The office of water don’t use plastic cups

Automobil plastic net news: plastic cups in addition to precipitate after heated some chemicals, also easy to breed bacteria.Although the plastic surface looks smooth, but in fact there are many gaps, shelter evil people and practices easily.And in the office, the people most of the cleaning of the cup only, with water glass not thoroughly clean and disinfect.Experts suggest that the office had better use stainless steel cup or glass, every day to clean, it is best to use detergent, and use hot water to rinse.In addition, the glass is affected by the computer, such as chassis electrostatic, can adsorb more dust, bacteria, germs, and for a long time can affect health.To this end, the Chinese electrical appliances research institute national quality supervision and inspection center of household electrical appliances jian-guo lu, director of the comprehensive inspection department advice, had better give the cup with a lid, and don’t get close to the appliances such as computer, at ordinary times should also maintain indoor air circulation, open a window ventilated, let dust gone.Drink a cup first choice should be the glass.Don’t think the glass just appear good-looking, in all material in the glass, the glass is the most healthy.The glass in the process of firing containing no organic chemicals, when people use a glass of water or other drinks, don’t have to worry about chemicals can be drink into the belly, and the glass surface is smooth, easy to clean, propagation of bacteria and dirt is not easy in the glass, so people use a glass of water is the most healthy and safe.In addition, experts also promotes the use enamel cup, because red enamel cup is after high temperature after the lining made, contains no lead and other harmful substances, can be at ease use.Colorful ceramic cup is very attractive, but in fact hiding in the bright paint that huge hidden trouble, especially the walls painted with glaze, high when the cup is filled into the boiling water, acid or alkaline beverage, and toxic heavy metal elements such as lead in the paint is easy to dissolve in the liquid, people drink into the chemical liquid, will cause a harm to human body.And often add plastic plasticizer, which contain some poisonous chemicals, plastic cup of hot water or hot water, poisonous chemicals that can easily be diluted into the water, and plastic internal microscopic structure there are a lot of pore, which hides dirt, cleaning not net will be easy to breed bacteria.The expert reminds, when plastic cup of choose and buy, be sure to select conforms to the national standard of food grade plastic cup made of.Editor: XiaoPeng

Stem Marine pollution: to disable plastic straw and other products

The original title: stem of Marine pollution to disable plastic straw products such as local time on March 3, 2018, a British man in Bali diving when photographed gruesome scene.Floating in the ocean a lot of plastic bottles, bags, cups, barrels, straw and so on, all fish and other Marine life and avoid it like the plague.Image: visual Chinese Brussels news agency on May 28 (Reuters) (reporter DE yong jian) to stem rising of Marine pollution, the eu’s 28, a draft proposal to disable the plastic straw, cotton swabs and so on the disposable plastic products., according to the European commission published a draft included in the “blacklist” of a total of 10 disposable plastic products, including plastic tableware (including straws, knife and fork, etc.), cotton swabs, balloon and brackets, plastic boxes, plastic cups, plastic bottles and cigarette butts, plastic bags, potato chips bags (including packaging), and wet paper towels.In addition, also has a “list” plastic components of fishing gear.Draft, according to the above 10 kinds of disposable plastic products now make up about 43% of the European Marine waste, including plastic components of fishing gear accounted for 27% of European Marine trash, the total accounted for 70%, become the most common plastic beach in Europe.To prevent further deterioration of Marine pollution, the scheme proposed for these plastic “classified governance”, including the plastic tableware, cotton swabs, balloon bracket the most strict management, and the solutions proposed disable directly, instead of in a more environmentally friendly products.For plastic boxes and plastic cups, solution proposal drastically reduce market consumption;For plastic bottle, package requirements by 2025 the eu member states to achieve the purpose of the recovery of 90%.For balloon, cigarette butts, plastic bag, crisps, wet paper towels and fishing gear, plan put pressure on manufacturers, asking them to financially support cleaning, recycling, waste disposal, environmental protection propaganda work, also to change the balloon and packing for wet wipes, express the effects on the environment and properly disposed of the rubbish.After 28 draft, the European commission said the next step in the European parliament and the council of Europe will review, draft can be effective after being approved, for the European commission urged action as soon as possible, before the European parliament elections in May of next year, tangible progress.The Marine pollution makes countries quite a headache, plastic pollution is the biggest pollution source.According to statistics, now the world each year about 1000 to 20 million tons of plastic waste into the sea, accounting for 85% of the ocean trash, one of the numerous micro plastic more into a major environmental hazard.Experts point out that the micro plastic poison the Marine food chain, not only killed swallowed the sea creatures, and micro plastic can exist for hundreds of years, will continue to endanger Marine life.The editor: HuoYuAng

College students would rather take-out and canteen, the Shanghai people’s congress on behalf of the proposal, released Meituan, hungry? Plastic consumption for a month

