Let presswork the industry is built on the train of new spending

Our country consumes the contribution to GDP to already was controlled in 2/3, all sorts of consumable make the cake that does bigger more together, we imprint course of study can be divided feed.
And new generation second the youth presents an a few new spending idea. For instance they are satisfied at older generation no longer the consumption that basic material lives, and elevate spirit the level. They stress consumptive feeling, experience. They more the individuation that ego of make public of be fond of is used to, custom-built change consumption. They also be fond of participates in a gender, the consumption that him part starts work.
We imprint course of study should understand these change, seeks an opportunity from which. Especially individuation, custom-built the consumption that change, pressworking to agree with our alterable data number. Suit participate in a gender, oneself start work, we can consider to make semi-manufactured goods. Cooperate the custom that they experience, we can consider a few already designed on the spot oneself by them, the simple product that our spot makes is waited a moment.

Waste paper is ecbolic add of wrapping paper price goes up, other paper is tasted be faced with aggravate of competition of supply and demand

1, macroscopical level
International oil price passes the perch by April dish after rectifying, innovated again on May 4 tall, highest had poured 70 dollars / bucket.
National statistic bureau announces manufacturing industry PMI was recorded in April 51.4, relatively on the moon is small fall 0.1 percent.
Came 4 days on May 3, sino-US both sides holds negotiation with respect to classics trade problem in Beijing. Both sides undertook around the problem of collective care straight-out, efficient, rich constructive discussion, exchanged an opinion adequately on a few serious problems, a few consensus were reached in some domains.
2, raw material cost
1.  Coal: At the beginning of May, look forward to of bottom of dynamical coal price is firm, but continue to show bottom trait, price of 5500 kilocalorie coal is in 587 yuan / ton level.
2.  Oar of merchandise on hand: Enter oar price continued to maintain steady pattern in May, somewhat 50 yuan / ton next v show, needle leaf oar is in 6700 yuan / ton, broad leaf oar is in 5800 yuan / ton level, outside May dish maintain basically also in April level, 5-6 month beforehand appraise maintains existing pattern basically. The yield of factory of oar of a few broad leaves of domestic can utilization rate is in 82% the left and right sides, drop somewhat than April.
3.  Outside dish oar: In Brazil, Indonesian April broadness foliaceous oar has rise 10-20 dollar / ton on the foundation, outside May dish relative stability, integral newspaper is at present smooth.
3, paper industry head
1.  Make eleventh approve list of entrance waste paper to announce, 26 paper mills are obtained batch, total approve measures one million three hundred and forty-seven thousand and sixty-seven tons, guangzhou paper mill and industry of China peaceful paper serve asNewspaperManufacturing company becomes a key to patronize a business. From recently circumstance of 5 batches of give an official looks, basic it is to maintain be in 200 tons / lunar level.
2.  Enter waste paper price continued to move in May, suffer cost drive effect, Wrapping paperRise in price case frequency goes out, of size paper mill go up thick and fast case forms scarcely determinism to current muddleheaded market. But culture paper andWhite paperboardThe market is relatively troubled, trafficker low competes somewhat aggravate.
3.  Dispatch of customs total office, carry out risk early-warning to superintend to importing American trash raw material since May 4, carry out 100% box to coming from trash raw material of the United States, 100% draw out box to examine quarantine.
4.  On April 23, constant installs a group to sign investment agreement, formal with subscribe of 11.66 million euro fragrance oar issues capital stock to make an appointment with the share of 36.46% , become the stockholder with Finnish pulp the largest mill, development of Heng Anye Wu has expanded sadly upriver pulp mill.
5.  Liaoning will be started fulfil in the round " Liaoning province used Miscellaneous Leaflet to be depended on lawfully 2018 compasses drive backward produce can quit working program " , papermaking course of study is labelled to discharge check one of keys, 4-11 month can make oar papermaking enterprise form an influence to this area.
6.  March the world 20 basically produce oar country sales volume of chemical commodity oar grows 2.4% compared to the same period; 2018 shipment measures heighten first quarter 0.3% . Oar factory stocks kept balance in March for 37 days () of standard computation means, cork oar stability maintains in 31 days, hardwood oar increases 1 day, for 43 days.
7.  Industry of paper of Jing Xing of —— of enterprise of wrapping paper bibcock predicts profit of half year net profit changed compared to the same period 2018 – 15% to 6% , this data shows, the limitation that forehead of entrance waste paper spends brings about a country to abandon the price to rise ceaselessly, already created the cogent cost pressure of relevant papermaking enterprise.
8.  In April the last ten-day of a month, half an year of last a period of time is much, huataiji is round product line of one culture paper changes 11 workshops successfully to create wrapping paper product line and throw production.
4, prices is monitored

