Plastic common sense: office drink water not to choose plastic cup

Automobil plastic net news: plastic cup high durability, light and cheap, and is not afraid of breaking, well liked by his office workers and was deeply loved by office workers, plastic cup has become almost every people who work in the office, a necessary item.Appeared on the surface of plastic cup has a lot of advantages, but you guys ever think plastic cups will bring you harm?Like plastic cups in the office of the people should pay attention to!According to the huffington post a report recently, experts suggest that had better not use plastic cup in the office, should use glass or stainless steel cup.Reason is that: although the plastic surface looks smooth, but in fact there are a lot of space, easy to shelter evil people and practices.And the plastic cups will precipitate some chemicals after heating, easy to breed bacteria.The dirt is not be found by people, because in the office, most people only use water to clean the glass, and ignore the importance of a clean cup.While cup is not thorough cleaning and disinfection, bacteria have been hidden in the cup, come down for a long time, the breeding of bacteria as the water in the cup into the body, made do harm to the human body.In addition, the glass is affected by the computer, such as chassis electrostatic, can adsorb more dust, bacteria, germs, and for a long time can affect health.To this end, the Chinese electrical appliances research institute national quality supervision and inspection center of household electrical appliances jian-guo lu, director of the comprehensive inspection department advice, had better give the cup with a lid, and don’t get close to the appliances such as computer, at ordinary times should also maintain indoor air circulation, open a window ventilated, let dust gone.Expert advice: in the office, it is best to use glass or stainless steel cup and abandoned plastic cup, and use detergent to brush clean every day, and then rinse with hot water.This will ensure that the cup of the bacteria were brush clean, no residual bacteria or dirt.In addition to use glass or stainless steel cups, had better give the cup with a lid, and let the cup away from electric equipment such as computer case by static adsorption dust cup, should keep the office clean at ordinary times, ensure that the air circulation.Editor: angel lee neon