussed the future in the capital, industry, finance, management in various fields, such as use of their advantages to expand cooperation in space.Of cimc cimc vehicle group and multimodal transport company in the field: laser signed projects and business with, the cooperation agreement.MaiBoLiang cimc group CEO and President of family and laser chairman yun-feng gao attended the signing ceremony, and delivered a speech.Cimc group executive vice President of Chen Yan gaoxiang, but laser intelligent equipment group general manager on behalf of the two sides signed the strategic cooperation agreement, cimc vehicle group, digital to analog design, director of the center for ShuLei, cimc multimodal transport company general manager: laser QiuChun have respectively with agreement signed between the business and project cooperation.Cimc group vice President of huangtian TaoKuan, strategic development, general manager, senior technology consultant Bertram mschwab s, cimc cimc group Chang Shaomin investec airport equipment general manager attended the signing and witness.Yun-feng gao and MaiBoLiang are highly bullish on the two sides in manufacturing upgrade cooperation in the future.Yun-feng gao said, the two companies are have feelings of manufacturing enterprise, he told the cimc achievements in manufacturing and multinational management felt very admire.MaiBoLiang also said that the future strategic cooperation agreement between the two sides to upgrade every year, strive for more in-depth and specific cooperation projects, to promote & other;Throughout 2025 & made in China;Mission endowed the national manufacturing enterprises.Family: laser will depth in cimc upgrade laser is laser equipment industry leading enterprises in China, high power fiber laser cutting machine, and other products series production the world’s first.And cimc is the world’s leading equipment and service provider in the field of logistics and energy, the business has a broad space for cooperation, before this, cimc with each business unit has a laser family cooperation basis, but in the current cimc upgrade all plate business background, further strengthen bilateral cooperation space.Cimc container, vehicles, energy and chemical industry and so on main business sector is currently in & other;Longteng plan & throughout;, & otherThe lighthouse plan & throughout;, & otherSix throughout plan & dream;Project to carry out a comprehensive upgrade of manufacturing, aimed at to automation, flexibility, digital production increase production efficiency and reduce labor costs, improve product quality.But automation of laser cutting, welding and other equipment and solutions will provide technical support for the cimc well.: laser depth strategic agreement, cimc invited to participate in its manufacturing upgrade project.Cimc vehicle: laser has started a formal business and project cooperation, cimc vehicles in shenzhen, dongguan, wuhu, zhumadian, xi ‘an, liangshan: laser intelligent equipment factory has been ordered, the group number of sets of optical fiber laser cutting machine and laser cutting of flexible production line, to help the success of cimc vehicle in dongguan has advanced manufacturing mode & other;The lighthouse factory & throughout;, copy and upgrade to other factories.Cimc vehicle & other;The lighthouse factory & throughout;With production car production semi-trailer, its production efficiency and product quality are much better than the traditional trailer factory, in the United States, Europe and other global markets are popular, dongguan factory product is in short supply, other local production line is to accelerate the construction of the factory.Cimc vehicle: laser evaluation, the product safety, intelligent, reliable, high information level, will help its product quality upgrading.In addition, cimc group other plate and a series of specific project cooperation: laser is also in the coming negotiation.Cimc can provide logistics and financial services for its tide laser intelligent manufacturing upgrade for the two companies are very important to the development of goals, cimc in many areas of large mechanical manufacturing factories: laser intelligent equipment to provide the best application scenarios, this is to attract, laser and the main factors of cimc cooperation family.In addition, cimc will also in the field of logistics services, financial services: laser with high quality to choose.: many of the laser products are large special equipment, due to the different size, different equipment appearance standards, cannot be put into regular container, freight is higher, single device cimc logistics services, such as a subsidiary of multimodal transport company in dealing with transport aspects of non-standard items with lead, cimc 53 feet north American production of box, the boarding bridge, modular construction, and for many of China’s commercial vehicle exports shipping provides a standardized transport by cimc, greatly reduces the logistics cost.At present, cimc around railway cooperation, multimodal transport and domestic more than 10 lines operating, and have their own network of highway and waterway transportation equipment and can provide customers with one-stop door-to-door solution.: laser and cimc multimodal transport signed business cooperation agreement on the spot, cimc future can provide a variety of door to door for laser family land transportation and shipping solutions.But the relevant person in charge of the laser also said that the successful experience of cimc group has a global operation with abundant case studies, the future hope to learn from cimc globalization operation experience, and shipping solutions by cimc, family will be more products sold around the world.In addition, cimc has rich experience in finance lease, the two sides are also discussed, in the future: laser of high value products production and sales, cimc can provide financing lease service for its upstream and downstream customers.: laser and cimc (the original title: strategic cooperation, a total of pushing manufacturing upgrade) (source: cimc group)