Analysis of current situation of trade of machine tool of 2018 China numerical control and foreground are forecasted

Look from market of machine tool of our country numerical control, the industry such as machine of facilities of car of our country of benefit from benefit from, aerospace, shipping, power, project grows quickly, to machine tool market especially numerical control machine tool generated huge demand, industry of numerical control machine tool grows machine tool of swift and violent numerical control is digital control machine tool, it is a kind of automation machine tool of programme controll system. Of the function according to numerical control machine tool, class different, product of numerical control machine tool can be divided for high-grade numerical control machine tool, intermediate machine tool of numerical control machine tool, cheap numerical control. Machine tool of high-grade numerical control is to point to have linkage of high speed, nicety, intelligence, compound, much axis, network the numerical control machine tool of the function such as communication. The machine tool serves as ” industrial mother ” , be discretion of level of manufacturing industry of a nation is indicative. By American inventor last centuries invent John Pasensi numerical control machine tool. As the development of electronic IT, course of study of world machine tool already entered the Electromechanical unifinication period that is core with digitlizing production technology, among them numerical control machine tool represents one of products namely. Numerical control machine tool is a kind of tall efficiency, of the automation machine tool of programme controll system, can better land solves the spare parts of complex, nicety, small lot, much breed to machine a problem, representing contemporary machine tool to control development direction of the technology. The industrialized country such as Europe, beautiful, day already completed process of industrialization of numerical control machine tool early or late, and China from 20 centuries 80 time begin to start, be in development phase now. Although the it is certain to cast machine tool industry to obtain result of our country, but still facing a lot of conditionality problems, compare with foreign product photograph, the difference of machine tool of Chinese numerical control basically is the high speed in the machine tool efficient change and nicety is changed on. Tall look forward to of dimensions of market of numerical control machine tool, exceeded 300 billion yuan 2017Look from market of machine tool of our country numerical control, the industry such as machine of facilities of car of our country of benefit from benefit from, aerospace, shipping, power, project grows quickly, to machine tool market especially numerical control machine tool generated huge demand, industry of numerical control machine tool grows swift and violent. According to statistic, 2014-2016 year, sales revenue of machine tool of our country numerical control all exceeds 240 billion yuan of;2016 year, sale of machine tool of our country numerical control is two hundred and seventy-three billion two hundred and thirty million yuan, grow 7.69% compared to the same period. Sale was three hundred and six billion and thirty million yuan about 2017, exceed 300 billion yuan first. Cent page: 12

The biggest on Shu Le history forging hydraulic press throws production formally to use

A few days ago, the biggest on Shu Le history forging hydraulic press throws production formally to use. The height on this hydraulic press ground is 22 meters, forging pressure was achieved 14 breathtaking, 000 tons. Oil And Gas Systems of a company ordered Russia this forgings line, be located in a graph to pull area A to list the new plant near the city that overcome laborious to use for its. On the royal practice ceremony that holds at the beginning of Feburary in the factory, this large compressor forgings the system of a powerful person that produced a diameter to amount to 2.5 meters, the exclaim of many 150 honored guest that makes come from group of political circles, industry and partner business unceasingly.

This compressor always hefts 4, 500 tons, the core position in be on new workshop product line. Include system of a powerful person inside component of large requirements steel tube and other and of all kinds component all can have production through this compressor. Divide airframe giant besides, the flexibility of compressor also is one large window: From open die forging to make production through 3 labor situation annulus to forging manufacturing bend, 3 to extrusion get used to work limits extremely wide.

Forging the preform that compressor place uses is all sorts of metals and alloy, ply is in 10 arrive between 150mm, need to heat to be able to complete figuration process 3 times only, this can save energy cost already, can enhance manufacturing security again, still can prolong service life. Build besides the forge that shut a model besides, should forging the line still can forging with Yu Kaimo. Mai Erci of · of the Ci in You Ande of workpiece heating furnace (ANDRITZ Maerz) company is offerred, austria is belonged to to bring group of the Ci in heart together like this company and Shu Le (ANDRITZ Group) .

From receive order to heft 4 to this, of 000 metric ton forging compressor covers with tiles at Germany the easy of city straps Gehuoyisaier base leaves factory, consign cycle last a period of time is less than a year of time of half. Consider distance Russia journey is distant, machine fractionation undertakes carriage into many unit, pass for the most part among them marine, odd a the greatest weight reach 275 metric ton. Summer 2013, assemble finished compressor immediately to weigh labour at Suhuoduoer (Spetstyazhmash) plant investment is used.

Peaceful wave essence amounts to force to achieve the precede person of punch equipment industry

Of the development as industry and technical level rise ceaselessly, the production of our country machine tool is made through transfer of technology, be modelled on to wait for means with own research and development, work up wholer machine tool design, research and development and manufacturing system. In recent years Chinese manufacturing industry grows quickly, stimulated opposite to produce a large number of demand of equipment, our country rises from 2002 successive 8 years the machine tool consumes the whole world the first. Our country consumes big country as the machine tool also is big country of machine tool production at the same time, because suffer effect of international banking crisis, production of machine tool of Japan, Germany all glides considerably, make our country made world machine tool first 2009 country of the biggest production.

