Don’t let the cups is guided dou

Part of the production enterprises to cut corners in which paper cup too soft don’t let the cups became guided dou & # 160;Report from our correspondent (reporter liu yi d.) paper cups products with biodegradable, accord with the requirement of green environmental protection, and convenient use, sanitation and get the favour of broad consumer.General administration of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine of recent paper cups products spot check report, the partial products using quality improvement in performance.In addition, some small paper cup production enterprise product quality inspection ability needs to be strengthened.The 42 selectived examination the 7 provinces and municipalities directly under the central government enterprise production of 61 kinds of products, qualified 53 kinds, product sampling percent of pass is 86.9%.According to aqsiq concerns chief introduction, this spot check health indicators according to the GB11680-1989 the food wrapping paper, hygiene standards, the coliform group specified in the standard, all kinds of intestinal pathogenic bacteria and pathogenic bacteria (staphylococcus aureus, hemolytic streptococcus, salmonella, hayes bacteria) are not detected, but there are two products detected fluorescent substances, does not accord with a standard to ask.Spot check showed that product performance quality be improved.This in selectiving examination have 6 kinds of products in the use of performance falls below, there are four kinds of products is unqualified, stiffness of the body of 2 kinds of products is leaking.Stiffness of the body of the unqualified paper cups with the hand holding up very soft, with water or drink after, when they end up serious deformation, even end up affecting the use.And glass of water after pour water leakage or water seepage, this product cannot be used.According to introducing, is the main cause of the unqualified raw materials.Small enterprises to reduce costs, the use of quantitative lower base paper production of paper cups, same weight of base paper produced more the number of paper cups, cost was reduced, of each cup twice with a cup of stiffness of the body.In addition, some paper cups seams in machining process is not fully good adhesion, lead to leakage or water seepage.In selectiving examination, also found that some companies perform standard chaos.Paper cups as early as in 1998 started the implementation of industry standard QB\/T2294-1997 “cups”, health indicators to perform GB11680-1989, food wrapping paper, hygiene standards.In the selective examination found that some small businesses don’t know paper cups and industry standards, developed its own enterprise standards;Some companies use plastic cup standards;Some companies use boxes standards;Some enterprises health indicators to perform the health standard for disposable sanitary products.Different products for the purpose of its use, the control of hygiene standards and the use of performance indicators are also different.Such as GB11680-1989 “the health standard for food packaging paper,” except with microbial indicators for specification, also to heavy metals, fluorescence material and so on all have clear requirements.At present, the paper cup production equipment have all localization, tens of thousands of yuan can invest in a production line, and the equipment cover an area of less, so attracted a large number of small factories.And most of these manufacturers is one or two lines of small enterprises, does not have its own test equipment, can’t do to monitor every batch of products, in product quality problems.So, some small paper cup production enterprises to strengthen product quality inspection ability.Some selective examination unqualified products and enterprises list: Beijing jinri JiTong trade co., LTD., agee cat 250 ml Beijing rich paper products co., LTD., 9 ounces jie li paper products co., LTD. Hangzhou jie li nine ounces of yiwu city oasis paper tableware co., LTD., 12 ounces of Beijing dragon for jia industry economic and trade development co., LTD. Dragon township 7 ounces of bazhou ChaHe set He Tong paper cups factory hard-working ya duck 9 ounce Jin Run to Beijing industry and trade co., LTD., 8 ounces of wuhan jianghan district hong paper cups with workshop 8 oz

2 machine tools will be in aid CIMT2009 shows product of boring milling machine

In exhibition of machine tool of the 11st China International (CIMT2009) go up, jinan limited company of group of 2 machine tools will exhibit linkage of XKV2740 5 axes decides diplodocus door (double dragon door) boring machine of mill of be born of numerical control of milling machine of boring of mobile numerical control and TKS6920 high speed.
5 axes linkage decides PU Injection series diplodocus door (double dragon door) the product of series of PU Injection of heavy-duty numerical control that milling machine of boring of mobile numerical control is development of development of this company proper motion. Its are main the characteristic includes: Configured main shaft of big torque mechanical to regard treatment as the head, basically use at processing the metallic stuff work such as cast-iron, cast steel, alloy steel. This machine tool can install the high accuracy that pair of work have below clip, efficient puissant milling treatment in, complete the treatment of numerical control cutting of workpiece of complex and three-dimensional curved surface. Such not only raised workpiece to be mixed by the precision of treatment face bright and clean degree, the handiwork of the working procedure after still decrease or cancelling is repaired grind, solved thereby should raise manufacturing efficiency to want to rise to be machined again already the difficult problem of workpiece precision. It is reported, this machine tool is the first mechanical of domestic milling machine of boring of numerical control of 5 axes linkage, not only the requirement that satisfied home to make a trade each, and the dependence that cast off congener to abroad product.