“Two duty ” carry out pair of plastic enterprises to affect geometry

From April since, companion begins to collect as environmental protection duty and value added tax will reduce the message spread of 1% , the change of policy also arouses acuteness echo inside course of study, so two duty of “ of ” carry out, what kind of effect can you produce to plastic industry after all?
Above all for environmental protection duty, ” environmental protection tax law ” 2018 the beginning of the year is carried out, the regulation in tax law, environmental protection duty is declared by the quarter, environmental protection duty greeted first to ask for in April period. “ expends ” to change the purpose with “ duty the mainest ” is not to get finance income, build much platoon of enterprise of a “ to pay tax more however, little platoon is little pay tax the mechanism of ” , force through rigid taxation transition of company of tall pollution, high-energy cost upgrades. Be opposite as the country in recent years the attention of environmental protection, enterprise aborning is answered actively to each requirement of environmental protection, the it is better to normative sex to carry out polyolefin trade impact of environmental protection duty is not at present big, so the expropriation because of environmental protection duty can raise company cost considerably, then marry again arrives the view of the product does not hold water.
From value added tax for, rose on May 1, 2018, wait for manufacturing industry tax rate of industry value added tax from 17% fall to 16% , traffic is carried, the tax rate of value added tax of the goods such as industry and the produce such as Wu of be convinced of report of building, foundation from 11% fall to 10% . Value added tax is reduced 1% , to polyolefin product ton for the product that valence controls about 10 thousand yuan, every tons have 100 yuan or so about according to difference of different price of value added tax.
Early days was reduced in value added tax April, market action is shown gradually, be based on the change of value added tax, venture of money of market store up is reduced relatively, be based on home overhauled concentration May, crop decreases, market bottom props up more sufficient anticipation, partial middleman meets comfortable price supply of goods purchases stock, the plan comes May shipment, there will be 100 yuan when those / or so tons agile operation space, and the bottom that follow a month draws near, partial businessman quote begins to appear that month make out an invoice and the price that make out an invoice differred twice in May.
Integrated and character, the expropriation of environmental protection duty reachs prices to change to trade cost influence not quite, but value added tax is reduced 1% in tax rate change has sex period the market has a part to operate a circumstance to appear neatly, supply of goods of the link on the circumstance that store up goods released in May in April or certain level is supplied slant tight situation, and in trend prices, be based on current and plastic supply and demand to contradict to be highlighted stage by stage, value added tax is reduced 1% , will have certain inhibition to plastic price.

Make peace of Sino-US trade war, pack presswork it is good to wait for an industry to receive 6 great benefits

[ChinaPack pressworkNews of industrial net home (graph)]

