Does Xian Youkun machine withdraw equity of group of city resell CY when is the cold winter of tycoon of this machine tool spent?

These a few months, to group of Shenyang machine tool, those who pass is not quiet.

Group of Shenyang machine tool is company of our country’s biggest machine tool production, shenyang is had below the banner machine tool, Kunming machine tool, medium the subsidiary with a lot of abundant actual strength such as nimble machine tool. But be affected stagnantly by in successive years of machine tool market, shenyang aircraft group is in deficit condition all the time in recent years.

Data shows, profit of net profit of Shenyang aircraft group was 2015 – 787 million, net 2016 gain is – 1.676 billion yuan, net 2017 gain is – 588 million yuan, 3 years in all deficit 3.057 billion yuan. End 2018 first quarter, net assets of Shenyang aircraft group is 3.799 billion yuan, indebted rate amounts to asset 90.59% .

Group of your Shenyang aircraft was immersed in the deficit of in successive years muddy in. Cast off deficit lair to help Shenyang aircraft, in November 2017, 8 ministries and commissions allot the country to reform scheme integratedly jointly, group of supportive Shenyang aircraft hemostatic, blood transfusion, hematopoiesis, undertake omnibus reform. But Ren Dapeng of minister of ministry of program of strategy of group of aircraft of Shenyang of no less than is said: The road of the new student still shoulder heavy responsibilities, just carried out the patient of big operation like, still need strong the refreshment of this solid process.

So far, the cold winter of tycoon of this machine tool still did not go it seems that.

One, A of Kunming machine tool retreat city

Inc. of Kunming machine tool, most the machine tool industry that period of at the height of power and splendour is our country famous one of 18 arhat, at making an our country 1985 the first nicety is machined in, can saying to go up is one of enterprises of lead the way of industry of our country machine tool.

But after 90 time because manage not to be pooh-poohed, kunming machine tool is in deficit condition all the time. To 2005, shenyang aircraft group is contributive buy Kunming machine tool, elder brother machine becomes the subsidiary with Shenyang aircraft subordinate group just about.

2006 to during 2011, be worth the prosperous period of market of domestic machine tool, elder brother machine brought not little battalion to close for Shenyang aircraft group, but after 2011, market be issued to lower levels, elder brother machine subsequently by fill turn decline, deficit of in successive years. Since 2014, the amount of loss of in successive years of Kunming machine tool is 204 million yuan to part, 196 million yuan, 209 million yuan mix 350 million yuan, to 2017 end, the net assets of elder brother machine is – thirty-eight million two hundred and twenty-one thousand yuan.

Later, kunming machine tool is exploded to go out again continuously old finance affairs makes a holiday. On November 15, 2017, finance affairs of Kunming machine tool builds a holiday to be met sit by card inspect solid. Card inspect is met findings shows, elder brother opportunity came to was passed 2015 2013 cross period affirm income, empty plan income and empty increase contract price empty of 3 kinds of means increases income 483 million yuan, through little plan the means empty that carries repulsive welfare and fulfil of tall canal firewood increases profit 29.61 million yuan, existed to the merchandise data that disclosed in year report 2015 2013 false account. Card inspect can think, the information of elder brother machine announces illegal behavior duration to grow, adopt conceal, the particularly harsh measure such as fictional and important fact, experience record amount is especially huge, illegal clue of experience case personnel is serious.

Deficit of in successive years adds finance affairs to make a holiday, the A that ended elder brother chance brigade. The system retreating city that because its are successive,3 years deficit sparks, add break the law violated market of compasses behavior capital to cause bigger negative effect, on May 22, 2018, hand in place to announce, the opinion of examine and verify on the basis, stock of Inc. of machine tool of Kunming of group of decision Shenyang aircraft is stopped appear on the market. This also is representing Kunming machine tool to was kicked formally to give capital market.

2, sell equity of Yunnan CY group

On May 29, shanghai combines website of property right bourse to be announced beforehand, limited company of Kunming of group of Shenyang machine tool will hang out his shingle sell limited company of Yunnan CY group 70% equity.

The predecessor of Yunnan CY group is factory of Yunnan machine tool, only then built 1961, it is one of enterprises of domestic key machine tool, main product has car of exit of CY lathe series, PQ lathe series, MO lathe series general and numerical control lathe to wait. In December 2004, yunnan CY group and Shenyang aircraft group carry out the strategy to recombine, the company has the Shenyang machine Kunming below division of Shenyang aircraft group Yunnan CY group is many share.

The situation with elder brother machine is same, to 2012, yunnan CY group still realizes business income 470 million yuan, implementation net profit six million and sixty-three thousand eight hundred yuan. But encountered next considerably deficit, the net gain of Yunnan CY group was deficit 2016 97.2 million yuan, net first quarter gain was deficit 2018 26.06 million yuan.

Stem from the consideration of financial problem, also be understanding at the same time definitely issue of internal competition of a person of same business, shenyang machine decides to hang out one’s shingle sell Yunnan CY group 70% equity, hang list price to be 310 million yuan about.

In addition, yunnan CY group hangs out his shingle those who sell trade the personage also points out related be commissioned orgnaization, this Shenyang plane side sells Yunnan CY group can alleviate deficit condition, call in the part invests capital.

All the time since, group of Shenyang machine tool is industry of our country machine tool get army enterprise. Bought elder brother machine 2005 when, camp of Shenyang aircraft group closes close already 4.6 billion yuan, before reducing income of industry of world machine tool 10, in the industry scene is not had at that time 2. But as machine tool industry endless hiemal comes, shenyang machine was not done good fight cold preparation.

The face about when traditional large company should encounter risk is slow can be understood it seems that, but suffer a defeat to be able to let a person oppugn its one after another whether halo of return former days. From enterprise of homebred machine tool live at present in light of state case, the enterprise that is immersed in lair so like Shenyang machine still has a lot of, and the enterprise that climbs from inside lair also has a lot of.

To the enterprise of these deep-set lair, how to embrace the market, spending cold winter will be their future the task with the mainest period of time.

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