Sandvik coromant scholarship award ceremony was held in tsinghua university

On May 25,

;Friends of the 2016 annual tsinghua – sandvik coromant scholarship award ceremony was held in the department of mechanical engineering, tsinghua university.Sandvik coromant central general manager, Mr Duan Yan mechanics department of tsinghua university party secretary, Mr Zhi-gang lv and award-winning students and teachers attended the ceremony.

first of all, the secretary zhi-gang lv address on behalf of the mechanics department, this paper introduces the development of engineering tsinghua mechanics, as a traditional subject, and points out that the mechanical professional is the cornerstone of the development of human society.Mechanical engineering itself has endless charm, machining cutting tool material, coating, process and technology are worth every student to study.Look forward to winning students can put this to use, and contribute to the development of manufacturing.Mr

sandvik coromant Duan Yan and zhi-gang lv secretary to award-winning students and 12 teachers award, express our heartfelt congratulations to them.The scholarship program in addition to reward mechanics department the academic record outstanding undergraduate and graduate students, and to set up innovative;Scholarships and employment;The gardener award to reward to the equipment manufacturing industry, the employment of graduates and employment for the students teachers have made outstanding contributions.

the winning student representatives to report the results and experience in the scientific research project, and to better serve the society in the future study, contribute to the development of national manufacturing.Award-winning teacher representatives also share with you the in the style of social workers and students employment guidance work experience, showed the comprehensive mechanics department of tsinghua university teachers and students.

finally, sandvik coromant Duan Yan central general manager, said the sandvik coromant has always been committed to actively carry out cooperation projects between colleges, scholarships, and create a professing summer internships for students.Sandvik coromant company and give full play to their strengths, tsinghua university, society and market needs of talents together, realize the win-win cooperation model.Looking forward to further cooperation and work together to promote the progress of machinery industry and new technology development.

Is machine tool “manufacturer”, as well as machine tool “users”

, standing on the position of the customer, often will encounter these troubling questions: bought an expensive equipment, results in just a few years cannot face product upgrading to meet the requirements and be eliminated;Bought a surprising equipment price, results low efficiency or quality closes nevertheless, or subsequent frequent maintenance equipment utilization rate is very low, further exacerbating the product and management costs rise;Equipment all look very good, but is not so convenient to use, less human.

for the whole life cycle of products, the understanding of modern and nc machine tool co., LTD is very profound, thanks to him across;Machine tool manufacturers and;Machine the double identity of users, the machine is used for their own parts factory.And this role, make him stand very early in the product whole life cycle of the Angle to look at machine tools, so the design of machine tool and follow-up service is human nature and is economical and practical in the entire life cycle.

the CIMT modern wei will repeatedly throughout;New demand supply new era theme, is committed to manufacturing umbrella, no matter the wind rain, modern wei and always with thousands of manufacturing many of his peers.

China is a most potential market, is also a market full of unknowns.The old and new demand of alternating and the speed of change in the competitive landscape, inadvertently looked up and again has been changed.Modern power and is not only a machine suppliers, but also in the front parts maker, whether the confusion behind or a line of hard, modern wei all this and always standing on the position of the customer’s thinking.

;Momentum is positive response;Made in China in 2025 and 4.0 the German industrial demand, facing the future high-tech features, such as intelligent modern pose a threat to the community and the European research and development center of team working focuses on high-end equipment manufacturing and development and research in the field of intelligent function.X F6300 & amp;X H6300 is as modern power of the European research and development center into high-end market works.X F6300 five-axis linkage machining center as a high-end level in the industry has won a lot of customer’s approval, even beyond the industry well-known brands with other products.X H6300 as south Korean industry first adopted new high-speed high-precision circular knife library lie, more up to 348 dao database is optional, plays an important role in FMS production line in the future.

have a momentum, also don’t forget to upgrade the original requirements.Customer efficiency and quality of product demand is higher and higher, cost-effective features still as the starting point of the customer purchase equipment, modern wei was created using the

h I T4500 D2200M\/K\/K F5600 are upgraded equipment, compared with previous devices, on the scope, machining efficiency and machining accuracy further optimization, at the same time with high cost performance.As early as 2004,

modern power of headquarters had an unmanned plant production.In terms of how to build intelligent factory, modern power and has very rich experience and mature development and use of the experience, the current trend is to catch both of hardware and software.Combined with S E M E N I S company developed new H U N D A Y I – I T R O L intelligent system, its design is blended in the use of modern power and different from other manufacturers.This system embodies the modern wei and deep understanding on the humanized operation, and has been applied to the I – C U T400M\/I – C U T450T\/K I T4500 and other devices, can easily achieve a key control\/remote management, energy saving and intelligent processing, and other functions, the biggest characteristic is wherever you are, can through phone or computer to check the machine status, grasp the machine more likely.

modern wei and the future will continue to intensify the development of intelligent and input, insist on;User producers in this location, because we can offer in this field is not only precision equipment, also is not only a customized service, can copy these to some extent.Is our own rich experience with their own equipment, auto parts factory to provide customers with more lasting value: production experience and management pattern to draw lessons from, get seamless docking and fusion process, quality control is also easier.And these in turn further deepen our human nature concept, for research and design of machine tool in the process of fully understanding the manufacturing requirements and difficulties, and then the development of machine tools and related system obtained the inspiration, eventually perfect matching of the machine tool manufacturing industry especially automobile industry was born and evolving.