On May 20, 2018 early in the morning, a profit is good the good news of personage of 80 million manufacturing industry is transmitted, sino-US get benefit to avoid father in law of sandpiper mussel conflicting, fishing, allow one condition finally each! Just like two unique ace, since who also conquer not the other side, be inferior to handclasp make peace.
Jade objects and silk fabrics of an arms melt into, the asphyxial to be being upsurged be twined so that be about by raw material print that pack and because be conducted hard,suffer industry of water of sufferring electric business, electric equipment, electron, food, beverage, wine for, it is the sky falls undoubtedly timely rain.
About the Sino-US combination statement that just publishs, believe you bag is close people had understood thoroughly therein intendment, small make up unscramble no longer, but for the packing print to China, have at least the following 6 big profit are good:
   Base paper price considerably callback
Respect of raw material price, because early days is excessive,acclaim beauty of Sino-US trade war to abandon suffer bounds effect, bring about domestic waste paper and plastic raw material to soare. Waste paper of home of not long ago once achieved 3900 yuan / ton breathtaking perch, but high grade United States OCC is mere 70 dollars / ton. When the river rises the boat goes up too, bring about home to pack house of base paper price not to fall high. Current, chinese homeWrapping paperThe price is controlled in 5000 yuan, and the FOB that abroad is the same as type product is mere 2500-3000 yuan, appeared to fall badly hang.
On the other hand, the downstream user that pack because cannot cost of marry again raw material, can presswork to packing only the enterprise is applied forcibly pressure, bring about home pack presswork enterprise both ends suffers extruding, the form is be between the beetle and the block. Remove as the alarm of Sino-US trade war, the high grade beauty that exceeds low in great quantities is useless enter China, paper value hopeful considerably callback, pack presswork the enterprise is obtained eventually breath good chance.
   Export order hopeful lives firmly
China and United States are one completely complementary model the market, the United States exports many high-tech product, the labor such as cap of the dress that purchases day of amount, shoe, electron, electric equipment, mobile phone is concentrated model product, and China is apropos perfect and as complementary as the United States. Sino-US reach compromise, will very the stability that is helpful for 500 billion dollar be being exported to the United States.
To exit treatment industry of China, mean a large number of is in in suspicious uneasiness to prepare to run in the hand that the order of the road will return him afresh, also very profit is good serve as form a complete set pack presswork industry.
   Cheap the sources of energy is helpful for reducing production cost
For the Russia oil that imports in great quantities relative to China and natural gas, american shale oil and natural gas want high grade and cheap much, and American pays attention to contracted spirit, do not do backside disclose knives. This will be helpful for reducing the energy cost of Chinese manufacturing industry.
At present, china lives to defend green hill green water, reaching to papermaking pack presswork wait for manufacturing industry to undertake natural gas transform. But because import channel to suffer,be restricted, appeared for a time last year gas barren, bring about cost increase sharply, manufacturing halt. If had beautiful oil and the safeguard that the United States enrages, will reduce industry burden greatly, ensure those who supply is stable.
   Be helpful for packing presswork to be made to intelligence upgrade
Current, the print that pack is pressworking to the number, intelligent production transition upgrades, but as a result of the Chinese deficiency in core technology respect, the advanced number that needs to import the United States in great quantities pressworks wait for advanced equipment. According to the agreement, the equipment custom duty that imports from the United States will be reduced greatly, those who be helpful for the complementary makings such as the facility that reduces the print that pack, fittings and digital printing ink purchase cost.
   Be helpful for the stability of obtain employment
If Sino-US trade war leaves really,hit, face not affirmatory investment climate, occurrence more foreign capital withdraws the likelihood, this will affect the obtain employment of all industries that include to pack print inside. Below the enormous pressure that bearing 4 big hill in the person that majority works, this will be what cannot bear is heavy. This one alarm has been eliminated nowadays, millions is packed presswork the personage is temporarily OK have nothing worry about.
   Be helpful for clutching make spec and hype conduct
Before this, as a result of the tremendous uncertainty that Sino-US commerce brings, no matter be papermaking industry of upper reaches, of middle reaches pack presswork industry, still be the downstream user that pack, produced disillusion move, lost sustainable management confidence. Then all sorts of mad hype specs and one hammer buying and selling flood the market, played havoc with paper to package the market order of industrial catenary. Nowadays, the right path of Sino-US commerce regain, will make these congenial moods rapid refrigeration comes down.
Of course, because both sides still is put in the place of a lot of controversy, future is in specific fulfil consultative respect to still be faced with a few variable. But from inside this statement, we numerated the resolution that China implements reforming and opening sturdily. Sino-US two perfect and complementary economy big countries, leader has enough wisdom to guide two countries people to take mutual benefit double winning way, is not mutual harm.

