North accuses to grab a beach machine tool of numerical control of 2010 Nanjing China is exhibited

The machine tool of all previous China International that sponsors by association of industry of tool of Chinese machine tool is exhibited (CIMT) , exhibit an area serious inadequacy perplexes a ginseng to postpone business all the time, also perplexing actually sponsor square. And machine tool of Chinese numerical control is exhibited (CCMT) be with ” cultivate market of machine tool of homebred numerical control, promote machine tool of homebred numerical control to taste development newly, advance process of industrialization of machine tool of homebred numerical control ” be a tenet, it is to be product of machine tool of homebred numerical control to build reveal platform, exhibit business to give priority to with home, natural area allocates a respect to be able to exhibit business to tilt to home. So, a lot of home ginseng exhibited business to place the area that shows innovation gain early beforehand. This period the recent situation that continues to postpone a business with the fashion coverage ginseng that interview and ginseng exhibit a product. It is a reporter below to Beijing of factory of the first machine tool interview. Reporter: The ginseng of your CCMT exhibits area ratio CIMT2009 to increase somewhat, what consideration to stem from? North one: Factory of the first machine tool declared the Beijing of exhibition of machine tool of Chinese numerical control of 12~16 day in April 2010 1500 square metre, be more than far China International machine tool was exhibited 2009 (CIMT2009) ginseng exhibit 400 square metre of area. Joining those who exhibit an area to rise substantially is to stem from the following consideration: The a bitth: Exhibition of machine tool of Chinese numerical control (CCMT) since establishing 2000 oneself, all previous classics 5, the first reaching the 4th is held in Shanghai, the 5th is held in Beijing, the 6th is 2010 hold in Nanjing first, the advanced production facility on the world was owned after removing to can let more users understand north, favorable manufacturing environment, to can make more users farther understand me factory product characteristic reachs character, widen sale channel, the market that enlarges my factory product is had rate, because this should borrow this,exhibit meeting chance to undertake conduct propaganda to my factory product. at 2 o’clock: The item on display that factory of the first machine tool takes the Beijing of exhibition of machine tool of Chinese numerical control that is about to hold this in Nanjing is more, cover an area of an area bigger, machine tool kind item on display 11, functional component kind item on display 4, still have knife handle kind reach accurate part kind item on display. Among them: (1) item on display of XHAE788 vertical machining center: It is north what develop to enter machine tool exhibition is brand-new product, main shaft is abstain unit of main shaft of high speed report, in belonging to home high-grade level. (2) type of CHA5830 dragon door establishs car item on display: It is the product that brings APC double switchboard, its cover an area of an area big, and at present north is made Germany is exported entirely after finishing some company. (3) nice spare parts kind in item on display: End ages dish at present home has kind of part only north one by one the home has facilities of this kind of treatment; Cam kind the part is current home north has facilities of this kind of treatment with additionally one. Reporter: The company that introduces your near future simply please moves a condition. North one: Near future of plant of the first machine tool runs Beijing circumstance: One, main economic norms (slightly)2, contract order circumstance: North product of machine of one medium-sized general 2009 1~6 month and 1~6 month the corresponding period was compared 2008 dropped 47.03% , gain ground model numerical control product dropped 41.1% , heavy-duty product dropped 16.7% , as the attenuation of demand of machine tool market, market competition also grows in intensity, competitive focus is on product value, north is mixed to maintain widen the market, below one phase also must lower price on partial product, the profit space of the enterprise will be affected directly. Order of one of all kinds product compares north the corresponding period had last year relatively substantially drop, but the product that can see class of product technology standard is lower from which, order glides range is bigger, showed the orientaton of the market. Reporter: Ask you to be opposite ” does market of heavy-duty machine tool have after all how old ” express a view? North one: The demand of the high profit of heavy-duty machine tool and market increases, decided the investment orientaton with new company of domestic main machine tool. A kind of research and development, style that produces heavy-duty machine tool to appear to had made manufacturing industry of Chinese machine tool, cross the industry, phenomenon common occurance that crosses norms. In heavy-duty and exceeded market of heavy-duty machine tool to had reached the degree that turn white-hot, a few enterprises that try to enter this market and a few businesses that just enter this market, with low price, not plan the market of race to control of cost and enlarge the market to have rate. Reporter: Do you plan to exhibit in CCMT2010 what item on display? Characteristic of item on display? North one: 1. Product model: XHAE788 produces the name of an article to say: Vertical machining centerXHAE788 vertical machining center, it is the 3 axes that my