Stem Marine pollution: to disable plastic straw and other products

The original title: stem of Marine pollution to disable plastic straw products such as local time on March 3, 2018, a British man in Bali diving when photographed gruesome scene.Floating in the ocean a lot of plastic bottles, bags, cups, barrels, straw and so on, all fish and other Marine life and avoid it like the plague.Image: visual Chinese Brussels news agency on May 28 (Reuters) (reporter DE yong jian) to stem rising of Marine pollution, the eu’s 28, a draft proposal to disable the plastic straw, cotton swabs and so on the disposable plastic products., according to the European commission published a draft included in the “blacklist” of a total of 10 disposable plastic products, including plastic tableware (including straws, knife and fork, etc.), cotton swabs, balloon and brackets, plastic boxes, plastic cups, plastic bottles and cigarette butts, plastic bags, potato chips bags (including packaging), and wet paper towels.In addition, also has a “list” plastic components of fishing gear.Draft, according to the above 10 kinds of disposable plastic products now make up about 43% of the European Marine waste, including plastic components of fishing gear accounted for 27% of European Marine trash, the total accounted for 70%, become the most common plastic beach in Europe.To prevent further deterioration of Marine pollution, the scheme proposed for these plastic “classified governance”, including the plastic tableware, cotton swabs, balloon bracket the most strict management, and the solutions proposed disable directly, instead of in a more environmentally friendly products.For plastic boxes and plastic cups, solution proposal drastically reduce market consumption;For plastic bottle, package requirements by 2025 the eu member states to achieve the purpose of the recovery of 90%.For balloon, cigarette butts, plastic bag, crisps, wet paper towels and fishing gear, plan put pressure on manufacturers, asking them to financially support cleaning, recycling, waste disposal, environmental protection propaganda work, also to change the balloon and packing for wet wipes, express the effects on the environment and properly disposed of the rubbish.After 28 draft, the European commission said the next step in the European parliament and the council of Europe will review, draft can be effective after being approved, for the European commission urged action as soon as possible, before the European parliament elections in May of next year, tangible progress.The Marine pollution makes countries quite a headache, plastic pollution is the biggest pollution source.According to statistics, now the world each year about 1000 to 20 million tons of plastic waste into the sea, accounting for 85% of the ocean trash, one of the numerous micro plastic more into a major environmental hazard.Experts point out that the micro plastic poison the Marine food chain, not only killed swallowed the sea creatures, and micro plastic can exist for hundreds of years, will continue to endanger Marine life.The editor: HuoYuAng