Outside obtaining those who approve an entrance 2018, abandon how many is there?

[ChinaPack pressworkNews of industrial net home (graph)]

On May 17, the corresponding period of eagle of Jiu Long, hill reduces waste paper price, be the first all the time in primary our market the bibcock paper look forward to of dimension certain price moves eventually, countrywide paper price goes formally low, market be issued to lower levels. Useless center of solid of ministry of environmental protection of the corresponding period is released dozenth the restriction that approves proposal sanction imports kind of application detail, actually only an enterprise obtains new increment, approve quantity is twenty-three thousand two hundred and fifty-five tons.
State of useless whether immediate impact abandons the price outside? End at present, does useless entrance approve frontal condition outside 2018 year our country how? Is each paper mill occupied than how old? We let tell you the answer with a few pieces of simple tables below.
   3 large departments are held85%Abandon outside master authority of paper value speech
State of useless whether immediate impact abandons the price outside? The answer is affirmative. Everybody knows, abandon outside all the time since the important raw material that is our country papermaking is propped up. In 2018 year, our country is carried out outside since useless ban, batch of foreheads are abandoned to be reduced substantially outside, and key deflection is brought about directly at big plant 2018 first quarter of waste paper price go up steadily tone.
According to environmental protection ministry solid abandons a center fair shown information shows, useless entrance is at present common outside our country show 12 batch, always import ton of number ten million eight hundred and thirty-three thousand tons. But abandon outside big plant obtain batch occupy than nearly 90% the left and right sides, specific will visit 3 big plants (article of Jiu Long department, Shan Ying department, manage is) obtain batch occupy control than be as high as 85% , manage among them civil department is occupied than highest, be as high as 36.78% ; Nine dragon department is occupied than 33.37% , accipitral department occupies hill to be lesser 13.96% .
2018, batch of foreheads are abandoned to decrease substantially outside our country, bring about directly from 2018 since first quarter of the price grow steadily. Because useless raw material is propped up outside papermaking industry shortage, large paper look forward to is the first adjust paper price, contend for grab a country to abandon raw material, this also is brought about first quarter although paper value goes up drop fluctuant, but actual stability grows. Go according to paper which statistic shows, since Feburary 2018, price of our country waste paper although a few a few bend over, but was to carry relatively steady growth trend in light of whole. It is even by April to May the middle ten days of a month, waste paper price all the way ascend comes in recent years the price is exalted.
2018 first quarter (on January 1 —4 month 13 days) waste paper price takes situation picture
  66Domestic company melon is abandoned especially least1176Ton
Data shows, useless entrance is at present common outside our country show 12 batch, always import ton of number ten million eight hundred and thirty-three thousand tons, outside sharing 66 paper mill to obtain batch of entrances, abandon (the factory that Jiu Long is different area also is calculated alone) .
These 66 in obtaining the factory that approve paper, although large paper look forward to number is occupied in winning batch of businesses than having 57.58% only, but its are obtained approve ton of number to occupy always win batch number 93% the left and right sides. Particular case can see figure below:
In be abandoned outside 2018 year, each factory is obtained approve ton of number to hold inferior position, obtain among them approve ton of number the biggest is industry of Jiu Long paper (Dongguan) limited company, be as high as 191.48 tons. Industry of De Yan paper (Xiamen) limited company is obtained batch least, have 1176 tons in all.
Specific paper mill obtains approve ton of number following plan institute show (by always obtain) of batch discretion sort:
By above these data are further test and verify, in the entrance is being abandoned outside 2018 year of our country, more apt is big factory.
Also can see next, abandon outside obtain characteristic of approved small-sized paper look forward to apparent, be in the relevant paper mill of Zhejiang area for concentration more, the partial eigenvalue of mill of this kind of paper gets market key to pay close attention to, the first it is its the ability that batch of language abandon outside getting; The 2nd it is the Zhejiang area in environmental protection high pressure, of look forward to of this kind of paper live advantage.
In light of the whole nation, prospective country abandons the price have larger ascendant space, but value of Zhejiang area paper is met probably somewhat lag.