Benefit fast amounts to robot acting machining center to throw operation

Wait for the rapid development of intelligent equipment and technology of content couplet net as industrial robot, through ” machine substitution ” improve labor productivity, solve health of profession of the difficult problem that use worker worker, promotion and safe production level to already was become include polishing burnish company inside the inevitable choice that industrial business transition upgrades.    Take a fancy to this just about, system of Hua Na’s oldest application of professional industry robot is compositive business — Guangdong benefit fast amounts to a robot to was in 8 years early to aim at robot polish burnish to apply, serve at rolling out acting treatment last year. Move through trying one year, recently, the high automation acting machining center that benefit fast amounts to a robot to use intelligent robot to make throws operation formally. Acting machining center creates two departments: The branch that is located in smooth water mouth basically is given priority to with the polishing burnish of faucet, the headquarters that is located in suitable heart Chen Cun provides material of handle of casing of carapace of jug, cistern, mobile phone, glasses, boiler, stone, do not stick boiler box of foot of chair of bottom, 5 stars, gift, stair. Benefit fast amounts to robot acting machining center to have treatment effect to lead limits of tall, service wide, process capability is strong wait for a characteristic, also be Hua Na area one of robot machining center with the at present largest scale, satisfy terminal client to specialization not only the need of custom-built service, also can cooperate a client to have 2 development of the product, promote a product competition ability. More important is, employ robot acting worker worker, the company need not pay salary, food, social security or afraid employee to leave one’s post, discharged trouble back at home, robot but 24 hours of activity in series, and crop, stability is tall, reduced manufacturing cost greatly.    Guangdong benefit fast amounts to a robot to be core with client demand all the time, with a view to is abominable of cost of force of operating mode servent reduce, of efficiency and quality rise, do his utmost to offer the integral solution of low cost for the client. The firm is increasing the automation ability respect of equipment, obtained multinomial software copyright and invention patent, practical and new-style patent, and perfect function and first-class service, the affirmation that also gets many clients and approbate, include division force, beauty at present waited for well-known company to use benefit fast to amount to offerred automation product line in succession, obtained good gains.

Shandong Teng city signs a ten million 5 days yuan order of machine tool product

Yesterday, electromechanical of Teng state city does release statistical data to show: The thirteenth that rings down the curtain before long afore tool of China International machine tool is exhibited on, the enterprise of 17 machine tools such as Lu Na machine tool of Teng state city passes 5 days of time reveal be on sale, the spot sells a product 62, value more than yuan 1000. Turn the product of mechanical machine tool that give priority to with industrial intelligence especially, get the favour of domestic and international travelling merchant.    As we have learned, exhibition of tool of China International machine tool is IMTS of Chicago of afterwards Germany EMO, United States exhibit after the meeting, dimensions exhibition of the 3rd big tool of international machine tool, whenever double year hold in Beijing. This the exhibition has the ginseng of many 1300 manufacturer that comes from 32 countries and area to exhibit, dimensions amounts to 120 thousand square metre, among them the manufacturer outside the condition many 600, churchyard manufacturer many 700, showpiece mechanical amount more than 3200. Company of machine tool of Lu Na of our city organization, power amount to the ginseng of enterprise of 17 machine tools such as heavy industry company to exhibit, exhibit an area 2000 more than square metre, the product is involved stand, horizontal and dragon door machining center, robot of numerical control machine tool, industry, flexible the many class such as production unit, in all more than 190 cover a product. According to Teng Zhou city Electromechanical does director Zhang Lei to introduce, with join with going out outside exhibit photograph comparing, teng state city is in current the level of science and technology that exhibits the ginseng on the meeting to exhibit a product had bigger promotion, especially the intelligence such as industrial robot changes a product to become postpone the central issue on the meeting, get trade department leader and the height that are the same as industry business are evaluated. Among them, company of science and technology of Shandong Xin peaceful produces ” robot of Er of the Supreme Being ” , once appear,get the attention of numerous honored guest.    Company of science and technology of the peaceful that occupy Xin says about chief, in global machinery machine tool industry grows the big backdrop with not optimistic situation to fall, conventional artificial treatment is taken put makings craft to already cannot satisfy an enterprise to expand demand, the managing cost that use worker worker, improve manufacturing efficiency and quality, already made the new requirement of the enterprise. Here the circumstance falls, “Industrial intelligence is changed ” point to clear direction for transition of machine tool company, make the focal point that the company grows. To this, their company innovates through implementing a technology, research and development industrial robot product, with period enhance the ability that answers market competition.    Zhang Lei tells a reporter, accelerating executive intelligence to make is Teng Zhou city industry transition upgrades, the important way that enhances competition ability of manufacturing industry core. Exhibit meeting result this relatively ideal, to publicizing Teng Zhou machine tool enterprise is having positive effect. Henceforth, teng state city returns measure of will farther aggrandizement, make the policy of form a complete set that accords with industrial program, for enterprise of mechanical machine tool development industry intelligence provides favorable environment.