Shandong province haze is a mountainous area build labor force new kinetic energy for high-end project

Since this year, a mountainous area development advances haze supply side reform, drive main industry to develop mode transition to upgrade, active harmonious big project as soon as possible be born put into production, build chain filling chain around industrial catenary, accelerate fulfil an industry to enrol business, try every means promotes traditional kinetic energy, breed burgeoning kinetic energy, accelerate promote changeover of new old kinetic energy.

First half of the year, haze is a mountainous area realize gross domestic product (GDP)259.53 100 million yuan, grow 11.2% compared to the same period, county of each district of amplitude house whole town the first, changeover of new old kinetic energy upgrades to bring vitality for economic progress.

Around pillar industry, optimize promotion tradition kinetic energy. Undertake building catenary, filling catenary, strong chain around the industry such as steely, petrifaction, accelerate breed intelligence to make, the burgeoning industry such as biology medicine, contrast target of whole town task, ego pressurization, made GDP year grow 10% , the plan target that industry raises a value to grow 20% . Give aid to pillar industry transition upgrades, product line of product line of project of day steel ESP, big H section, pickling galvanization product line is in banner level of whole nation of course of study of person of the same trade, one pace project is about to build first phase of project of base of steel of hill steel high-quality goods industry of petrifaction of; of put into production is seeking ego to break through ceaselessly, by low end the product develops quickly to direction of careful chemical industry. Predict to grow 10.5% compared to the same period first half of the year, dimensions above industry raises a cost 9.55 billion yuan, grow 17% compared to the same period.

Urge big project construction, labor force new kinetic energy. Big project is productivity, whole this year area carries out priority discipline in all 48, the plan invests twenty-seven billion nine hundred and ninety-five million yuan. To urge priority discipline construction, held line of job of priority discipline of whole area first time to attemper the conference, concentration studies current priority discipline pushs the work, the difficult question that in combing a project to advance, exists 22, fulfil a bag quickly to protect lead and currently hold the post ofan unit. First half of the year, priority discipline whole boosts whole area smoothly, the investment that finish 8.359 billion yuan, current, already 5#ESP of ― of base of high-quality goods of sunshine iron and steel, 3# does not have bridge of fillet steel product line, haze inferior oily treatment and oil are tasted upgrade the construction of 21 projects start working such as the project.

Position of plan future industry, project of high end of attract of deep administrative levels. Rely on advantage of resource of deep water haven and target section of the market advantage, carry on industrial move and advance own innovation, according to the development train of thought of 6 big industries, active “ walks along ”“ to introduce come ” , begin an industry to enrol business hard. Since this year, aim at a country the name, medium name company, go to and other places of rich of Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chongqing, He lustre, Zi to have capital attraction activity early or late. Around industry of steely form a complete set, attract mine of aid steel north is high-powered the project of industrial form a complete set such as magnetic material, negotiate actively with rich of the letter in Jiangsu a batch of “ eat steel to chew; of iron ” project around lumber industry, introduce be born chiliad boat is directional; of structural particieboard project around in bay industrial garden construction, introduce be born project of polysaccharide of sunshine sea La Haizao, china bay operation of aquatic product put into production. First half of the year attract win start the petro-chemical project such as couplet of chemical industry, Guangzhou head or project of industrial form a complete set, change actively with Dong Mingshi, in the industry of domestic and international key such as carbolic the sources of energy takes the lead the enterprise undertakes investing negotiating, introduce a batch of body to measure the project with high content of big, technology hard.

Accelerate construction of garden area form a complete set, build new old kinetic energy to change platform. Plan future develops, perfect infrastructure, layout industry grows, build innovation poineering platform. Combed in the round came 2017 project of civil engineer, water supply, power supply project, heat addition project, sewage disposal, project tubal corridor, village occupied area of garden of haze hill chemical industry 2019 remove with find a place for the area is built wait for detailed list of projects of 7 kinds of big 8 billion yuan of construction. Develop the financing attract ability of state-owned company actively, full-scale development begins form a complete set to build the job. Current, construction of network of road of district of garden of steely form a complete set is rolled out in the round, chemical garden area east the area offers steam, on the west division sewage treatment plant start working construction, fair condominium corridor completes program and work of check the amount, 4 villages dismantle wire of hill steel environmental protection change is finished basically, remove with find a place for working synchronism is advanced.

