Machine tool manufacturers to develop the high-end machining center in Taiwan

we have learned, in Asia, excluding Japan, China Taiwan, mainland China, South Korea, India is speeding up to five axis machining center and other high-end multifunctional machine tool development and market investment.In mainland China with shenyang machine tool (group) and dalian machine tool group, South Korea doosan InfraCore and modern WIA two companies as the forerunner, India’s state-run HMT and corporation BFW (to produce 200 sets of various processing center), Jyoti (Huron company acquired France), TAL (machine tool division of TATA motors) several companies, the companies are involved in five-axis work center multi-function machine manufacturing, etc.

as a high-end machine tools of high technology crystallization, five-axis machining center requires a lot of research and development investment, large enterprise groups and the state-owned enterprises have certain advantages.Manufacturer of five axis machining center in Taiwan in overwhelming Numbers, there are 32 companies engaged in five-axis machining center.Taiwan area within 6000 ~ 8000 \/ min at the number of spindle of the vertical machining center, with China the competition is fierce, mainland area of competitive products in recent years in terms of quality and appearance design have a certain increase.

in recent years, the profitability and competitiveness of Taiwan machine tool are falling, in order to cope with fierce competition, many Taiwan machine tool manufacturers began to develop high-speed five-axis machining center, C five surface machining center and other high-end products.At present, the United States and Europe are the two big market of five axis machining center.Taiwan machine tool to improve the additional value, the key is not to solve technical problems, but marketing.Five axis high speed and high precision machining center can be widely used in communications equipment, aerospace parts, medical equipment and other fields.Cutting machine tool production in 2012, Taiwan, 41% processing center, CNC lathe (25%);Exports, 25% for machining center.In 2012, the main export region for China, the United States, Thailand, Turkey, India.

Qinghai “moving beam in one vertical ram, car milling compound machining center” successful development

through 3 years of technical research, used a machine to CNC machine tool co., LTD in the move beam in qinghai no ram vertical car milling compound machining center development success.The car milling compound machining center not only improves the machine tool industry in the aspect of compound machining center of research and development ability, and improve the market competitiveness of domestic high-grade CNC machine tools, to improve this kind of machine in our country totally dependent on imports of passive situation to provide the technical support.

to solve the problem of qinghai province high-grade, the bottleneck problem of compound key techniques of numerical control machine tool, to promote localization of high-end CNC machine tools, qinghai province in 2011 by the science of high-grade CNC machine key new product development in qinghai province key new product development project guidelines, shall be borne by the qinghai one CNC machine tool co., LTD. “moving beam vertical ram, car milling compound machining center development” project.According to company, head of the project team, project through the five linkage car milling compound machining center at home and abroad research, the key components in the numerical control technology and the host structure, the design on the basis of the organic combination of taking “overall design technology analysis – – a direct-drive technology application – the entire machine modeling analysis – key technology research of dynamic performance testing – weak link recognition – the structure optimization design – temperature control technology – prototype test for thermal deformation compensation – the engine performance evaluation -” research route, for direct-drive oscillating power tool rest, direct-drive turntable and other key features and the whole machine development.

at present, the company has to master vertical car milling compound machining center, hardware design dynamics optimization, nc direct-drive turntable design manufacturing technology and dynamic balance online detection technology, high precision oscillating power tool post optimization design, the thermal deformation compensation related to the machine reliability testing technology such as the core technology, complete car milling compound machining center prototype manufacturing, authorized three pieces of utility model patents, published 5 papers, make enterprise standard item 2, write the car milling compound machining center direct-drive oscillating system electromechanical coupling analysis report, such as report six sets of science and technology.

Shenyang aviation domestic longest five axis machining center successful delivery

5 month, shenyang machine tool industry department of aeronautics and astronautics a GMC25220u bridge type five-axis machining of pre-acceptance and deliver.The 22 m in length direction X domestic longest five axis machine tool is aviation equipment, with completely independent intellectual property rights of high-end products, from the signing of the contract to deliver it only took 3 months time.

