CNC machining center for machining of what?

Machining center machine is composed of mechanical equipment and numerical control system is suitable for machining complex parts of efficient automatic machine tools.Nc machining center is the most productive in the world, one of the most widely used nc machine tools.Its comprehensive processing ability is stronger, a clamping workpiece can be completed after more machining, the machining accuracy high, moderate difficulty of batch workpieces, its efficiency is 5 ~ 10 times of general equipment, in particular, it can accomplish many ordinary equipment can’t finish machining, the shape is complex, high precision single processing or small batch more varieties of production is more suitable.

CNC machining center machine feed processing route tool from the knife point movement began fixed origin (or machine), until the return to that point and end the route processing program, including cutting paths and cutting tool cut, cut out of the empty travel path.

finishing feed line are basically along the contour order, therefore, to determine the feed line focus is to determine the rough machining and empty trip feed line.
in machining center machine, determine the processing route of general to follow the principle of the following aspects.
(1) should be able to guarantee the machining precision and surface roughness.
(2) reduce processing route, the shortest travel time, improve the machining efficiency.
(3) try to simplify the numerical calculation workload, simplify the processing procedure.

The modern New Year’s message of 2017 to the depth development of the industry

Today, when the industry malaise, constant pressure thin profits, and low-end labor-intensive manufacturing “escape” the Chinese, for the machine tool industry, we had to feel more and more turbulent cold.For modern wei and we have always firmly bound and manufacturing together, we are in manufacturing, and service in manufacturing.Looking back at the past 2016,

do project scheme, people may still think day and night are not idle;And there are some people who may already feel the crisis.Because, that seems to be a good sales in addition to some transformation successful enterprises seize the opportunity, there are many may only at the cost of lower profits and crazy promotion.Everyone took out an ace, also reduces the psychological expectations, compared to profits, how to survive the more important.

if that in China, will surely fail.Because China is not only a most potential market, is also a market full of unknowns.We can be curious, but do not dismiss;Can be patient, but do not slack off.Here is the longing for innovation, have made expectations for intelligence, old and new demand change constantly and alternative, the market is evolving, for machine tool industry, only positive change, continuous innovation, to the phoenix nirvana, ashes. At the end of

2016, we found that it did not imagine the frustration.With the efforts of all staff and clients, agents, under the joint efforts of the media, industry, and sales both overfulfilled our order, more customers one-time purchase single order exceeds more than 100 sets, broke through the same single sales record.In

2016, we are faced with many difficulties and setbacks, also many moving and harvest the fruit.In view of the manufacturing industry to upgrade the rising demand for high-end machine tools, we didn’t. Instead, the German design of high-end research and development, gather many five axis vertical machining center (XF6300) to China, and in a short period of time quickly won the favour of many customers.In

2016, we further strengthen the brand image shaping and ascension, through to the typical customer interview, deeper show a modern power in different customers strong understanding and perfect match.In

2016, we pay more attention to and customers in different levels and different point of view of communication.WeChat startup for customers bring more latest information on a regular basis;Zhangjiagang built with the multi-purpose hall of display and training related (preparation);In South Korea, with 1800 square meters super team attend SIMTOS exhibition at the same time, the factories were Open Day and global client appreciation activities;In China, also held dozens of factories Open Day and technical exchange activities.Such as a variety of, is all we return to the customer, the best proof of return to the market.

we’ve always said, and his own localization is a producer of “user”, in this area can provide not only precision equipment, also is not only a customized service, can copy these to some extent.Is our own rich experience with their own equipment, auto parts factory to provide customers with more lasting value: production experience and management pattern to draw lessons from, get seamless docking and fusion process, quality control is also easier.We are more willing to share and grow together.

winds in winter will come, is a challenge, more opportunities, this is an era of can make us better, home right here, is our main characters.We can do is, together with all walks of life to the survival of our warmth, and to undertake the responsibility of machine tools, active listening and fit their needs, active in the development process to solve they encounter difficulties, take the initiative to bring them a better update technology and management mode.

Domestic first sets five-axis efficient composite materials processing center through customer acceptance

8, shenyang machine tool research and development of efficient composite five axis machining center through the important customer pre-acceptance aerospace field.The success of this device not only realizes aerospace equipment technology research and development and application of a major breakthrough, can replace imported equipment at the same time, has become one of the leading technology and equipment in the international aerospace manufacturing.

popularity in the field of aeronautics and astronautics “aluminum alloy age” is in the past, are gradually replacing metal alloy material is aviation composite materials.At present, the composite material accounted for the proportion of the airframe is higher and higher, an airbus A380 aircraft on composite materials accounted for 22% of the body structural weight, and composite materials in a Boeing 787 aircraft accounted for 50% of the body structural weight, composite material as the primary structural materials, modern large-scale commercial is the future development direction of aerospace materials.Because of the particularity of composite materials, for the perfection of “dustproof, explosion-proof, prevent oil” requirements, the main function of processing equipment parts must conform to the double pendulum head servo seal hard indexes such as vacuuming and space.Internationally, the processing of composite material of equipment from Germany and the United States, mostly of sophisticated equipment imported and domestic enterprises often is limited by technology.

