Gree a raise is manufacturing industries do not leave behind the situation of talent

Recently, the gree company issued a statement, internal statement called the and grassroots employees enjoy the achievement of the development of the company, the company decided to: according to the combination of 1000 yuan per month per person, based on employee performance, post for a raise.This means that can be calculated by gree is currently more than 80000 employees, the raise after gree will increase the staff costs nearly 1 billion yuan every year.Even if is a gree dimension, this also is not a small number.Moreover, the statement is a very interesting and it is worth noting that word & ndash;& ndash;& other;According to the performance, post give employees a raise & throughout;.That is to say, unlike ordinary raises, the increase is conditional, division of labor according to the employee’s work allocation and performance evaluation.So, now that is a raise, why limit?I think such a raise for gree is supposed to be a no.Because the salary and reward employees not only the intention, & other;Keep people & throughout;Gree is really want to do.One year later again raise the gree enterprise salary is a very normal thing, earnings growth employees salary nature with a rising tide lifts all boats.But some freak raises gree, because this is not the gree a raise for the first time in years.In December 2016, gree electric appliances rose 1000 yuan a month to all personnel, and is based on the existing monthly wages, each every months 1000 yuan.Scope is in full 3 months of the employees (except for special meeting paid staff).Is not only a pay rise, ms dong has also promised to send staff to send room car.In February 2017, ms dong said in an interview with the media, to make each a gree employees enjoy the two rooms one hall.Gree at the zhuhai started more than 3000 sets of & other;Two rooms one hall & throughout;, the purpose is to let each employee to live and work in peace and contentment, need not hard for a house for a lifetime.Dong mingzhu said: & other;Two rooms one hall, the most basic.When you have higher income, you have tens of millions of income to buy a home, can also go to.When you don’t go, here, the house will belong to you.Throughout the &;A raise and send room, many people admire, the heart say gree really rich!But rich company also won’t again disorderly spend money, this has been a raise for room gree why give employees a raise again?Behind the refraction of gree’s huge loss of talents., gree will be poached each year more than 600 people, and most are technical talent, is after 5 to 10 years of training, these precious talent can be said to be the gree work, very not easy cultivated can contribute to the enterprise, suddenly get poached, such losses are huge.Dong mingzhu himself once told the media said angrily, gree door every day there are other headhunters to dig.Once an enterprise guodian to zhuhai gree, angry will dong mingzhu, gree will send someone to make a meal, driven away to the other party.The brain drain is dong mingzhu unacceptable, also cannot be accepted by the gree.It would not have been so crazy give employees a raise, though not necessarily forever, but for now gree employees at least benefit.But as the behemoth of the manufacturing & ndash;& ndash;Gree of a large number of brain drain, and other small businesses.Do not leave the manufacturing as a matter of fact, the brain drain is not just a gree, many manufacturing enterprises are facing the shortage of talent, staff stability is worse and worse, the present situation of the liquidity is more and more strong.& other;Do not leave people & throughout;Has evolved into the problem of the whole industry.According to a particular manufacturing industry executives said their companies in the industrial zone in general factory every eight or nine months will be in a group of people, their welfare treatment is good, but the staff working time is more than a year on average.Imagine, eight or nine months in a group of people, where the core staff and skilled employees.Most people just familiar with the post results left again, not in a group of new employees to develop, keep circulating.As a result, not only took the time, energy and financial resources of the enterprise, also can guarantee the stability of the production and the quality of the products.One could argue why don’t these companies like gree pour a wage increase.In fact not all companies are like gree has strong profitability, small manufacturing enterprises must consider its own profit.Under the situation of domestic manufacturing industry overall downward, such as dongguan and other places of manufacturing enterprises are faced with the problem of falling profits.Companies are making money, take what to give employees a raise.And even if a lot of enterprises is a pay raise, brain drain is also has not been improved greatly.In a word, manufacturing & other;Do not leave people & throughout;Is a serious problem.Can use crazy physique, like the gree company improve staff wages material benefits to retain employees, but this method does not apply to all enterprises.For now, alone enterprise is unable to solve this problem, it is impossible to solve good.Must be enterprise, government and society all parties mutual coordination and work together to jointly take measures can be solved.(this article is provided by China machine tool business original, reproduced this website articles, subject to a written authorization.)

Tool technology is the important factor affecting the development of mechanical manufacturing

