Domain of spaceflight of country of equipment of batch of machine tool of smooth foreign high-grade numerical control

Yesterday, the reporter learns from limited company of Dalian light modern science and technology, recently, organization of Chinese mechanical Joint Industry Conference held limited company of Dalian light modern science and technology ” fiber-optic bus line opens type drive of system of high-grade numerical control, servo, survey system of system and electric machinery whole set ” with research and development of limited company of numerical control of Dalian division heart ” vehicle of mill of 5 axes vertical is complex machining center ” new product appraisal is met. The technical level of these products is by appraisal ” international is advanced level ” , appraisal committee chairman is held the position of by Lu Bingheng of academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering.
According to introducing, by two products of appraisal it is our country 16 science and technology are great and special in the content with numerical control special machine tool. Current, the 5 number of axle that limited company of numerical control of heart of division of the Dalian below division of group of Dalian light modern science and technology develops accuse compound machining center to infiltrate engine of Chinese spaceflight, aviation creates a company successfully already. Industry of aircraft of Shaanxi of industry of the boat in be after Dalian Guang Yangxian (group) limited company, medium engine of aviation of Li Yang of boat industry Guizhou (group) limited company, Harbin is limited company of group of Dong Anfa motive, medium boat lake. Applied result is favorable, can replace entrance product.
Come nearly 10 years, group of modern science and technology assumed Dalian light continuously national science and technology is great and special wait for main task 11, chair and participate in nation of system of formulate numerical control and occupation standard 7, own valid patent more than 300, passed ISO9001 ∶ 2000, the international attestation such as CMML L3, CE. Already compose built the technical catenary with high-grade full-rigged numerical control and industrial chain.

Swiss industry tycoon comes Changzhou makes machine tool of high-end numerical control produce a center

Yesterday afternoon, changzhou mayor Fei Gaoyun is in city administration center Tian Yuanxuan interviews George Fisher group a place of strategic importance of Yi husband · pulls presiding apparitor gentleman group.

As we have learned, founding to manage Fisher group at the tall 1802 is one extraction bound group of industry of first of banner, Switzerland, headquarters is located in a person of extraordinary powers of Swiss summer husband dark city. This group is dedicated at product of accurate machine tool, car and pipeline system business of 3 big core. Among them, one of branches of Wu of 3 great undertaking that group of Er of A Jixia rice is George Fisher group, it is supplier of Wu of kimono of solution of the machine tool with banner whole world, automata. The product enclothed electric spark to machine nicety of high-power of machine tool, high speed machining center of milling of nicety of high speed of linkage of milling machining center, much axis, and changing main shaft of nicety of knife system, high speed clamping apparatus system, pallet changer system, automatically is all.

Group of Er of rice of A strange summer was in 2007 Changzhou high new developed area is solely invested establish Changzhou limited company of machine tool of Er of A Jixia rice. Since this company joined movement 2009 oneself, maintained high speed growth for years continuously, sale exceeded 250 million RMB 2014, profit tax exceeds 11 million yuan. This year, this company is obtained again ” company of new and high technology ” title. This group plans to be in a company former address extend 2 period project, add workshop newly to make an appointment with 10000 square metre, introduce center of laser beam machining and high-end electric spark machine product, make Changzhou company the manufacturing center of machine tool of high-end numerical control.

Fei Gaoyun expresses to welcome ardently to the guest’s arrival. He says, intelligent manufacturing industry is facing significant progress opportunity currently, it is China put forward ” industry 2025 ” strategic general wait for crucial link around foundation of transition of innovation drive, intelligence, aggrandizement, and advanced make, the key domain such as high-end equipment accelerates development; 2 it is Su Na of Changzhou body part own innovation demonstrative area, hopeful obtains more policy to give aid to; 3 it is one of base that Jiangsu visits a Changzhou to label intelligence to make, these the development of manufacturing industry of will great stimulative intelligence. And group of Er of A Jixia rice has very large force in itself of this one domain, seize current significant progress opportunity, will obtain huge gains.

The support that since a place of strategic importance of Yi husband · pulls a gentleman to build a plant to often investing, various government gives and service thanks. He says, the factory of Changzhou develops very well now, be certain the meeting is better henceforth, because will plan to enlarge investment next, produce new product.

Xu Xinmin of municipal government secretary-general accompanies guild to see.