Be based on this, the peaceful wave spirit that established 2002 reachs form equipment Inc. , develop innovation ceaselessly, ceaseless design develops the product of high additional cost, promote the core of the enterprise competition ability. The project technology center that peaceful wave essence amounts to is maintained to be ” company of provincial and new and high technology considers to develop a center ” , have by tens of the scientific research group with the professional and reasonable, all ready structure that the personnel of research and development that has experience of research and development of old and relevant domain forms. Project technology center has 4 drawing office, a standard is integrated room, room of a trial-produce. The duty of 4 drawing office is respectively: Product of series of equipment of heat exchanger of research and development of room of heat exchanger equipment; Compressor room research and development is of all kinds compressor product; Research and development of small passageway room is new-style product of series of equipment of small passageway heat exchanger; Room of forward position products plan is in charge of the development of forward position product; Integrated room is in charge of the standard standardization is examined and the data provides; Trial-produce room assumes new product trial-produce and technology to improve. Project technology center already built the platform of informatization research and development that has the software such as CAD, PDM, MASTERCAM, SOLIDWORKS, be bought outside or own research and development material function experiment, manage changes analysis, product to detect, electric detect the equipment of research and development that waits for a respect with the experiment, for the technology innovation provided favorable soft hardware environment.

Peaceful wave essence is amounted to also be maintained to be by the 3 ministries and commissions such as ministry of national science and technology ” innovation pilot enterprise ” . The company pays attention to the innovation of the product and technical development, carry own research and development, roll out new product ceaselessly, strive to become industry of equipment of global heat exchanger to last navigate person, punch installs the precede person of equipment industry!

China is new-style 10 thousand tons of class forging machine test-drive helps production of force aviation engine

On July 1, 2014 evening, boat serious chance releases announcement to say in, product line of company isothermal forge (first phase) isotherm of construction project 160MN forgings compressor realized heat smoothly to carry test-drive in Xi’an on July 1, 2014. Introduce according to the personage inside course of study, this will be current country is the biggest the isotherm of tonnage forgings compressor, the development of aircraft of will great stimulative aviation and its engine forging is produced, to our country industry of breakthrough aviation forging grows bottleneck to have very important sense.

Boat serious chance is in in announcement intermediary carry on, 160MN isotherm forgings compressor is had forging the characteristic that speed and displacement can accuse accurately, the isotherm that can satisfy the forging of difficult wrought alloy such as the compound between alloy of high temperature of aviation special type, titanium alloy and metal exceeds model to shape.

The farther introduction that comes from trade public figure says, this 160MN isotherm forgings compressor design tonnage achieves 16 thousand tons, actual the biggest tonnage can amount to 20 thousand tons, can satisfy forging of nicety of alloy of titanium of structure of airframe of aircraft of current and all aviation, and engine difficult wrought alloy dish, axis kind the isothermal and accurate die forging of forging shapes. The basis exceeds model figuration theory, below condition of isothermal forge craft, 160MN compressor forgings ability is equivalent to the likelihood (of 800-1000)MN common compressor forging ability. In the meantime, isotherm forgings this one technology is raising forging very large technology dominant position is had on quality.

The isotherm of this the biggest tonnage forgings emerge as the times require of compressor it may be said. Eye outlook is current the development of manufacturing industry of domestic civil aviation, especially the development plan of national big airlines and quantity produce the acceleration that change trend, aviation manufacturing industry is forming apparent new-style dimensions market. In the meantime, aviation forgings product also will to high-end product (high temperature, high pressure, be able to bear or endure fatigue, macrobian life) structural transition, essence of prospective Xiang Chao, super- big, overweight wait for direction to develop. Additional, accompany construction of equipment of our country defense to quicken development and upgrade, to the demand of product of casting of fundamental big swaged forging, also providing stability for forge casting industry and the space that has growing sex.

Analytic personage points out, at present in division of boat serious aircraft issues wholy-owned subsidiary Shaanxi Hong Yuanhang forgings for nothing finite liability company forgings for aviation specialization enterprise, after accompanying compressor of company 160MN isothermal forge and product line of form a complete set to build, the development of aircraft of will great stimulative aviation and its engine forging is produced, develop bottleneck to lay a foundation to break through industry of our country aviation thereby.

Current, boat is weighed in machine advocate battalion forge casting, hydraulic pressure and radiator, new energy resources Wu of 3 great undertaking. Did business 2013 among them contribution of business of casting of the forge in income is occupied than be as high as 74% , appear to be mixed for dominant with casting of forge of product of matters pertaining to defense civilian the casting that taste forge is additional pattern. Hong Yuanhang of the Shaanxi below company division forgings for nothing battalion controlled the company 2013 1.55 billion yuan, profit total makes an appointment with 140 million yuan.

It is forging of pulverous alloy forging, isothermal essence forging, oversize titanium alloy, difficult that boat serious chance is in in be out of shape rolling of nicety of forging of high temperature alloy, block mould forging, annular forging, manage is changed detect the technical house home that waits for a respect is banner level; The aviation material in hi-tech content (mix like steel of all sorts of high temperature alloy, titanium alloy, special type, aluminium alloy high-powered composite material) research application respect, also have abundant technical actual strength.

Day look forward to builds product line of the 4th compressor to be replaced in order to forging in the beauty cast

Iron of new day of business of production of Japanese iron and steel and stay in friendly metal company (NSSMC) says, its and the Inc. of crankshaft of international of joint-stock subsidiary Japan that stay in firm of friendly trade issue (ICI) plan builds to forging newly in the United States compressor product line.

ICI already was in the United States operation 20 years, run 3 to forging at present compressor product line, year produce nearly 2.7 million tons of crankshaft in order to satisfy the requirement with driving North America. ICI already decided to add the 4th to forging now compressor product line. After setting of product line of the 4th punch is finished, productivity will be added to about 1.5 times current, achieve 4 million / year.

NSSMC says, sale of North America car predicts future will grow 7% 5 years. Japan and Korea car manufacturer are changing the United States to the market. Because forging crankshaft is smaller, improved engine performance, fuel efficiency Yi Genggao, 3 car manufacturer that are located in Detroit are forginging cast-iron crankshaft instead crankshaft.