How to create the workshop environment that appropriate machine tool works?

In last ” what demand does the machine tool have to the environment? ” (small beacon problem is: ” the machine tool is so valuable, the environment cannot be differred! Both hands is acted according to on manual of machine tool environment and summer maintain strategy! ” ) after one article is rolled out, enthusiastic netizen leaves a message below public date express, the particular environment that needs to machine tool place in article, especially the environment of machine tool use manufacturer asks to state too simple, the hope is opposite besides understanding machine tool outside environmental requirement, return can detailed introduction how to achieve this kind of requirement. Thank the proposal that this netizen offers! Small make up rolled out after arranging a data seriously ” the environment with machine tool what kind of need ” the 2nd play ” the workshop environment that how creates job of appropriate machine tool ” , the hope is right pink of broad machine tool people help somewhat.

In ” what demand does the machine tool have to the environment? ” mention in one article, no matter be use manufacturer of manufacturer of machine tool production or machine tool, need to take quality of environmental temperature, humidity and air seriously. To machine tool use manufacturer, temperature of generally speaking environment wants under 30 photograph show degree, opposite temperature should is less than 80% , avoid overmuch dust and caustic gas as far as possible at the same time the influence to the machine tool. (Note: Do not do here discuss, undertake adjustment according to manufacturer manual please. ) these index can undertake detecting through simple instrument, be like thermometer, hygroscopic etc, general workshop can be deployed.

So how to achieve these index to ask? As a whole, want to hold the ventilated take a breath that produces a workshop, workshop environment wants span is reasonable between open, machine and machine. (These index production manufacturer can give a particular numerical value, the person that use is referenced can. ) below for the key spendable method.

Generally speaking, machine tool besides put in shady and ventilated place, undertake modulatory through a few special device even, in order to achieve proper ambient conditions. Say to drop in temperature first problem. Drop in temperature the form has two kinds, local drop in temperature with whole. Commonly used equipment has fan of fan, air conditioning, negative pressure, cold fan to wait a moment.

Fan rotates through machinery make wind, quicken air to flow, achieve the result that drop in temperature thereby. The advantage is energy-saving environmental protection, installation simple, price is low. The fan that has air cooling function can achieve those who compare beautiful to drop in temperature the effect. Defect is to drop in temperature the effect is finite, do not have improvement to dust and humidity, individual machine is very inaccessible the effect that large area drops in temperature.

Air conditioning drops in temperature. It is idealer that air conditioning drops in temperature drop in temperature means, its effect is good, the function is much, and have improvement to humidity and empty temperamental quantity action. Air conditioning is OK and local installation, OK also integral installation. But expend report quite relatively, cost is higher also.

Negative pressure fan is OK and rapid the high temperature workshop cohesion collect is fuggy air eduction workshop, let airiness achieve the result that nature of ventilated take a breath drops in temperature. General installation is in wall or on the window, it suits workshop area big, employee is much, the environment with workshop whole bad airiness, apply to whole to drop in temperature.

Air cooling chance became much the function of refrigeration, installation is passed on the window after wet shade dropping in temperature to have the fresh air outdoor dropping in temperature inside airframe, send a workshop air cooling inside, this method can increase the air inside the workshop fresh spend and ambient air contains oxygen to measure, raise the rate of the airiness inside the workshop. Additional, machine of partial air cooling also can send wind conduit equipment through increasing, achieve local drop in temperature, remove dust, limits goes the purpose of peculiar smell.

Above drops in temperature means can create good environmental temperature for the machine tool. Those who need an attention is, the enterprise should have logical choice according to machine tool type, the machine tool that if get air stream easily,affects is unsuited choose fan to wait drop in temperature means. So environmental thermoregulation is good, how should be problem of humidity and air quality solved again? Look downward please.

The problem of humidity often is mixed drop in temperature can solve together. If use common practice of air conditioning, negative pressure,wait to be able to reduce workshop air humidity. Can mix except equipment so drop in temperature equipment complement installation. If have higher demand to humidity, also can install alone except (add) the equipment such as wet machine.

The machine tool can make sure dirt is less basically in open and ventilated environment, and machine of fan, air cooling it is certain to also can be achieved remove dust the effect. But the dirt of the generation in treatment, useless bits often relies on these methods to eradicate hard, still need to provide corresponding professional facility so. At present on market remove dust equipment can be divided roughly remove dust for machinery, filter remove dust, electrostatic remove dust, catharsis type removes dust etc, also those who be aimed at whole workshop remove dust purify a solution. Common treatment company can be deployed according to his machine tool type remove dust off-the-pegly equipment, if discharge bit machine, dust catcher,wait.

Small the practice knowledge that makes up pair of machine tools still is deficient in somewhat, may exist to state not not comprehensive, deep place to professional domain knowledge. Here, small make up also hope the trade public figure of know the business can leave a message actively point out small the inadequacy that make up, and small make up one case, let the platform that net of machine tool business affairs faces trade public figure this become more perfect! Additional, that enthusiastic netizen that leave a message returns to table a proposal, the hope maintains to summer machine tool have more detailed introduction, as a result of limited space, small make up will be in ” what demand does the machine tool have to the environment? ” look of inside Shanghaiguan of photograph of the 3rd introduction in playing, welcome everybody to continue to pay close attention to net of machine tool business affairs!

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