Machinery of Hubei semilate rice is inserted sow rate amount to 51.5%

Semilate rice is inserted sow, agriculture machinery becomes main force gradually. From the province agriculture machinery bureau learned on June 27, mechanization of complete this year province is sowed grow an area to amount to ten million eight hundred and seventy-six thousand mus, machine insert sow rate achieve 51.5% , achieve the history new tall.

According to introducing, I save semilate rice to grow an area all the year round 21 million mus, sow aptly grow period concentration is in the middle ten days of a month came in May June the first ten days of a month, farming season urgent task is heavy. For this, branch of complete province agriculture machinery makes full use of the country is carried out purchase allowance fund overall the good luck that limits of more abundant, allowance opens wide stage by stage, sow paddy grow machinery to regard a key as mechanical, preferential allowance, paddy is sowed grow mechanical sale to grow quickly. Before this year 5 months, complete province adds rice transplanter newly nearly 3000, use allowance fund many yuan 2000. Up to now, complete province rice transplanter retains the quantity exceeds 70 thousand, for paddy manufacturing mechanization offerred strong equipment to prop up.

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