Imported 35500 tons of screw press, forging large nuclear power blade

Shanghai electric group wuxi turbine blade co., LTD. (WTB) allows went into operation imported 35500 tons of high energy screw press.More than 100 35500 tons of energy and aviation industry experts live to witness the screw press in three hours to replace the three pairs of mold, the perfect finish plate, sheet, frame three problem forging process of the product.It marks the WTB toward world-class large blade and aviation forgings allows manufacturers a step closer, also means that our country will further enhance the ability of expertise in manufacturing plant leaves.

surge forging production capacity of

reported that 35500 tons of high energy screw press is by far the world’s most advanced, the largest one of the two screw press, can be in brief contact with the workpiece forming metal products, a huge blow to force the largest force can achieve 35500 tons, its craft is a combination of forging hammer and hydraulic press, the advantages of both leaves and aircraft, aviation engine is the realization of power station and the high performance of special steel, titanium and nickel base superalloy class structure products are the ideal choice.
, expert says, compared with the traditional screw press, the device adopts a new type of clutch not only make the press forming energy increased significantly, still can reduce about 87% of the energy consumption, is worthy of the name “high-energy” equipment with high efficiency.The impact velocity of the press in the 0.25 0.5 m\/SEC, forging adjustable stroke between controllable variable, blow energy;Compared with the previous press and hammer, it can produce better metallurgical quality, organizational performance is more uniform, more accurate size of large forgings.The equipment with 3150 tons of free forging press, more than 8 meters gas rotary hearth furnace and of large electric furnace, provide the flexibility to meet the nuclear power, gas turbine, aviation, aerospace, military industry and other fields evolving needs.

WTB general manager allows YanJi, said it was for the nuclear power energy and aviation military expansion of the forging of strategic considerations, WTB started planning 3 – allows the construction of the screw press, in order to meet the aviation forgings, nuclear power large leaves and the market demand.Shanghai electric (group) corp CEO di-nan huang believes that the introduction of the press machine, is an important milestone of WTB towards a world-class factory allows, is lit sustainable development power, create world-class brand engine, at the same time for China’s electric power equipment and aviation forging industry development has the vital significance.

can meet the needs of nuclear power very large blade production
, China forging association secretary-general gold, said China is already the world’s superpower forging, but not forging press power.China will become stronger in the world in forging industry, technology introduced from abroad advanced equipment may be necessary, but the introduction is just a tool.On the basis of the introduction, digestion, absorption and innovation, developed with China’s independent brand equipment should be our goal.
, as we have learned, the introduction of 35500 tons of high energy screw press is the core of WTB implementation of “strategic expansion projects” allows a ring, but also an important deployment of WTB strategic transformation allows.Plant leaves as a company with over 30 years of industry practice professional manufacturing enterprises, since 2006, WTB based on national energy and allows the response of the aviation industry development strategy, through in-depth analysis of the power station equipment and aviation forging industry, research, and will have to develop the field of nuclear energy and air defence forging strategic considerations, WTB nuclear ci big leaf, gas unit allows large leaf blades, clean and efficient thermal power units and air defence components four categories of products as the focus of new and high technology industrialization development areas, 3 – and start planning for the construction of the screw press, to meet the market demand of nuclear power large blades and aviation forgings;Outside the “blade specialization manufacturing”, focus on the development of “to the aviation industry as the leading specialized in forging manufacturing” ability, form two specialized common development of the new model, the construction of advanced focus, major equipment and key components of the core parts manufacturing capability, formed in the plant leaf and aviation forging industry indispensable core strengths.
, it is in this strategic thought, under the lead of WTB since 2007, allows successively organized by the power station and aerospace industry experts to participate in the strategic development of key equipment selection and expert consultation, forging technology development research activities for many times, more than 30 units of more than 60 scholars, experts, to participate in, to help the WTB constantly optimized, allows perfect strategic development planning, key equipment ultimately chose Germany SMS Meer company SPK22400 new type clutch screw press and the corresponding auxiliary equipment, and in August 2008 formally signed import contract.