When does the need when machining center of choose and buy notice?

Because machining center is far costlier than general accuracy machine tool, get so restrict element more, machine tool choice is logical more it is important to show. Correct type selecting is to use the good machining center, key that makes machining center produces beneficial result. When buying machining center, inspect dot of this 5 gist to weigh particularly seriously should:    One, the stiffness of machining center   Because machining center stiffness can affect the treatment precision that manufactures efficiency and machine tool directly, the treatment speed of machining center greatly prep above general accuracy machine tool, electromotor power also the general accuracy machine tool that prep above is the same as norms, the stiffness that accordingly its structure designs also outclass general accuracy machine tool. Force of craft requirement, permission torque, power, axis and feed force maximum can be pressed when ordering goods, the numerical value that offers according to manufacturer undertakes checking computations. To obtain the tall tigidity of the machine tool, often not dimension of spare parts of bureau be confined to, and choose dimension of opposite spare parts big the 1 machine tool to 2 norms.    2, the treatment precision of machining center   Machine precision, affect your product quality directly, when a lot of people are denying your machine tool precision is no good, with respect to the decision of purchaser of can immediate impact. Wanting an attention to machine precision and machine tool precision is two different ideas. Get on manufacturer home example or the positional precision on product certificate of approval regards as the treatment precision of the machine tool is a mistake. The positional precision that indicates on example or certificate of approval is the precision of machine tool itself, and treatment precision is the error total that all sorts of element place produce the whole machining complex that includes place of machine tool itself to allow an error inside. When type selecting, can consult the assess method of process capability Kp regards the type selecting of precision as the basis. Say commonly, computation should is more than as a result 1.33.    3, the choice of system of machining center numerical control   Numerical control system, it is the core cerebra that machining center operates, cent of numerical control function is basic function and choice function. Basic function is provided necessarily, and after choosing a function to choose these functions when the user only, manufacturer just can be offerred. To numerical control systematic function must need to choose according to the function of the machine tool, the function that a need wants already when ordering is ordered complete, cannot omit, avoid utilization rate to create waste not high at the same time, still need to notice the associated sex between each function. In the numerical control system that can supply a choice, function discretion difference is very big. Answer to choose according to need, cannot seek tall target one-sidedly, lest create waste. When type selecting of much stage machine tool, choose the numerical control system of same manufacturer as far as possible, such operations, process designing, maintenance is more convenient.    4, coordinate number of axle and linkage number of axle   Coordinate number of axle and linkage number of axle all should satisfy typical workpiece to machine a requirement, the amount of reference axis also is a mark of machine tool class. Usually, with the manufacturer, machine tool that is the same as norms, coequal precision, increase reference axis of a standard, cost raises about 35% the left and right sides. Although increase number of axle but the function of aggrandizement machine tool, still want finally to notice craft requirement and capital are balanced.    5, change knife device and knife library size automatically   The option that trades knife unit automatically basically considers to change knife time and dependability. The time that change a knife is short can improve productivity, but the time that change a knife is short, construction of the common unit that change a knife complex, fault rate cost is tall, high, time of knife of beyond the mark strong exchange can make expenses rises substantially and make fault rate rises. Have about in the breakdown that occupies statistical machining center 50% with change knife device automatically to concern, because this is below the premise of contented use requirement, choose dependability as far as possible tall trade knife unit automatically, with reducing fault rate is mixed overall cost.    The working quality that changes a knife automatically and knife library capacity can affect the performance characteristics of machining center, quality directly. Knife library capacity it is a principle in order to satisfy spare parts of a sophisticated treatment to the need of cutting tool.