Cutting tool, a very important part of the equipment manufacturing industry, is used for cutting tools in mechanical manufacturing, also known as the cutting tool.Due to the cutting tools used in machinery manufacturing basically is used for cutting metal materials, so & other;Tool & throughout;The term is understood as metal cutting tools.Cutting wood cutting tool is called the woodworking cutting tools.And special application of cutting tools, used in geological exploration, drilling, drilling in mines, known as the mining tool.Cutting tool machining process system is the most active, the most basic important factors.In the machine tool industry in foreign countries, and there was a saying & ndash;& ndash;& other;Companies throughout the dividend on the blade &;So important position in the development of cutting tool in the machine tool industry.In fact, according to the machining tool patent analysis report, according to the current machining accounted for about 90% of all mechanical processing work.It can be said that the machining in the 21st century is still the dominant of machinery manufacturing processing method.And as the basis of important in machining technology and equipment, cutting tool technology for the development of modern manufacturing plays a vital role.At present, the technology of the cutting tool in the automotive, aerospace, energy, military, mold and other modern machinery manufacturing sector plays a more and more important role.Efficient advanced cutting tool can obviously improve the efficiency of processing, the production cost reduced by 10% ~ 15%.Tool directly determines the quality of the production level of machinery manufacture industry, but also manufacturing efficiency and product quality is the most important factors.And with the development of the machine tool industry present situation, more functional machine is machine tool industry the future & other;The main army & throughout;.Multi functional machine means that a machine can realize cars, milling, drilling, grinding 4 functions, to save time, improve efficiency, changed the traditional turning processing and the limitation of the machining center.Due to reduced the number of tool change, then improve the production efficiency.The machine tool cutting tools and cutting tools technology becomes more important.In view of the crucial role of cutting tool technology in machine tool industry status and development of cutting tool technology is particularly important.For now, China’s tool industry products consumption level is low, low product added value and efficient advanced tool import dependence is strong, weak competitiveness in the international market, therefore, improve the innovation ability, and the development of technology, the enhancement enterprise competitiveness is imperative in the development of the cutting tool industry in China.(this article is provided by China machine tool business original, reproduced this website articles, subject to a written authorization.)

Unity is strength development of machine tool castings industry is worth looking forward to 2018

As the equipment manufacturing industry & otherIndustrial machine tool & throughout;, the development of machine tools has been attracting the attention of people in the manufacturing industry, almost all of the metal cutting and manufacturing needs to be done by machine, especially as the demand of the aerospace and other fields in recent years, the development of high-end CNC machine tools has become the & other;Focus on the object & throughout;.In recent years, China’s machine tool machine output and consumption are ranked among the top of the world.Especially in 2017, under the influence of all kinds of good policy, China’s machine tool industry began to return to the market, which also led to machine the casting industry and the development of the upstream industry, such as iron and steel industry.According to statistics, in 2017 2 ~ 10 months the metal cutting machine tool production for 645000 units, up 7.3% from a year earlier.And the development of steel industry in 2017 is obvious to all, from the various & other;Price & throughout;It can be seen.In the same way, the machine tool castings market demand by the machine tool industry, also presented restorative growth, although the insufficiency of order still exist, but compared to 2017, this year’s situation is very optimistic.For China’s machine tool castings, 2017 Angle due to the environmental protection and so on various factors, there are quite a number of scattered, disorder and poor foundry enterprises were shut down.According to the China foundry association of machine tool castings branch, according to a survey of 15 machine tool foundry enterprises industry overall situation is still serious.Although the output of 2017 have rebounded, but there are gaps compared to its capacity.Last year in many areas, especially around Beijing and Yangtze river delta region of the eia, environmental protection falls below a large number of small and medium-sized foundry enterprises shut down, other foundry enterprises according to the implementation of peak production season, also for the excess production capacity has the very big relief.Production is expected in 2017 China casting a slight increase from 47.2 million tons in 2016.Relative to other machinery manufacturing industry, foundry industry energy consumption and pollution levels are relatively high.As the public’s environmental protection consciousness gradually strengthened, the state environmental protection laws and regulations also puts forward more strict requirements on environmental protection, on July 31, 2017, China foundry association issued “atmospheric pollutant emission limits in foundry industry”, the standard on October 1, 2017 implementation, for the foundry enterprises provides theory basis for energy conservation and emissions reduction, environmental governance.It also will urge the scale of machine tool castings production enterprises to improve energy conservation and emissions reduction and environmental management efforts, began to develop in the direction of healthy competition.Rising raw material prices, for machine tool casting industry in China has been a very headache problem, machine tool foundry enterprises the same as the other foundry enterprises, the main raw materials for production and operation of pig iron, scrap steel, such as resin, curing agent, the fluctuations of raw material prices have a certain influence on enterprise’s main product sales price, this also is affected, so as to make the machine price that some enterprises have difficulty in machine tool sales occur.In September 2017, in order to realize the sustainable development of China foundry association with ningxia Shared group led by the national center for intelligent casting industry innovation alliance intelligence casting industry in China, building & other;Internet + double gen + smart green casting & throughout;Industrial ecology, to enhance the overall competitiveness of the foundry industry in China.Not only such, cast in association with China united certification make joint published the foundry enterprises quality management system certification requirements group standards, the company won praise widely.In 2018, for machine tool casting industry, the most serious problems or environmental protection, raw materials and safety.& other;Revolution has not yet been successful, comrades still need efforts throughout the &;, I believe that through the tireless efforts of all the people in the industry, unity is strength, certainly can achieve better development in 2018.(this article is provided by China machine tool business original, reproduced this website articles, subject to a written authorization.)