market in evolution, based on the C I M T the theme of the exhibition;新需求,新供给,新动力,现代威亚在进化的同时也更愿意分享和共同成长。






  该园区是典型的东部往西部转移项目,从杭州来到青铜峡,为促进西部地区产业升级、经济发展和工业化水平提升贡献自己的力量,实现东西部产业再平衡,开创地区新型合作共赢关系。其建成对于提升宁夏乃至西北地区装备制造业转型升级,促进地方经济发展,带动就业,打造装备制造业产业航母,实现规模化经营、产业化发展具有十分重要的现实意义。本文链接地址 true 中国机床网 report 宁夏青铜峡装备制造业发展获全国网媒记者点赞资讯由中国机床网厂商在线频道提供。中国机床网专业提供装备制造等方面的资讯,是机床商人获得装备制造信息的最佳网络平台。更多资讯敬请关注厂商在线频道文本标签:装备制造

STUDER appearance CIMT2017 new internal grinder thumb up

As the world’s outstanding leader of the fine GRINDING technology, combination GRINDING Group (UNITED GRINDING Group) on the CIMT2017 exhibition with its eight brands brought many GRINDING works of art.The main force of its internal and external circular grinding machine Studer (stu), display the power of good.
& other;Studer this exhibition is a brand new of economical S131 grinder, internal grinder series can easily deal with complex artifacts grinding hard materials (such as cemented carbide, ceramics and gems) as well as ordinary material grinding, especially suitable for die manufacturing.Throughout the &;During the exhibition, Fritz Studer AG sales director Rolf Grossenbacher said in an interview, as a high precision grinding experts, S131 can realize the circular arc, sphere, the cone, inner hole and end of the outer diameter and high precision grinding, one of the most g a diameter of 400 mm, the largest workpiece weight is 100 kg.In addition, S131 on each axis direction by using the linear motor drive, the axial performance is excellent.Carrying the HMI StuderSim makes it very easy to operation and programming at the same time with the help of the programming and simulation software StuderSim can on the outside of the machine tool control system or a computer to write and simulated grinding and finishing procedures.

Fritz Studer company sales director Rolf Grossenbacher and Fritz Studer guo-zhang wu China north area sales director in Fritz Studer China north area sales director guo-zhang wu, S131 is focused the world’s latest technology and materials, and otherFor example, we now of linear motion in the X axis and Z axis machine tool USES a linear motor, and the grinding wheel head rotating shaft adopted direct drive motor.Its speed is very fast and very high degree of precision, versatility is also very good.And can not only grinding wheel head rotation Angle, and the heads of workpiece rotary range is big, is a truly universal cylindrical grinder.It can be processed within the round face and inner hole, inner cone, can even machining cylindrical, various shapes can be a clamping to realize complete machining.
, according to guo-zhang wu S131 equipped with numerical control system is also very convenient, the software can simulate the real-time process, allows users to very visually observed in real time processing.Although increased new function, but does not reduce Studer an inherent property of grinding machine.Even machine tool lathe bed is still the continuation of artificial granite (Granitan® S103), this kind of lathe bed and Studer company in the industry’s first try and ratified.It is also worth noting, Studer extraordinary development, and has set up a patent Studer Guide®Guide rail system is driven by linear motor, is currently one of the best guide system performance.
when it comes to Studer company overall situation this year, says Mr Grossenbacher has been growth in Western Europe and Asian markets recover, momentum of overall performance is on, especially in China’s market demand is very exuberant.From the point of application field, aerospace, hydraulic, tools, and the automobile industry has brought a great role in promoting.He also singled out Studer company the size of the investment Flow Assembly + Flow (Assembly line), the investment is continuously shorten the delivery time for the company, improve the efficiency of the supply chain.& other;For our future development, play a very important role, can say is that we a right investment for the future.Throughout the &;Swiss toon in February at the Motion on the Meeting, according to the Flow Assembly + for final Assembly of the production cycle time was reduced by 50%, have improved a lot to improve process stability at the same time, also greatly reduce the quality risk.
globally, Studer companies want to gain more market share, this is also the new universal internal grinder S131 meaning.& other;Studer most widely in the industry of internal grinder series products, this is what we want for global customers to understand the information.Moreover, we also for the aerospace launch a very targeted and effective solution.Throughout the &;
(the original title: STUDER: from a universal grinding machine to open the new journey) (source: the engineering machinery network)

Digital motor factory 40% increased production efficiency

Siemens to use its electric motor factory in Germany as a platform to show & other;Digital & throughout;Manufacturing can shorten the production time of 40%, with is to reduce the factory 50% correction circuit, gives the new machine a 50% slope.

Siemens industrial production engine in the factory has 80 years of history, is currently in use some new technology to improve and upgrade its production process.

factory director Peter Deml explains, & other;In the process of digital factory, at first we focus on the use of digital create consistency in CAD, CAM processing chain, including tool and nc program management and independent operation of the system before synchronization and equipped with a digital interface.In addition, we introduced a new tool, nc program was optimized and adjusted and made all kinds of design.Throughout the &;

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Siemens is to use the factory as the platform of digital technologies, Siemens is how to implement a new technology, visitors can see how to improve production efficiency.Siemens plans to use the digital platform and application example to show to the customer, using the Siemens provided by digital technology can achieve the effect.

digital solutions will continue to maintain leading position, make enterprise in global competition of the future beyond the opponent is possible.