The original title: college students would rather take-out and canteen, Shanghai people’s congress suggested that Meituan, hungry yao announced several abstract: plastic consumption monthly delivery indeed brought convenient, but concerns, especially the pollution caused by take-out packaging.”Now young people especially like takeout, some college students even dining room near at hand, consents to takeout!”In the municipal people’s representative conferences held this morning, the municipal people’s representative Zhou Xing increase foreign sell produce are worried about the pollution.Zhou Xing increases, for instance, such as institute of Bridges, even if the students’ dormitory very close to the distance to the dining room, dining room or university demonstration dining room, food is cheap, taste, but some students willing to take-out.Such phenomenon, not only in the universities, take-out almost became a national habit.”Delivery really brought convenient, but worry.”Zhou Xing said, delivery of the first problem is the traffic safety, take-away little elder brother to the traffic safety consciousness is generally weak, many people see the way lightning fast delivery little elder brother is scary.The second issue is food safety, take-out food mostly oil much more special, “I asked take-out shop, why put your dishes so much oil?And they said, the oil can be more longer in heat preservation, taste, and excessive consumption of oil is bad for health.”While Zhou Xing gained most attention is the pollution from take-out packaging.He brought a newspaper, reported that India issued a plastic limit, by 2022 the whole of India to stop the use of disposable plastic products;The European Union in May this year released a very strict plastic limit orders for all plastic products production, sales, storage and transportation are made very strict rules;This period of time, many Latin American countries are also introduced some instead of the plastic products.Such as edible coffee cup, mixer, etc.”Plastic pollution hazard to the environment has become a consensus, more than 80% of the pollutants of Marine pollution from the plastic, the production of a plastic cup may only need 5 seconds, but in 500 the degradation not to drop, to the Marine environment pollution is the long term.”Zhou Xing think, Shanghai can try in this aspect, set by the National People’s Congress led by a rigid plastic limit orders.”Last year I mentioned a advice about take effective measures to curb take-away pollution.Raised after the proposal, feed, food and drug administration, city pledges inspect bureau is very seriously, they and greening the city bureau, the environmental protection bureau and ShangWei departments such as joint opinion gave me a reply, did some work.But delivery is not only the problem of food safety problems, more important is the environment pollution problem, should be led by the environmental protection bureau to deal with.”Zhou Xing think, foreign sell products produced by the pollution, seems to be a lot of departments in tube, can have no a clear the responsibility of the unit, in the end it is easy to become is nobody’s business.Currently, Meituan, hungry? Such as company formulated the industry standard about boxes, tableware, in Zhou Xing increase point of view, the government is involved in making this standard is formulated by these companies, though it is the highest standards, but as an enterprise can’t make have damage, request for their high standards, so these standards should be to participate in the government should not only by the enterprise to participate in.”The take-away and platform should be to more economic responsibility, the government should also regulate enterprise, to disclose the relevant information.”Zhou Xing recommendations, the government to make the enterprise information in a timely manner, such as Meituan, hungry? Take-out platform big company, every month consumption plastic products to the whole society, the number of possible, consumer also should pay for the environmental pollution.Column editor: jakiro text editor: Ms. Wang pictured above sources: visual picture editor: China YongKai

Plastic common sense: office drink water not to choose plastic cup

Automobil plastic net news: plastic cup high durability, light and cheap, and is not afraid of breaking, well liked by his office workers and was deeply loved by office workers, plastic cup has become almost every people who work in the office, a necessary item.Appeared on the surface of plastic cup has a lot of advantages, but you guys ever think plastic cups will bring you harm?Like plastic cups in the office of the people should pay attention to!According to the huffington post a report recently, experts suggest that had better not use plastic cup in the office, should use glass or stainless steel cup.Reason is that: although the plastic surface looks smooth, but in fact there are a lot of space, easy to shelter evil people and practices.And the plastic cups will precipitate some chemicals after heating, easy to breed bacteria.The dirt is not be found by people, because in the office, most people only use water to clean the glass, and ignore the importance of a clean cup.While cup is not thorough cleaning and disinfection, bacteria have been hidden in the cup, come down for a long time, the breeding of bacteria as the water in the cup into the body, made do harm to the human body.In addition, the glass is affected by the computer, such as chassis electrostatic, can adsorb more dust, bacteria, germs, and for a long time can affect health.To this end, the Chinese electrical appliances research institute national quality supervision and inspection center of household electrical appliances jian-guo lu, director of the comprehensive inspection department advice, had better give the cup with a lid, and don’t get close to the appliances such as computer, at ordinary times should also maintain indoor air circulation, open a window ventilated, let dust gone.Expert advice: in the office, it is best to use glass or stainless steel cup and abandoned plastic cup, and use detergent to brush clean every day, and then rinse with hot water.This will ensure that the cup of the bacteria were brush clean, no residual bacteria or dirt.In addition to use glass or stainless steel cups, had better give the cup with a lid, and let the cup away from electric equipment such as computer case by static adsorption dust cup, should keep the office clean at ordinary times, ensure that the air circulation.Editor: angel lee neon

Plastic cup main ingredients belong to carcinogens

Automobil plastic net news: everyone knows styrene is a kind of endocrine disruptors, may mimic estrogen, promote tumor growth.Especially used for packing of warm food, because hot food will lead to styrene leaching, the study found that styrene belongs to carcinogens.In fact, we often use in everyday life, the main chemical compositions of plastic cup is styrene, may lead to cancer.Styrene is a widely used in resin and plastic compound, but is best known for the polymer, polystyrene, it is widely used in plastic foam products.For decades, industry leaders insist that styrene based products, especially used in food packaging, is safe.Styrene is a kind of endocrine disruptors, may mimic estrogen, promote tumor growth.By medicine, chemistry and toxicology of 10 experts in the field of the research team, to evaluate the carcinogenic risk of styrene.Since 2000, has been actively committed to plastic and assessed the health hazards of styrene.Styrene is not only a possible carcinogen, she says, at the same time, plastic foam products will be polluted waterways and tourism scenery, because it’s not easy to be broken down.Other research teams have also been efforts from food packaging, plastic foam kicked out, especially used for packing of warm food, styrene as hot food will lead to leaching.Plastic cup main ingredients belong to carcinogen, so everyone in daily life, try not to use that kind of plastic cups, multi-purpose environmental protection paper cup or glass.Related: identify biodegradable plastic products visible mark plastic ban on the third day Biodegradable plastic bags sold to jilin to execute “plastic ban” the key is to have alternative citizen: should build system centralized recovery of a large number of the plastic bags into China waste plastics recycling plant caused serious pollution liability editor: Song Dane