Metal-cutting machine tools in China and accelerates the development of the industrial robot in period

In the first half of this year the overall recovery, China’s manufacturing industry intelligent upgrade continues to advance, maintain high sentiment robots and automation equipment.National bureau of statistics data show that between January and June domestic industrial robot cumulative production of 59000 units, up 52% year on year, in June, year-on-year growth is 61%, among the top of the various types of industrial products.June 1 – metal cutting machine tool cumulative output of 400000 units, up 8.7% from a year earlier.
& have spentAccelerates the development of metal cutting machine tool industry in period of
& have spentMetal cutting machine tools is the most widely used, the largest number of categories.From 2016 to present the warming of the wave machine tool market demand, rising metal cutting machine tool industry in our country in the scale of production capacity.As the automobile and parts, aerospace, mold, railway transportation equipment, engineering machinery, and other various types of equipment manufacturing industry production scale expansion and the formation of the global industry transfer trend, the strong demand for multi-level machine tool products and related industry, metal cutting machine tool manufacturing industry in China is developing in the acceleration period.
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accelerates the development of metal cutting machine tool industry in & have spentForward-looking industry research institute, points out that in countries introduced a series of policy intensive environment, driven by strong demand in the domestic market, metal cutting machine tool industry recovery capacity is obvious in our country, the continuous production to achieve positive growth in June, composite products in intelligence, high speed, and motors, multi-axis, etc, also made significant progress, in our country from the manufacturer to make strong based support plays an important role in the process.
& have spentUshered in the golden period of the development of the industrial robot
& have spentIn recent years, our country to promote transformation and upgrading of manufacturing, industrial robot production, large-scale manufacturing enterprises use of industrial robots, improve the manufacturing level and efficiency, on the basis of this, manufacturing to continue the introduction of cutting-edge technology of artificial intelligence, make the manufacturing to intelligent manufacturing.Meanwhile, more cutting-edge technology, such as visual perception, big data and cloud computing are also beginning to timely & artificial intelligence technologies such as otherFollow up & throughout;, the technology integration is to create the more profound industrial revolution.Which is the transformation and upgrading of manufacturing to meet the scene, that is, from automatic to intelligent, 4.0 on the German industry.
& have spent

industrial robots production surge & have spentNow with the artificial intelligence technology standards, business applications, product data, and collaboration as a whole to promote industrial upgrading, industrial robots ushered in the golden period of development.Manufacturing is with the aid of this emerging technology, artificial intelligence from automatic gradually to the intelligent transformation.Industrial robot as & other;Pearl on the crown of manufacturing & throughout;Gradually, in the process of manufacturing industry development in our country reflects its value.
& have spentIndustrial robot application market, and has also attracted the dalian machine tool, a large number of huazhong nc enterprises settled in guangdong industrial robot, also the industrial robot market in China to a new height.
& have spentFinally, small make up want to say is, as to the field of industrial robots and metal cutting technology innovation level unceasing enhancement, actively cultivate high-skilled personnel to master the latest processing method is crucial, cannot neglect. (this article is provided by Chinese machine tool business original, reproduced please indicate the source link.)

The broaching machine industry transformation in the development of our country should be firmly grasp the development and technology

作为一种高效率、适宜大批量零件加工的金属切削加工设备,拉床主要应用于汽车、摩托车、农机、航空及工程机械等行业。虽然在金属切削机床中其比例目前仅为0.8%~1%,但由于其加工尺寸和形状位置精度高、操作维修方便、加工成本低且易实现自动化,拉床的应用范围日益广泛,其工艺范围也由一般的内孔和平面拉削扩展到较复杂的型面加工。  一、拉削技术需加快发展进度  据了解,拉削一道工序就完全可以取代传统的铣、磨、刨三道工序,但是由于国内拉削技术发展缓慢,也没能得到较好推广,拉削机床在金切机床中一直处于非主流地位。因此,我国拉床行业进一步发展需要紧牢抓研发和技术。立式上拉式内拉床  这些差距具体表现在,首先是产品设计手段落后,产品技术储备差。我国拉床设计基本上仍采用传统的手工经验计算和类比法,速度慢且易出差错,影响了新产品开发进度和产品质量,而一些厂家又满足于现有市场,缺少使用一代、研制一代、开发一代的长远战略目标,自行开发能力差。  其次,拉床的整体结构、辅助装置、通用配套件等仍停留在普通的设计制造加工水平上,缺乏独立先进的科学设计、制造、售后技术服务能力。而受国内数控、电气、液压、气动、冷却等配套元器件的制约,拉床的功能复合化和自动化水平也比较低。  此外,部分产品结构设计不合理,材料及热处理使用不当,检测手段不完善等,也直接影响着拉床本身的几何精度及加工精度。  二、研发步伐须加快  有业内人士表示,相比已跻身于国际前沿的机床行业,特别是钻镗类加工中心,我国的拉床制造仍处于世界二、三流水平。随着汽车等制造行业的竞争日益激烈,其对拉床的精度、效率、柔性、可靠性、通用性、环保性等的要求也越来越高。  显然,国内企业的脚步也在加快,在保证配套零件的精度及表面粗糙度的基础上,不断提高工效。  (原标题:我国拉床行业进一步发展需牢抓研发和技术) (来源:长沙思胜智能设备有限公司)