Product of high end of neat heavy numerical control infiltrates American market obtains height to approbate

Recently, 200 × of the XK2640X230 of research and development of Inc. of equipment of neat heavy numerical control and HT Ⅲ 160/40L-NC<201405008CK-1507> two international precede horizontal machine tool exports the United States successfully, the mark is worn the product of high-end machine tool that our country has own intellectual property, get the height of western developed country is approbated.
XK2640X230 boring milling machine is the high accuracy numerical control that neat heavy numerical control is production company of American Ellwood crankshaft to develop development movable type of heavy-duty dragon door boring mill machining center. This project is Inc. of equipment of neat heavy numerical control and research and development of coact of German IFD company, it is current domestic head stage is large the milling machine of dragon door boring that contains workbench of circumgyrate of vertical numerical control and horizontal circumgyrate unit.
Current, milling machine of boring of type of heavy-duty dragon door has numerical control only the general function of milling machine of dragon door boring, a few large and complex crankshaft kind two above machine tool just can finish milling machine of spare parts need and horizontal car milling machine rough machining and semifinishing machining. Have dragon door boring milling machine and stand, the high-end machine tool of complex formula is in horizontal car mill our country still does not have production to had been made. Lead plane of this machine tool configures axis of 10 numerical control, OK and aleatoric treatment of 5 axes linkage. The machine tool still configures milling head of accessory of 4 kinds of high accuracy, among them high-power machinery is all-purpose milling head is complete by Qi Chong numerical control proper motion is made.
200 × of HT Ⅲ 160/40L-NC<201405008CK-1507> machine tool is neat heavy numerical control the high accuracy numerical control that develops development for company of machine tool of American Ellwood crankshaft is heavy-duty center lathe. This product is held to, the design concept of high spirit, efficient, green, safe, environmental protection, according to the use requirement of the user and product craft, the standard of 8 standards technology that follows the United States to carry out is developed meticulously and become.
It is reported, company of machine tool of American Ellwood crankshaft is the United States’ biggest crankshaft production business, this product is to weigh numerical control together to infiltrate center lathe first the classic case of American market, the formal put into production of the product is sure to make ” China is made ” consequence expands to America, and even world each district.

How to operate machining center ability correctly to prolong service life

As the flying development of machining center market, its are correct operation method also jumps over forthcoming month to pay close attention to for people place. High speed machining center is used in the problem that should note uses an environment to be the service life that improves numerical control facility, general requirement should avoid the direct illuminate of sunshine and other heat radiation, should avoid too damp, dust overmuch or have the place that corrodes gas. Equipment should be far from the facility with large vibration, wait like equipment of punching machine, v.
High speed machining center is unfavorable and long-term seal up for keeping, when machining the task, machine tool also answer fixed electrify, had better be weekly electrify 2 ~ 3, move for nothing every time 1 when the left and right sides, will in order to use the calorific amount of machine tool itself reduce the humidity inside machine, make electronic component does not send be affected with damp be affected with damp, also can discover in time at the same time without batteries n inadequacy calls the police, in order to prevent systematic set parameter missing.
The filter of each lubricant, hydraulic pressure, baric to high speed machining center system or cent mesh undertake cleaning or change regularly; Undertake to hydraulic pressure system oleaginous assay is checked regularly, add and change hydraulic pressure is oily; Divide water filter to enrage to baric system regularly implement turn on the water. Undertake machine tool level and mechanical precision are checked regularly corrective. The method of correction of mechanical precision has soft hard two kinds. Its are soft the method basically is to pass systematic parameter to compensate, like guide screw backlash compensation, machine tool answers reference point position corrective etc; Good method wants to undertake when the machine tool heavies repair commonly, if have guide,repair blow, nut of ball guide screw deputy tighten beforehand adjust backlash to wait.
Good power supply assures to fluctuate to avoid power source range is big (be more than ± 5% ) disturb the influence such as signal with likely instant, high speed machining center uses power supply of special railway line commonly (if divide a road to be used for numerical control machine tool alone from low-pressure distribution room) or add stabilized voltage device to wait, can reduce the influence of power supply quality and electric interference. Make the use of effective operating rules in numerical control machine tool and administrative field, should make a series of suit the operating rules of actual, effective. Lubricate for example, maintain, reasonable use the shift changing rule that reachs a standard to spend etc, it is numerical control equipment uses the main content that reachs management. Make and abiding by operating rules is one of important step that make sure safety of numerical control machine tool moves. Carry out a proof, numerous breakdown but by abide by operating rules and decrease or avoid to happen.

Linkage of Qi Erwu axis decides diplodocus door machining center already finished installation to debug

Recently, qiqihaer 2 machine tools (group) the GMC2745/L350-5X that for Biyadi car research and development makes 5 axis linkage of finite liability company decide diplodocus door machining center already completed installation, enter debug level. This machine tool can apply extensively at grinding a curved surface, complex Bao Bi, aperture of chamfer of much angle deep antrum kind mould, the car enclothes a quantity check to provide the treatment that waits for complex component. Basically apply to aerospace, car, mould to make wait for an industry.