Shandong province haze is a mountainous area build labor force new kinetic energy for high-end project

Since this year, a mountainous area development advances haze supply side reform, drive main industry to develop mode transition to upgrade, active harmonious big project as soon as possible be born put into production, build chain filling chain around industrial catenary, accelerate fulfil an industry to enrol business, try every means promotes traditional kinetic energy, breed burgeoning kinetic energy, accelerate promote changeover of new old kinetic energy.

First half of the year, haze is a mountainous area realize gross domestic product (GDP)259.53 100 million yuan, grow 11.2% compared to the same period, county of each district of amplitude house whole town the first, changeover of new old kinetic energy upgrades to bring vitality for economic progress.

Around pillar industry, optimize promotion tradition kinetic energy. Undertake building catenary, filling catenary, strong chain around the industry such as steely, petrifaction, accelerate breed intelligence to make, the burgeoning industry such as biology medicine, contrast target of whole town task, ego pressurization, made GDP year grow 10% , the plan target that industry raises a value to grow 20% . Give aid to pillar industry transition upgrades, product line of product line of project of day steel ESP, big H section, pickling galvanization product line is in banner level of whole nation of course of study of person of the same trade, one pace project is about to build first phase of project of base of steel of hill steel high-quality goods industry of petrifaction of; of put into production is seeking ego to break through ceaselessly, by low end the product develops quickly to direction of careful chemical industry. Predict to grow 10.5% compared to the same period first half of the year, dimensions above industry raises a cost 9.55 billion yuan, grow 17% compared to the same period.

Urge big project construction, labor force new kinetic energy. Big project is productivity, whole this year area carries out priority discipline in all 48, the plan invests twenty-seven billion nine hundred and ninety-five million yuan. To urge priority discipline construction, held line of job of priority discipline of whole area first time to attemper the conference, concentration studies current priority discipline pushs the work, the difficult question that in combing a project to advance, exists 22, fulfil a bag quickly to protect lead and currently hold the post ofan unit. First half of the year, priority discipline whole boosts whole area smoothly, the investment that finish 8.359 billion yuan, current, already 5#ESP of ― of base of high-quality goods of sunshine iron and steel, 3# does not have bridge of fillet steel product line, haze inferior oily treatment and oil are tasted upgrade the construction of 21 projects start working such as the project.

Position of plan future industry, project of high end of attract of deep administrative levels. Rely on advantage of resource of deep water haven and target section of the market advantage, carry on industrial move and advance own innovation, according to the development train of thought of 6 big industries, active “ walks along ”“ to introduce come ” , begin an industry to enrol business hard. Since this year, aim at a country the name, medium name company, go to and other places of rich of Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chongqing, He lustre, Zi to have capital attraction activity early or late. Around industry of steely form a complete set, attract mine of aid steel north is high-powered the project of industrial form a complete set such as magnetic material, negotiate actively with rich of the letter in Jiangsu a batch of “ eat steel to chew; of iron ” project around lumber industry, introduce be born chiliad boat is directional; of structural particieboard project around in bay industrial garden construction, introduce be born project of polysaccharide of sunshine sea La Haizao, china bay operation of aquatic product put into production. First half of the year attract win start the petro-chemical project such as couplet of chemical industry, Guangzhou head or project of industrial form a complete set, change actively with Dong Mingshi, in the industry of domestic and international key such as carbolic the sources of energy takes the lead the enterprise undertakes investing negotiating, introduce a batch of body to measure the project with high content of big, technology hard.

Accelerate construction of garden area form a complete set, build new old kinetic energy to change platform. Plan future develops, perfect infrastructure, layout industry grows, build innovation poineering platform. Combed in the round came 2017 project of civil engineer, water supply, power supply project, heat addition project, sewage disposal, project tubal corridor, village occupied area of garden of haze hill chemical industry 2019 remove with find a place for the area is built wait for detailed list of projects of 7 kinds of big 8 billion yuan of construction. Develop the financing attract ability of state-owned company actively, full-scale development begins form a complete set to build the job. Current, construction of network of road of district of garden of steely form a complete set is rolled out in the round, chemical garden area east the area offers steam, on the west division sewage treatment plant start working construction, fair condominium corridor completes program and work of check the amount, 4 villages dismantle wire of hill steel environmental protection change is finished basically, remove with find a place for working synchronism is advanced.

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