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About science and technology innovation installs industrial economy to prop up the survey of action to the sea

“ current world, who pulled science and technology to innovate ’ of nose of this ‘ ox, who has walked along science and technology to innovate chess of this pace on the offensive, who can take banner chance, gain an advantage. ” sea installs a county to place innovation of science and technology in core position from beginning to end in recent years, drive of comprehensive executive innovation develops the strategy, force hurried industry lasts healthy and banner development, innovation of science and technology supports action to industrial economy increasingly remarkable.

One, achievement of development of the industry of innovation of Hai Anke ability that prop up strikings.

1. Innovation of science and technology leads industry banner development. 2016, the sea installs dimensions gross value of industrial output, industry to answer duty sale, industry raises a cost 3 big economic norms seize chief in whole town, result of innovation of science and technology cannot do not have: Increase sale of industrial make out an invoice completely 41.6% come from produce learn to grind cooperative project, production value of property of new and high technology occupies the ” of close “ half of country of dimensions industry, gross and occupy than all occupying Nantong town the first.

2. Innovation of science and technology promotes industrial structure to be optimized continuously. The sea brings dimensions industry the promotion of proportion year after year that production value of property of new and high technology and burgeoning property production value hold dimensions industry production value, achieve respectively to the end of 2016 48.58% grow contributive rate to be in to economy with progress of 37.1%; science and technology 60% above, be judged to be complete province first, whole town’s exclusive intellectual property saves construction area demonstrative county by force, obtain batch of China to produce learn to grind cooperative innovation demonstrative base. Provide innovation power most in economy of countrywide county region in 50 strong ranks, hai Anyue resides the 5th.

3. Innovation of science and technology strengthens a business own innovation ability. How does the sea adopt “ man-to-man ” to coach the measure such as the service, increase company of new and high technology to breed strength, devoted intensity raises business research and development apparently, own innovation ability increases significantly, innovation industry group takes shape. The couplet hair spin, spin that open great, east lumber new material builds provincial intelligence workshop in succession, product of day of morning of auroral new energy resources, Jiangsu is maintained to be province head stage (set) product, manage of fast of Fox group, sea holds product line high to become surveyor’s pole of innovation of course of study of domestic person of the same trade, day principle columns of a hall, connect 17 innovation such as embellish enterprise to receive in glory ” of champion of singles of countrywide industry “ , bright group happy event picks morning technology of 2016 year country invents second-class award.

2, the primary experience that the industry of innovation of Hai Anke ability that prop up grows.

1. Strengthen administrative guiding, build innovation environment. The leader takes seriously highly. Hold to a party to an undertaking to catch the first productivity from beginning to end, straighten system of science and technology further, tilt force, capital to assemble of science and technology, build excellent progress platform, breed main body of industry of innovation of science and technology actively, build the innovation atmosphere with whole good society energetically. Policy is driven strong. How does the sea serve as system of innovation of complete province science and technology to reform one of two pilot cities integratedly, government of provincial Party committee, province gives “ 10 policy ”; affection of county of my county base oneself upon excogitates stage “1+7” to carry out opinion and; of policy of form a complete set to establish two family level division starts garden, each division garrison post creates skilled personnel office, form a leader to present as leading role, fluctuation linkage, complete; puts forward a vivid aspect that share 2020, investment of whole society research and development occupies proportion of area total output value to be in 2.9% above, contribution of progress of science and technology leads the cause in 65% above, compose builds the prefectural region economy that is main feature with innovation drive to develop new pattern, walk out of the way that the innovation drive that has local distinguishing feature develops. The activity is advanced solid. Begin mechanism of “ county class to serve innovation of ”“ of travel of industry science and technology to do poineering work to install expert of ”“ Chinese Academy of Sciences to walk into the sea to bring the activity such as ” in the sea deep, have butt joint of many 100 enterprises of more than 200 expert and place early or late, reach tens of cooperative project. Assessment guiding is effective. Execute “ monthly to comment on, quarterly assessment, year seizes a cup of ” to examine a system, increase the assessment weight of index of pair of core of innovation of science and technology, ” of a party to an undertaking of “ of party card of aggrandizement division garrison post catchs “ the responsibility assessment of ” of the first driving force, ensure science and technology innovates policy air plant.

