Wuxi binhu district government service enterprises from the “government catering” change order “enterprise”

how can give accurate service, fundamentally for enterprise & otherEnquiring & throughout;?How to market vigor & other;Multiplication & throughout;Stimulate the enterprise benefit & otherAddition & throughout;?Yesterday morning, jiangsu Wuxi binhu district district Chen Xilun tied into the enterprise Wuxi Best Precision Machinery Co., Ltd, to make & other;The masses, enterprises have a warm heart look forward, cadres have strength & throughout;As the goal, launch & other;Defiled the prosperous common people strong, union enterprise area & throughout;Visit, for the enterprise development difficult to melancholy.

as the beginning of the year just devoted himself to the new force of the capital market, best equipped with CNC CNC integrated machine more than 100 sets, with annual output of five hundred thousand sets of various types of chassis shell and the large processing line technology and equipment of turnkey project contracting capacity, imported Italian COORD3 series three coordinate measuring machine, the British Taylor roundness instrument, roughness meter etc., as for the product to provide first-class detection means of industry leading enterprises.& other;We always adhere to the forefront, has built high degree of intelligent, using intelligent robot, automatic production line, along with supporting the use of imported precision processing, testing equipment, make the enterprise production level up a new step.Throughout the &;The company’s chairman cao yu hua to Chen Xilun introduces the development of the company, he thought how to successfully from listed companies this & other;Inflection point & throughout;And expand more new business, is that they present & otherThe focus throughout the &;.

in the context of the global economy downward, a steady stream of orders come from?& other;We will strive to build this year big platform of civil-military integration, to promote the great development of domestic enterprises.Throughout the &;In the face of firm growth & otherTrouble & throughout;, Chen Xilun think, open & other;Technology market & throughout;Is increased technical achievement commercialization channels, he revealed the lakeside to & other;Science and technology major market throughout the &;Model, build cooperation between research institutions and enterprises & other;Bridge & throughout;, help more enterprise channels to find partners.

& other;Lakeside has more than 20 scientific research units, at present we have investigated a baseline of these units, the next will be held in seminars and other forms, these two forces will be gathered, promote the privatization of military production.Throughout the &;In Chen Xilun view, be a good for enterprise services & otherThe bartender & throughout;To enterprise & other;Order & throughout;After the government & other;Order & throughout;.Next, he says, lakeside will further intensify efforts to give more credit enterprise & other;Package & throughout;& other, truly, truly, for enterprise’s development;Gas & throughout;.This word makes more confident cao yu hua, he offered to further boost confidence, take the initiative to grasp the opportunity, dig entrepreneurial potential, to improve enterprise core competitive ability, working hard to blaze a new path of development.

For manufacturing, what is most needed in the future talent?

2 14, the ministry of education, the ministry of human resources and social security, the ministry of industry and information technology jointly issued “manufacturing talent development planning guide” (hereinafter referred to as the “guidelines”), time cause the extensive concern of the society for engineering education.

in the guide, the most notable for its list & other;Manufacturing the ten key areas throughout talent demand forecasting &;.In the forecast, a new generation of information technology industry, high-end CNC machine tools and robotics, aerospace equipment, Marine engineering equipment and high technology, advanced shipping rail transportation equipment, energy saving and new energy vehicles, electric power equipment, agricultural machinery and equipment, new materials, biological medicine and high-performance medical apparatus and instruments such as 10 on the list.

according to the guide, to

, a new generation of information technology industry, electric power equipment, new materials, high-grade CNC machine tools and robots will become the largest several professional talent gap, including a new generation of information technology industry talent gap will reach 7.5 million people.By 2025, a new generation of information technology industry talent gap will reach 9.5 million people, talent gap of electric power equipment also will reach 9.09 million people.

, puts forward the guide, to guide this specialized subject enrollment plan of colleges and universities to manufacturing related tilt of the top ten key areas, expanding manufacturing major basic research, major scientific research direction of doctoral graduate education scale, improve the key areas of professional degree graduate education.In addition to the 10,

also pointed out that the guide around & other;Throughout the four base &;Construction, intelligent manufacturing, & other;Internet + manufacturing & throughout;In areas such as, cultivating advanced design, key technology, materials, digital modeling and simulation, industrial control and automation, industrial services in the cloud and big data use and other aspects of professional and technical personnel.

, tianjin university precision instrument and photoelectron qiu-bo Yang, vice President of the college of engineering, said the current rapid development of big data, Internet of things, artificial intelligence, network security, health, and other areas of the new economy have talent shortage.

& other;For photons and quantum chip, brain science and intelligent technology, genome health technology frontier cross and future technologies such as personnel training has not been received enough attention.Throughout the &;Qiu-bo Yang said.

qiu-bo Yang believes that as more & other;AlphaGo”The emergence of the future of engineering technical personnel need to apply now has not yet appeared technology, to solve the problems is not.& other;Revolution of science and technology change the education content, the information revolution change education mode, engineering education must take the initiative to adapt to, to help the engineers of the future construction meet the requirements of The Times mode of thinking and knowledge structure, and pay more attention to cultivate the innovative ability.Throughout the &;

therefore, qiu-bo Yang pointed out that must speed up the construction and development & other;The new engineering & throughout;, and cultivate new economy in urgent need of talented person, layout ahead of cultivating talents, leading the future for the development of technology and industry upgrade to traditional engineering courese.