Branch of numerical control system is held ” agreement of bus line of workshop of machine tool of intelligent factory numerical control “

On March 5, 2018, concern branch of system of numerical control of association of regulation and industry of machine tool tool about castigatory of group metric system according to association of industry of tool of Chinese machine tool (the following abbreviation ” branch of numerical control system ” ) working arrangement, hold in Kunming ” agreement of bus line of workshop of machine tool of intelligent factory numerical control ” group level is started meeting. Limited company of technology of Shan Sen numerical control of Inc. of science and technology of Wei Hong electron of limited company of equipment of Inc. of the numerical control in coming from Wuhan China, Guangzhou numerical control, Shanghai, Shandong, Wuhan strides a letter limited company of science and technology of Tai Sen numerical control of city of electric technology limited company, Tianjin, Hua Zhongke ability. Bencihui is discussed around ” agreement of bus line of workshop of machine tool of intelligent factory numerical control ” the discussion that develops 7 organizations draft standard. The round bid that the conference involves, it is by association of industry of tool of Chinese machine tool the organization is made, approve document of issuance normative sex technology, form with active state level, occupation standard complementary. Its are made with carry out, the guidance that accepts a country to standardize director branch and supervise. According to machine tool association total meeting asks, the management that branch of numerical control system will bear place experience round mark and organization work, branch of numerical control system will with clasp of committee of technology of standardization within the system of numerical control of countrywide machine tool, in mark of numerical control system appoint the work is begun below the guidance of the meeting. Jin Jian of secretary-general of committee of technology of standardization within the system of numerical control of countrywide machine tool introduces: Bencihui discusses starts round bid, the purpose is around China in numerical control is made by the 2016 intelligence that assume about the unit special ” standard of agreement of communication of interconnection of numerical control machine tool and experiment test and verify ” task and begin, the task asks to form national level 1. Have test and verify and application for the standard that forms to the task as early as possible, according to the proposal that machine tool association always meets, decide synchronism starts the application of 7 round mark. The course discusses seriously and collective and consultative, bencihui discusses the important resolution that form to be as follows: Revise round label name, provisional name is ” agreement of communication of interconnection of industry of numerical control equipment ” ; is aimed at 7 round mark, decided leading unit is mixed respectively participate in an unit, next working plans that reach GB clearly to round mark and plan of time node; are exhibited in CCMT2018 during the meeting, organize 2016 intelligence to make project group hold expert of level of first time state to evaluate meeting and conference of group level job.

Industry of machine tool of numerical control of high end of city of Teng of survey of group of survey of Shandong province the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference

On March 29 morning, members of standing committee of province the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, economy appoint vice director, province classics is believed appoint vice director Wang Xin guides group of group of survey of province the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference to come Teng, begin ” expand industry of numerical control machine tool, base of construction home’s banner property of machine tool of high-end numerical control ” activity of special subject survey. Yang Jiaguo of vice-chairman of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference of jujube village city, shao Shiguan of secretary of Teng state municipal Party committee, chairman of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference of Teng state city ancestor encyclopedia, During Teng, wang Xin looked carefully at national machine tool to detect on the spot all right academy of innovation of machine tool of company of machine tool of center, Lu Na, northing, power amount to heavy industry company to wait for the spot, listened to company production to manage, the case report of the respect such as innovation of science and technology, understood the integral situation of industry of machine tool of our city numerical control in detail, the result that to the our city this job obtains offers affirmation. Detect in national machine tool on central informal discussion, wang Xin says when director survey, come this Teng is begun ” expand industry of numerical control machine tool, base of construction home’s banner property of machine tool of high-end numerical control ” activity of special subject survey, it is one of 77 survey tasks with province affirmatory the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, aim to carry out the decision-making deploy that fulfils my province to be changed about new old kinetic energy, carry out changeover of new old kinetic energy to provide reference to issue pace complete province to accelerate. This the industry of numerical control machine tool of survey belongs to high-end equipment, it is one of bases that standard of efficiency of manufacturing industry production, quality, intelligence creates. Leave a stage, city of hope Teng state wants very stress industrial development, undertake supportive on policy and finance, at the same time outspread fill entire industry chain, essence of life allows focusing, drive machine tool industry to innovate development, continuously development, banner development. In recent years, the our city holds to ” industrial strong city, industry stands town ” change development strategy not to shake with industrial group, grab actively catch a country to give aid to equipment manufacturing industry expands opportunity, around make group of industry of one billion two hundred and fifteen million seven hundred and fifty-two thousand one hundred and ninety-two yuan of mechanical machine tools, adjust ceaselessly optimize industrial position, perfect system of group form a complete set soundly, firm catchs industrial capital attraction, action to just be brought wisdom, ability corrects innovation and project construction, the good progress state that industry of mechanical machine tool carried synchronism of dimensions, quality, benefit to grow.