2. Highlight style of proprietor of an enterprise, promote innovation capability. Cultivate innovation industry actively. Entire county is new and high technical company 143, exert oneself of; of front row of the North Jiangsu in gross Jusu breeds ability of a batch of innovation investment of strong, science and technology is large, the gold of sex of innovation of science and technology with strong competition of sufficient, market mixes development reserve strength silver medal enterprise, 2016 gold company enterprise of 20 the home, silver medal 60. Deepen produce learn to grind collaboration. Division garrison post, branch is organized every year produce learn to grind the activity is amounted to hundreds of times, many 500 enterprise and place of 120 colleges courtyard build entire county collaboration concerns, carry out nearly 3 years produce learn to grind cooperative project 672, introduce achievement to change a project 92, pay cooperative funds 370 million yuan, research and development gives domestic head stage to cover a product 50 many, initiate product 120 many. Strategy of executive intellectual property. My county is decided to be demonstrative county of project of strong county of national intellectual property, have the honor to win Chinese patent outstanding award 5, save patent gold prize 1, save patent and outstanding award 4. Current, entire county owns effective invention patent 2220, 10 thousand people invent patent to have a quantity to amount to 25.63.

3. Focusing high end develops, accelerate innovation transition. Breed industry singles champion. Precede according to industry of ability of front row of industry of “ enterprise dimensions, research and development, industry of equipment of high end of product class industry, intelligence sets an example, brand image industry is optimal, energy-saving fall bad news industry is best the target of ” , support 21 keys enterprise to contend for achieve ” of champion of industry “ singles. Current, already had before industry of body of 17 enterprises ascend 3, 3 enterprises are seleted enterprise of champion of individual event of industry of province manufacturing industry, an enterprise is selected save 100 strong innovation company. Make platform of high-end research and development. Hold to “ politics school to build enterprise of bibcock of industrial academy, industry to build look forward to of officer of company of 100 million yuan of enterprise academy, enterprises and new and high technology to build business of industry of platform of research and development, dimensions to build ” of orgnaization of research and development in all in all, cent administrative levels advances platform of research and development to build. Big, Shanghai is handed in south wait for school and my county collaboration to build the industrial academy such as robot, new material in all greatly 7, with me many 100 enterprise began the county to be full of the collaboration of effect. Drive industrial high end to develop. Mix with industry of 4 big dominant 4 big burgeoning industries board piece for the key, breed built demonstrative base of industry of base of property of characteristic of torch of a batch of countries and country, province. Silk crop, polyamide fibber produces per year a quantity, cut fold a mechanical sales volume to take the throughout the country respectively 6% , 12.5% , 12.5% , home market of transformer, lubricious weaving is had rate amount to respectively 8% , 8.5% .

4. Highlight new feature to breed, infuse innovation aftereffect. Breed angel to invest a project. According to “ governmental guiding, society is participated in, the risk is carried in all, the principle that encourages innovation ” , guide investment of business of capital have more than needed to establish angel fund, poineering project of equity investment talent. The target mission that will establish butt joint of project of talent of angel fund, attract and angel fund at the same time implements division garrison post and department, ecbolic a batch of science and technology in small small company. Make carrier of hatch of science and technology. Compose builds “ from achieve a space + hatch implement + the science and technology of accelerator ” does poineering work hatch system, build hatch of enterprise of national level science and technology implement two, hatch of enterprise of provincial science and technology implement, accelerator, numerous achieve a space 5, those who form talent and project is benign and interactive.

5. Highlight a talent to prop up, wide get together innovation person of outstanding ability. Widen the talent introduces channel. Carry out ” of person of outstanding ability of “ sea accept to plan energetically, bring ability orgnaization to build overseas of; of good cooperation relation with market of college courtyard place, talent, major early or late enrol ability to bring wisdom workstation; invites the Chinese Academy of Sciences to wait for controller of place of 50 colleges courtyard to hold the position of innovation poineering political instructor, successive two years of of all kinds talents, “ double achieve group ” attract to count Nantong city the first. Breed high-end talent project. Project of talent of thorough executive high end breeds a project, guide talent of high administrative levels and high-level project to install assemble to the sea. The key bred talent project 2016 24, among them 11 projects sale amounts to 20 million yuan. Optimize a talent to develop an environment. The policy that increases pair of talent attract supports strength, to coming sea “ double start talented person of ” high administrative levels, OK and highest the starting capital that enjoys 5 million yuan, inside 3 years offer the policy such as pay interest in the form of a deduction when selling a bill of exchange of loan of poineering place, bank freely to give aid to, still can enjoy policy of the privilege that buy a house, offer relevant “ one-stop ” serves.

