College students would rather take-out and canteen, the Shanghai people’s congress on behalf of the proposal, released Meituan, hungry? Plastic consumption for a month

The original title: college students would rather take-out and canteen, Shanghai people’s congress suggested that Meituan, hungry yao announced several abstract: plastic consumption monthly delivery indeed brought convenient, but concerns, especially the pollution caused by take-out packaging.”Now young people especially like takeout, some college students even dining room near at hand, consents to takeout!”In the municipal people’s representative conferences held this morning, the municipal people’s representative Zhou Xing increase foreign sell produce are worried about the pollution.Zhou Xing increases, for instance, such as institute of Bridges, even if the students’ dormitory very close to the distance to the dining room, dining room or university demonstration dining room, food is cheap, taste, but some students willing to take-out.Such phenomenon, not only in the universities, take-out almost became a national habit.”Delivery really brought convenient, but worry.”Zhou Xing said, delivery of the first problem is the traffic safety, take-away little elder brother to the traffic safety consciousness is generally weak, many people see the way lightning fast delivery little elder brother is scary.The second issue is food safety, take-out food mostly oil much more special, “I asked take-out shop, why put your dishes so much oil?And they said, the oil can be more longer in heat preservation, taste, and excessive consumption of oil is bad for health.”While Zhou Xing gained most attention is the pollution from take-out packaging.He brought a newspaper, reported that India issued a plastic limit, by 2022 the whole of India to stop the use of disposable plastic products;The European Union in May this year released a very strict plastic limit orders for all plastic products production, sales, storage and transportation are made very strict rules;This period of time, many Latin American countries are also introduced some instead of the plastic products.Such as edible coffee cup, mixer, etc.”Plastic pollution hazard to the environment has become a consensus, more than 80% of the pollutants of Marine pollution from the plastic, the production of a plastic cup may only need 5 seconds, but in 500 the degradation not to drop, to the Marine environment pollution is the long term.”Zhou Xing think, Shanghai can try in this aspect, set by the National People’s Congress led by a rigid plastic limit orders.”Last year I mentioned a advice about take effective measures to curb take-away pollution.Raised after the proposal, feed, food and drug administration, city pledges inspect bureau is very seriously, they and greening the city bureau, the environmental protection bureau and ShangWei departments such as joint opinion gave me a reply, did some work.But delivery is not only the problem of food safety problems, more important is the environment pollution problem, should be led by the environmental protection bureau to deal with.”Zhou Xing think, foreign sell products produced by the pollution, seems to be a lot of departments in tube, can have no a clear the responsibility of the unit, in the end it is easy to become is nobody’s business.Currently, Meituan, hungry? Such as company formulated the industry standard about boxes, tableware, in Zhou Xing increase point of view, the government is involved in making this standard is formulated by these companies, though it is the highest standards, but as an enterprise can’t make have damage, request for their high standards, so these standards should be to participate in the government should not only by the enterprise to participate in.”The take-away and platform should be to more economic responsibility, the government should also regulate enterprise, to disclose the relevant information.”Zhou Xing recommendations, the government to make the enterprise information in a timely manner, such as Meituan, hungry? Take-out platform big company, every month consumption plastic products to the whole society, the number of possible, consumer also should pay for the environmental pollution.Column editor: jakiro text editor: Ms. Wang pictured above sources: visual picture editor: China YongKai