factory develops newly this year (optional 5 axes) the basic model of product of series of vertical machining center. On workbench optional match revolving stage of double axis of one cradle type, fashion machine tool of 5 axes linkage. Fixed position of this product of series vertical machining center is home in high-grade level. The product is main and main characteristic: (1) high speed abstains electric main shaft, earlier program ISO 40 (12000 R/min) , ISO 50(6000 R/min) two kinds of norms; (2) have good operation to be close to a gender, but from two the front, flank 3 direction near treatment area, at present home still does not have the product of this kind of function. (3) beam of form of tall rigid door, lathe bed. (4) main shaft is hanged surely extend, be helpful for raising treatment precision. (5) hoisting of machine tool whole, carry. (6) slideway of grating of absolute value of complete closed circuit, fast rigid ball. (7) the program carries out GB/T21012-2007 ” condition of technology of accurate machining center ” . 2. Product model: CHA5830 produces the name of an article to say: Dragon door type establishs a carDiameter of circumgyrate of the biggest turning is this product 3000mm, it is 800mm through height, machine tool total length is 16900mm about, machine tool overall width makes an appointment with 13200mm, the machine tool always makes an appointment with 5600mm highly relative to the ground, have double workbench (switchboard) , double ram, double knife library, machine effect of precision, treatment to lead advanced characteristic. This kind of product regards exit as the product all the time, have not sell in home market. 3. Product model: CHA564 produces the name of an article to say: Vertical is compound turning centerProduct characteristic: (1) compound turning center uses CHA564 vertical contraposition of main shaft vertical (falling namely) , have the dynamical knife tower of independent correspondence respectively. Can come true to hold card so, the two sides of the workpiece that finish is machined. (2) main shaft is inside outfit electromotor, contain C axis function, precision is taller, the circumgyrate cutting tool that cooperates knife tower to go up can finish mill, auger, a variety of working procedure treatment such as tap. (3) the dynamical knife tower of this machine tool also not inside outfit electromotor configuration, have the A axis inside 45 ° limits graduated treatment function, come true to machine the oblique plane, working procedure such as inclined hole on workpiece thereby, expanded the scope that can increase workpiece. (4) efficiency of treatment of this machine tool is tall, deploy content to shed conveyor, can much stage equipment connects a line, suit to comprise product line to realize treatment content to shed automation very much, the big batch in suiting modern production very much is efficient treatment. (5) this machine tool basically can be used at treatment dish set kind, the part that batch spends production, if the undercarriage of Buddhist templeput on the brakes of automobile industry, brake is roused,wait. This machine tool all achieved international on each technology index advanced level, have quite high automation rate again, there is better market prospect in the metropolis in domestic and international market. 4. Product name: B/C mechanical places horny headCharacteristic: (1) the axis that take NC (C axis) ram boring milling head uses detached type structure, namely ram casing and gear gearshift casing are separate structure, between ram casing and gear decelerate casing the setting connects the clapboard with preserving lukewarm oily refrigeration, make gearshift gear case medium gear, the quantity of heat that bearing produces cannot be passed to ram casing, the heat that prevented ram casing thereby is out of shape. (2) milling head of ram type boring contains automatic broach orgnaization, can assemble and unassemble conveniently cutting tool. (3) end panel of ram milling head sets automatic outfit to place orgnaization of accessory milling head, can undertake aleatoric angle dislocation together with C axis. (4) end panel of casing of the milling head that place part has quadruplet to pull a hammer, can pull a hammer automatic by the quadruplet that contains end panel of casing of milling head of boring of NC axis ram take. (5) the head that place part advocate motion is positive drive, main shaft is mechanical main shaft, advocate the input axis that motion bolts through the end panel of end panel of main shaft of ram boring milling head the rotate speed main shaft and motivation send the head that place part, this motion passes two pairs of straight gear inside the head that place part and bevel gear of helix of two reciprocity tall tine to deliver the main shaft of the head that place part, main shaft is contained by dish reed taut, the orgnaization of automatic loose broach with loose oil pressure, main shaft taper hole contains central water-cooling and the function that blow air, in main shaft flange dish all cloth 6 groups of nozzle, outside can coming true to cutting tool cold. (6) swing axis (B axis) use bearing of two across roller, overcome swing the axis is swinging the axial that cutting generation bears when feed, radial load and swing the capsize moment that motion produces, make sure feed has enough tigidity. Applicable: Sky of usable Yu Hang, spaceflight, engine, shipping, generate electricity the semifinishing machining of all sorts of plane of the large and complex part that waits for manufacturing industry, curved surface, airspace curved surface and aperture, finish machining, also can use at rough machining.