3, when to think what go into business of new normal state installs science and technology to innovate to prop up industrial economy to develop further.

1. Enlarge an advantage, use the good experience that innovation works. Innovation of my county science and technology props up the main experience that industry grows: Science and technology innovates always nurture industry vitality, own innovation ability and innovation of science and technology of; of core competition ability lead comprehensive promotion business industry be on “ to borrow force to develop science and technology of ” drive; to innovate to solve developing effectively to highlight problem; government to send force to ensure innovation development, produce effect better, collect each field force rise, form the resultant force that science and technology innovates, give power of new productivity, development. Should have used with sufficient the successful experience that my county innovation develops, enlarge industry late dominant position, effective guidance is new round of development, the new state that development industry science develops.

2. Comply with general trends, allow domestic and international innovation sequence of thought. Current whole world is new revolution of round of science and technology and industry change to be in be pregnant with, the core strategy; that innovates to already became world main state 18 big since, our country is innovation drive establish the core strategy of development, publish national innovation drive to develop strategic outline early or late, cogent how should the sea of core position —— that places innovation in development overall situation brave the wind and waves, multiply situation and on, grab catch development of long triangle unifinication, “ to be taken all the way belt of economy of ” , the Yangtse River is construction, coastal development, conform the development good luck such as Shanghai, shanghai of positive support by coordinated action builds center of innovation of global science and technology, implement innovation drive strategy deep, promote science and technology the administrative levels of innovation and standard in the round, make the city zone into city of the railroad harbor with main city of portal of ala of Shanghai metropolitan north, innovation.

3. Build platform, form stereo and appropriate innovation environment. What should increase crucial to science and technology progresses and innovating segment is devoted, ensure the stability of 3 funds defray grows science and technology, improve use beneficial result ceaselessly. Establish mechanism of venture capital investment of perfect and new and high technology, build what industry of science and technology of medium and small businesses borrows money to assure fund, capital of society of join forces guiding increases the investment that develops to science and technology, form “ government to throw as soon as possible to guide, business investment gives priority to body, social investment is complement, foreign capital throws the industry of diversity science and technology that is crucial ” to throw a mechanism.

4. Value a handsome appearance, compose builds the innovation team of sustainable progress. Strengthen high administrative levels to innovation talent is introduced and be bred, make innovation talent echelon formation, the study ability that develops innovation to recruit imperative of all kinds talented person mainly, practice ability, innovation ability. Perfect system of each social security further, reform science and technology rewards policy, bring brainpower “ into play double the initiative that starts ” .

5. Aggrandizement serves, reinforce the innovation change of governmental function. Combine the need that innovation admits, the government is better produce effect, aggrandizement serves, improve efficiency, utmost ground conformity and optimize resource of prefectural region science and technology, the effective combination linkage of each element in realizing system of prefectural region innovation to build. Perfect the innovation policy of form a complete set. Serious research makes talent policy, science and technology devoted policy, produce learn to grind to combine policy, project to drive the; such as policy to build the evaluation that suits prefectural region science and technology to systematic; is developed energetically and develop technical market, build perfect the advanced experience that all sorts of technical intermediary orgnaizations and technical exchange; publicize innovation drive to develop energetically and advanced character, the social atmosphere that builds talent of esteem knowledge, esteem, scientific civilization.

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How to create the workshop environment that appropriate machine tool works?

In last ” what demand does the machine tool have to the environment? ” (small beacon problem is: ” the machine tool is so valuable, the environment cannot be differred! Both hands is acted according to on manual of machine tool environment and summer maintain strategy! ” ) after one article is rolled out, enthusiastic netizen leaves a message below public date express, the particular environment that needs to machine tool place in article, especially the environment of machine tool use manufacturer asks to state too simple, the hope is opposite besides understanding machine tool outside environmental requirement, return can detailed introduction how to achieve this kind of requirement. Thank the proposal that this netizen offers! Small make up rolled out after arranging a data seriously ” the environment with machine tool what kind of need ” the 2nd play ” the workshop environment that how creates job of appropriate machine tool ” , the hope is right pink of broad machine tool people help somewhat.