“3 months delivery, because the customer need this product to pick up the order.”Aerospace industry group product manager qiao said.Northwest of the customer is old customer of shenyang machine tool, for aircraft manufacturers, more than 20 sets of shenyang machine tool equipment, this is the third time to buy heavy large five-axis shenyang machine tool equipment.Because of concerns that missed the time node, the customer request don’t get orders, customers want new equipment must be put into production in June.In the end of February, the aerospace industry group after 3 months the possibility of delivery of machine tool is discussed, the customer signed the order.

“dare to take the order, because we understand the real needs of customers.”A more than 10 years working experience, familiar with the product technical personnel as a key account manager, based in the northwest, provide professional service for the customer, including customer maintenance, development, research, and the equipment, including daily communication, inter-departmental coordination in all sorts of problems encountered in the use, help clients to achieve target market.”Nanny close-fitting service” for the aerospace industry group on the customer’s technical requirements, are familiar with machining parts.Know the customer’s intention, for some period longer purchased parts stock in advance.

now, the aerospace industry group 4 m and 6 m five axis machining center accounted for 80% of sales, but the aerospace field to manifest the trend of large-scale processing, since 2014, the department of product modularity, with minimal come together more and more individual parts of the specifications of the products, modular advantage in the emergency order.

modular production of modular design, assembly model implemented in parallel.Bridges, beams, skateboard, protection and so on five groups can be simultaneously installed, don’t need to order before after order, etc.Department after loading does not need assembly at the scene of the division of the workshop, but directly sent to customer site, where the “building blocks”.So “sure”, of course, first of all thanks to the quality of parts of “sure”, German manufacturing “brought about by the high quality high efficiency” concept, to ensure every part before assembly, preclude affect the possibility, performance and precision of the machine’s operation, unqualified parts will not enter the department will not enter the client site.”Technical maturity and we are sure to save the scene of the workshop assembly link. The important factors”Qiao said.Modular, after commissioning of the electrical parameters through optimizing the mature, at the same time, through the design tooling to ensure no deviation during assembly, these are effective to improve the quality of the final assembly, compressing the assembly cycle.Previously, a five-axis machining center production cycle is 8 to 10 months, modularity, production cycle can reduce two months on average.

although put forward three months when signing a single delivery condition, but when after 3 months so large machine tools at the scene of the customer, the customer is surprised to even say “I didn’t think really can!”

DE (Netherlocks) introduce micro gear box, manual valve

Dutch safety valve professional enterprise DE resistance (Netherlocks B.V) to design a kind of micro gear box can add online, to reduce the torque of the handwheel valve.It can be directly mounted to the valve, and don’t need to make any changes to the valve, and can be installed on online.

as is known to all, the valve will rise over time and wear, aging and tight.If is manual valve, the operation will be more and more difficult, dangerous, and affect the work efficiency.In this case, the simple solution is on valves equipped with a gear box, thereby lowering the standard of the handwheel torque – but most manual have a gate or globe valve gear box interface.Resistance from the new gear box made of 316 stainless steel, can be installed directly to the valve stem, and don’t need to make any changes to the valve itself.Based on

for more than 15 years of experience in mechanical interlocking application, resistance to developed a new adapter, the gearbox can be directly installed on the departure gate, without changing any valve parts, so as to realize non-stop online installation.The gear box, there are two wheel installation interface, a position can reduce the torque through the gears;The other is to keep the original torque.

about resistance,

as a member of the British homag group, DE resistance is the main supplier of the safety valve control system of the world.Company production of mechanical interlocking system, will be to minimize the risk of human error in the process of production and maintenance, these mistakes can lead to very dangerous, usually painful consequences.Ned’s product is very concise, easy to operate and design firm, even in extreme conditions, these characteristics can also ensure that the product to run effectively.At present, the company’s office is located in the heroic Beijing office.