reported that
tons of high energy screw press 5800 tons, the total weight including base parts including monomer maximum weight of 340 tons, nearly 10 single parts weigh more than 100 tons.SMS Meer company experts, WTB project team and related personnel, allows the machine installation personnel WuJian company nearly hundred people participated in the equipment engineering construction projects, from October 8, 2010 press one of the first component approach, to try on May 31, 2011 forging products, lasted 236 days.Press construction after big transportation and hoisting equipment, 307 tons workbench, 345 tons of beam of large pieces of precise hoisting in place, 590 tons of the flywheel clutch assembly, debugging of electrical system, hydraulic system key node;Solves the special tools manufacture in the installation, 345 – ton beam roll over, overall framework is installed and loaded prestressed technical problems such as the laser measurement.Try forging products from May 31 to formally put into production in just 10 days, 10 days WTB engineering technicians and forging allows workers to overcome the difficulties, has completed more than on the pressure machine technology development and trial production process of the product.Based technology such as
, look forward to forging

composed of forging, stamping and sheet metal forging industry is the foundation of the equipment manufacturing industry, its forming parts are widely used in electric power, petrochemical and other industries, is a machinery and equipment of the main bearing structure or bearing structure, quality and safety to the host plays a decisive role.
, according to introducing, in the field of energy, cannot produce some domestic large-scale equipment and components to a certain extent is limited by forging technology.Therefore, to fundamentally improving the capacity of our energy equipment development, forging as the foundation technology must be improved.
, at present, the gap between domestic forging industry and abroad mainly in fine manufacturing, low labor productivity, the die life is shorter, etc.

experts told reporters that forging production in China has long been in a state of extensive, with low energy consumption, high material utilization, serious environmental impact as the main characteristics.At present, in order to adapt to the direction of sustainable development, puts forward higher requirements on precision forming technology, the rapid development of a large number of high-quality, high efficiency, energy saving, energy saving of the plastic forming technology, realize the industry’s dream “net forming” the goal is the main development direction.

now, forging industry should take advantage of existing conditions well technology development, product improvement, talent introduction and other important work.To give full play to existing resources, to promote industry merger and reorganization, spontaneous realize combination;Forging enterprise should as far as possible with the same has close ties to strategic partners.At the same time, further strengthen enterprise cooperation with scientific research institutes.Only in this way, to improve the overall technology level of forging industry in our country, provide better service for the equipment manufacturing industry.

The world’s first largest hot die forging press in guangxi guilin

June 28 in the morning, the first in the world’s largest hot die forging press in guangxi guilin of guangxi seedling industrial zone, marked the guangxi push forward the annual output of one hundred thousand tons of precision forging project completed and put into operation, fill in guangxi in the automotive, diesel engine, engineering machinery industry blank forging industry chain.It is understood that the project technology reached the international first-class level, project energy consumption index reach the advanced level of Europe and the United States, Japan and other countries.Project completed and put into operation will change our major automobile engine enterprises need from Russia, Brazil, Japan, India and other countries import a lot of forgings, satisfy the guangxi automobile, engine, engineering machinery demand for forgings, promote rapid development automobile manufacturing industry in guangxi.

The first sixteen thousand tons of electric screw press by Qingdao green forging successful development

Produced by Qingdao green forging forging machinery co., LTD., the domestic first most vigorously for sixteen thousand tons of EPC – sixteen thousand type electric screw press has been forged successful development, and successfully passed the national quality inspection center and users of products inspection and acceptance.
epc – 8000 type electric screw press is green forging company in 2010 the world’s first ten thousand tons of double disk friction press after the successful development on November 1, 2010 with air Jiang Xijing casting company successfully signed the first domestic most vigorously, sixteen thousand tons of the numerical control electric screw press.In
2012, qing forging company successfully developed the first domestic EPC – 2500 type electric screw press, on the basis of a lot of theoretical derivation on technical personnel calculation and simulation test for many times, after the digestion and absorption of advanced foreign technology, and has successfully developed the first domestic the most vigorously for sixteen thousand tons of EPC – sixteen thousand type electric screw press.
the epc – 8000 type electric screw press belongs to the energy-saving CNC electric screw press, the machine USES the digital vector control, modular design, can be programmed setting, realize the online automation;It has simple structure, strong partial load resistance, convenient operation and maintenance, hit the energy control precision, energy saving, green environmental protection, product forming good accuracy, high production efficiency, etc.Compared with friction screw press, the machine can power saving 70%;Can be widely used in die forging, trimming, correction of aerospace precision forging process.So get the favour of forging industry at home and abroad.After
, China in the capacity of research and development of intelligent electric screw press is still in a state of blank, and imports are expensive, not only and others and can’t satisfy the domestic field of aircraft engine blade, automobile engine crankshaft and other large precision forging manufacturing capacity requirement, therefore, the green forging company as an industry leading enterprises carried out extensive research and testing, and achieved success.In the process of the machine inspection acceptance,
national product quality inspection center experts and users of this machine blow after twenty thousand times in a row, first has carried on the most strong suppression test, through test has reached the standards and expectations;Secondly, for the main technical parameters, technical indicators, safety, reliability and so on has carried on the system testing, test results can meet the requirements of national standards and user acceptance outline.