In ” what demand does the machine tool have to the environment? ” mention in one article, no matter be use manufacturer of manufacturer of machine tool production or machine tool, need to take quality of environmental temperature, humidity and air seriously. To machine tool use manufacturer, temperature of generally speaking environment wants under 30 photograph show degree, opposite temperature should is less than 80% , avoid overmuch dust and caustic gas as far as possible at the same time the influence to the machine tool. (Note: Do not do here discuss, undertake adjustment according to manufacturer manual please. ) these index can undertake detecting through simple instrument, be like thermometer, hygroscopic etc, general workshop can be deployed.

So how to achieve these index to ask? As a whole, want to hold the ventilated take a breath that produces a workshop, workshop environment wants span is reasonable between open, machine and machine. (These index production manufacturer can give a particular numerical value, the person that use is referenced can. ) below for the key spendable method.

Generally speaking, machine tool besides put in shady and ventilated place, undertake modulatory through a few special device even, in order to achieve proper ambient conditions. Say to drop in temperature first problem. Drop in temperature the form has two kinds, local drop in temperature with whole. Commonly used equipment has fan of fan, air conditioning, negative pressure, cold fan to wait a moment.

Fan rotates through machinery make wind, quicken air to flow, achieve the result that drop in temperature thereby. The advantage is energy-saving environmental protection, installation simple, price is low. The fan that has air cooling function can achieve those who compare beautiful to drop in temperature the effect. Defect is to drop in temperature the effect is finite, do not have improvement to dust and humidity, individual machine is very inaccessible the effect that large area drops in temperature.

Air conditioning drops in temperature. It is idealer that air conditioning drops in temperature drop in temperature means, its effect is good, the function is much, and have improvement to humidity and empty temperamental quantity action. Air conditioning is OK and local installation, OK also integral installation. But expend report quite relatively, cost is higher also.

Negative pressure fan is OK and rapid the high temperature workshop cohesion collect is fuggy air eduction workshop, let airiness achieve the result that nature of ventilated take a breath drops in temperature. General installation is in wall or on the window, it suits workshop area big, employee is much, the environment with workshop whole bad airiness, apply to whole to drop in temperature.

Air cooling chance became much the function of refrigeration, installation is passed on the window after wet shade dropping in temperature to have the fresh air outdoor dropping in temperature inside airframe, send a workshop air cooling inside, this method can increase the air inside the workshop fresh spend and ambient air contains oxygen to measure, raise the rate of the airiness inside the workshop. Additional, machine of partial air cooling also can send wind conduit equipment through increasing, achieve local drop in temperature, remove dust, limits goes the purpose of peculiar smell.

Above drops in temperature means can create good environmental temperature for the machine tool. Those who need an attention is, the enterprise should have logical choice according to machine tool type, the machine tool that if get air stream easily,affects is unsuited choose fan to wait drop in temperature means. So environmental thermoregulation is good, how should be problem of humidity and air quality solved again? Look downward please.

The problem of humidity often is mixed drop in temperature can solve together. If use common practice of air conditioning, negative pressure,wait to be able to reduce workshop air humidity. Can mix except equipment so drop in temperature equipment complement installation. If have higher demand to humidity, also can install alone except (add) the equipment such as wet machine.

The machine tool can make sure dirt is less basically in open and ventilated environment, and machine of fan, air cooling it is certain to also can be achieved remove dust the effect. But the dirt of the generation in treatment, useless bits often relies on these methods to eradicate hard, still need to provide corresponding professional facility so. At present on market remove dust equipment can be divided roughly remove dust for machinery, filter remove dust, electrostatic remove dust, catharsis type removes dust etc, also those who be aimed at whole workshop remove dust purify a solution. Common treatment company can be deployed according to his machine tool type remove dust off-the-pegly equipment, if discharge bit machine, dust catcher,wait.

Small the practice knowledge that makes up pair of machine tools still is deficient in somewhat, may exist to state not not comprehensive, deep place to professional domain knowledge. Here, small make up also hope the trade public figure of know the business can leave a message actively point out small the inadequacy that make up, and small make up one case, let the platform that net of machine tool business affairs faces trade public figure this become more perfect! Additional, that enthusiastic netizen that leave a message returns to table a proposal, the hope maintains to summer machine tool have more detailed introduction, as a result of limited space, small make up will be in ” what demand does the machine tool have to the environment? ” look of inside Shanghaiguan of photograph of the 3rd introduction in playing, welcome everybody to continue to pay close attention to net of machine tool business affairs!

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