Program of numerical control machine tool is clear and homebred change index and schedule

By hair change appoint take the lead make, the near future will come on stage permissibly ” numerical control machine tool develops special program ” fulfil for industry of tool of Chinese machine tool ” a certain number of opinions that the State Council revitalizes equipment manufacturing industry about accelerating ” specific executive plan. This are special the program put forward to develop a target as follows: 2010, machine tool of homebred numerical control will occupy the 50% above of home market demand; And the self-sufficient rate of product of functional component form a complete set is amounted to 60% ; Have 75% what the numerical control system of own copyright holds total output of numerical control machine tool. Optimize product structure in order to form reasonable structure. The requirement is in total output of machine tool of homebred numerical control, machine tool of economy numerical control is occupied about 50% , basically satisfy home market requirement; Gain ground model numerical control machine tool is occupied about 45% , gain advantage of home market competition; Advanced model numerical control machine tool is occupied about 5% , be in again of breed expand substantially with contented. Increase numerical control machine tool to export and improve exit product composition, also namely escalate gains ground model the exit of numerical control machine tool, in advanced model side of export of numerical control machine tool obtains a breakthrough. In respect of overall exit sale, the export value of numerical control machine tool needs to occupy the forehead of 10% to spend.

The turning echelon whorl of numerical control lathe

The methodological cardinal principle of the turning echelon whorl of numerical control lathe and turning triangle whorl is similar, just because the tooth is tall deeper, the radial cutting power of lathe tool of whorl of factory of numerical control lathe is greater, so, in turning pitch thick lathe tool and lathe tool of essence of life are used to have rough machining and precision work respectively more when bigger echelon whorl. And echelon whorl has low speed cutting and high speed cutting two kinds of methods. (: of whorl of echelon of cutting of 1) low speed? Qu of  of the sew that jump  is fine? of lukewarm Yan of Dang knocking at a grandma and in make repairs and supply replacements or sheet when production, often use the method of low speed cutting. When cutting pitch is less than the echelon whorl of 4mm, can use a lathe tool only commonly, use take a way continuously and use a few or so feed, build whole lathe tool again after thick car, have finish machining take shape. When turning pitch when bigger echelon whorl, to avoid 3 cutting blade to participate in cutting at the same time generation is oscillatory, answer to use thick lathe tool first, use the feed fashion that controls the standard that drive a knife to undertake renting a car. Factory of numerical control lathe is in after assuring tooth height, use lathe tool of essence of life again undertake into the law; of finish machining figuration is become continuously when pitch is very big, the horn before using radial is 0, two side grind the lathe tool of essence of life that has a bits chamfer, the machine tool of numerical control of whorl of echelon of methodological fine vehicle that uses the left and right sides to drive a knife is dustproof cover. (: of whorl of echelon of cutting of 2) high speed? Lei enlighten Gou behead takes  of ⒕  sew Peng post knocks at lathe tool of whorl of usable hard alloy of? of analyse of grandma Dang lukewarm Yan to undertake high speed cutting. When using cutting of this kind of lathe tool, because 3 cutting blade participates in cutting at the same time, meeting generation is banding cut bits to pour out of, the operation is very insecure. For this, can use lathe tool of whorl of factory of numerical control lathe. Lathe tool of this kind of whorl grinds two circular arc that give semmetry in front, make diameter forward horny Y. Increase. Face of the knife before two circular arc still make shows plant of numerical control lathe 3. ~5. fastigium shape structure. This kind of lathe tool can reduce cutting force, increased the strength of lathe tool, reduced cutting vibration thereby. Factory of numerical control lathe is formed at the same time bulbiform cut bits, make a bits smooth. Today’s introduction arrives here, my company weighs responsibility, negotiate credit, the choice welcomes new old client to patronize, the client’s satisfaction is our lasting and changeless pursuit!