I first CNC servo pressure machine in two successful development

Recently, completely self-developed China’s first full numerical control servo pressure machine tools in China international exhibition in 2008, to the industry find everything new and fresh.Nc servo press marks the successful development of our country has mastered the core technology of stamping machine tool manufacturing, and to break the foreign monopoly in the field of technology.

exhibition of the CNC servo pressure machine is made of heavy duty machine tools and forging equipment is important production base in China??Qiqihar second machine tool group co., LTD. Made in research and development.Previously, our country has been unable to break through the servo pressure machine tool is the cause of development through traditional servo motor power is small, and foreign master the core technology of the servo motor the state exercises strict control over the technology transfer and product exports to China, to make our country in this area constrained for a long time.

people in the industry believe that this kind of motor coordination technology is unique in the world, and to break the monopoly on the Chinese market, large foreign servo motor enormous economic value.

Schuler, the latest development of a new generation of press

In 2007, Germany Schuler, joint-stock company provides Saxonia – Franke company with its latest research and development of a new generation of stamping equipment.This is Schuler co., LTD for the recent large stamping equipment market slump, a powerful answer is also the strengthened for the automotive industry and the automotive industry market development of a start.Schuler,

members of the board of directors of the joint stock company, stamping equipment, head of Joachim Mr Beyer said: “a new generation of Schuler, stamping equipment with its adaptable servo drive technology can quickly adapt to various applications in the field of stamping processing.We firmly believe that this new type of servo drive sheet stamping equipment is the desired product processing enterprise, has a very broad market prospects.

a, stamping speed stepless adjustable

new stamping equipment of servo drive system is the most outstanding characteristic is: motor with eccentric crank gear connected directly, there is no clutch, no flywheel.Due to the speed of the motor can be adjusted, which can be arbitrarily adjust the speed of crank mechanism, to speed up or slow down the stamping.

there is no doubt that this is a new generation of stamping equipment in the most simple way to adjust press stroke, not only for different users, the flexibility of production tasks, improve the applicability of the machine, improve the production capacity of the press.

the new stamping speed change and control through the reasonable optimization design, if you don’t need to use the new press servo function, can be like the traditional press, the press has a constant power and the number of trips.In

with 2500, 3150, 4000, 5000 and 3150 kn nominal pressure of a new generation of series of stamping equipment, is equipped with called “PSE” parts, and all the stamping equipment adopted integrated modules, in accordance with the modular structure, therefore, Schuler, joint-stock company can provide users with a more powerful performance sheet stamping equipment.Mold used by

according to user’s workshop and automation solution, the press can also be configured to send press or continuous press.

2, perfect match

as a result of the new press motor speed can be adjusted, so the possible implementation in the process of stamping stamping movement and blanking force of stepless adjustment, make the work of the press curve matching with various application requirements.Relationship with a precise motion in order to ensure that the crank position, the user can be achieved by slow drawing processing, stamping or constant movement speed, such not only can improve the quality of plate production, but also can prolong the service life of mould.

arbitrary due to the motion control program of crank mechanism, so the user can realize synchronization between motor and press very precise, of course, also can make the press crank backward movement (oscillating motion), so as to use the simplest method can replace the traditional mechanical press.In the future, the servo press can also be used as test equipment, because under the handwheel adjustment, the machine can make the mould movement for fine-tuning and accurate positioning, stamping crank movement also can be in any position which can adjust the trace.Joachim Beyer said Mr;”Because of the technological progress, a new generation of stamping equipment hydraulic press flexibility and high efficiency advantages of mechanical press together.”

the new servo press potential typical user will be those that different size of enterprises in the field of stamping, take advantage of the press, companies can provide their users with batch size of different kinds of stamping parts.