Zhejiang lukewarm city examines quarantine bureau fathers to involve entrance lathe security

A few days ago, zhejiang lukewarm city examines the entrance lathe that the staff member comes from Japan to two carries out quarantine bureau when examining, discover multinomial and safe index is unqualified, entrance equipment discharges knife type lathe for small-sized and rigid numerical control.    Examine in the spot in the process, discovery should import a machine tool to basically put in the following problem: Jacket of electric box door has element of control electric equipment, electric equipment has exposed electric equipment terminal inside cupboard door, nameplate of mark of caution of inside and outside of door of electric equipment cupboard, Control Panel, equipment, emergency stop button is tagged, operation manual did not use Chinese, label of lightning of electric equipment ark was not tagged in door of electric equipment cupboard. Once door of electric equipment cupboard is electric component leakage of electricity, cause safe accident probably. Additional, its caution mark and operation specification did not use Chinese to cause generator easily also to be operated by accident, raise hidden danger of safe production accident. Afore-mentioned problems do not accord with relevant and mechanical safe level to ask, reason is sentenced for unqualified, ask deadline is rectified and reform.    In recent years, the country releases test gauge of a series of mechanical and electrical products in succession model, form relatively perfect entrance mechanical and electrical products to examine superintendency system. But because partial importer and consciousness of safe production of company receiving money are thin, negligence Electromechanical is electric and safe, cause shadow cost of company receiving money to increase.    Examine quarantine branch warns broad company: The import should understand first before the entrance technical standard is normative related Electromechanical equipment, build system of job of relevant safe production; Equipment safety accordance should understand to quality safety management department when purchasing equipment, reject to use safe index rejected equipment, reduce safe cost, promote an enterprise benefit.

Leader of bureau of science and technology of jujube village city comes Shandong survey of firm of machine tool of Pu Lu spy

On August 31, 2015, zhang Xian of deputy mayor of city of state of prosperous of international of Fu Tingan of director of bureau of vice-chairman of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference of jujube village city, science and technology, deputy director general, Teng is depended on, Dong Hong of director of bureau of science and technology silvers coin wait for group 6 people come Shandong Pulute machine tool. President Lin Zhao has, Feng Tongzhou of vise general manager, Li Xingyong accompany survey.    Lin Dong thing grows to manage state and development program to waited to make brief report to city leadership with respect to company current business. Subsequently, the city leadership such as Chairman Fu Tingan will to the company produce the spot, examined company production and case of innovation of science and technology on the spot. Become match lathe of numerical control of inclined lathe bed of truss type robot – before TCK6336S product when, leaders stop a long time, the robot that listened to Lin Dong thing to grow to be begun about the company in detail applies a technology to study a situation, and produce learn to grind the introduction of cooperative achievement.    In the fill that sees company own research and development domestic and international blank product – the SHK20 that offers Singapore client is large laser beam welding of 5 linkage numerical control receives 6 axes when be in charge of thread cutting lathe, leaders are interested especially, look carefully at while, enquired task project approving and development state of affairs carefully. After listening to the introduction with Lin Dong senior issue, the city leadership such as Chairman Fu Tingan evaluated a company highly in recent years rapid development and the remarkable result that obtain in research and development of machine tool of high-grade numerical control and production field place. In the meantime, to the company the development henceforth planned to offer sufficient affirmation, the major policy problem that develops to a few concerned enterprises, offerred guiding proposal.