shenyang aerospace industry group in the long-term focus on the process of typical parts industry technology research, understand industry trends, processing characteristics and efficient GMC4060u composites for five axis machining center first applied fully enclosed protection, protection of top new technologies such as automatic open-close mechanism, to solve the “pain points” of composite materials processing.”Composite materials processing capacity is small, but the processing cost is higher, more difficult, the value is more expensive, relatively closed between protection and dust all the way, such as oil is the key point of composite material of nc machining equipment, shenyang machine tool on these key points are achieved breakthrough.”Is responsible for the acceptance of a certain institute of aviation materials one expert says, “the shenyang machine tool GMC4060u five-axis efficient composite application processing center in the future there will be a huge market.”

gmc4060u efficient composite five axis machining center research and development success, also has become the focus of efficient composite materials processing industry, in July, 2017 intelligent manufacturing and efficient processing of advanced composite technology exchange meeting was held in dalian university of technology international conference center, the aerospace industry group as the only invited to attend the domestic machine tool industry enterprises.

“composites five axis” the success of the project not only reveals the aerospace industry group on five-axis products technical advantages and strong manufacturing capabilities, but also promote the overall development of machine tool products one of the important marks.In aerospace manufacturing sector, special equipment for aerospace companies in the world, is a product of a single, and able to provide users with professional processing equipment, special equipment, technology solutions, parts processing outsourcing, life cycle services after five categories of products and services such as enterprise, shenyang machine tool group is the first machine tool industry, aerospace industry.From aluminum alloy processing to the titanium alloy;From common parts to precision parts;From metal material to nonmetallic material, from part to part, to the aircraft engine assembly line, shenyang machine tool service field more and more wide.

Zhejiang jinyun county town in “machine cup” skills contest starts in September

By zhejiang province lishui city jinyun county department of human social security bureau, county, the county federation of trade unions and other departments jointly organized the jinyun county of “machine tool town cup 2017 professional skill grand meeting” registration work is in full swing today, this ability grand meeting activities will further enhance the overall quality of the practitioners of jinyun county machinery industry, promote the important measure of high-skilled talents team construction.& have spent

as we have learned, jinyun county this year will be organized to carry out the band sawing machine assembly (team projects), sewing machine assembly, 3 d printing, manipulator operation control (PLC), numerical control lathe work, maintenance of machining center operator, welder, fitter, small household electrical appliances manufacturing industry, fitness equipment production workers play projects.Then, from the county of all enterprises and “skills” will gather in the scene, to compete, for each project, each type of work’s awards.The winning player can not only get more fat bonuses, rewards, still can obtain corresponding levels of national vocational qualification certificate, “county technical experts”, “jinyun hundred workers” title of honor, “machine town” trophy.At the same time, for eligible award-winning athletes in the declaration of provinces and cities at the county level skills master studio, chief technician, “five a” master, model selection, the priority to be recommended.

Shenyang machine tool i5 intelligent manufacturing valley in hubei springing up

On August 15, hubei Zhong Xiang i5 intelligent manufacturing valley construction project site, 5 building 70000 square meters factory building, one of the building area of 5000 square meters workshop have been capped and completed the construction of infrastructure, one of the first 80 units from shenyang machine tool to the i5 intelligent machine tools have also been completed installation and debugging.

4 in shenyang machine tool and hubei zhongxiang government officially reached a strategic cooperation, promote the central i5 intelligent manufacturing valley project construction;In early may, complete intelligent manufacturing valley construction planning;In early June, 5 building workshop construction;In mid-july, i5 intelligent machine into valleys.I5 valley of intelligent manufacturing becomes the new engine Zhong Xiang equipment manufacturing industry transformation and upgrading, through high-end intelligent manufacturing attract scattered in the auto industry inside and outside the processing enterprises, the formation of industrial clusters.

, said an official with the shenyang machine tool on i5 intelligent manufacturing valley caused the attention of the regional internal and external enterprises of different industries, consulting, and heats up.There are two enterprises are deep discuss the scheme of the bag check in, one is from shenzhen enterprises, another is half shaft industry well-known enterprises in China.

, according to the controller introduces i5 intelligent manufacturing “Zhong Xiang speed” of the construction of the valley is zhongxiang focus on accelerating the development of high-end intelligent manufacturing was determined.Zhongxiang located in central hubei province, the han river middle reaches, it is the national experimental area for sustainable development, the state-level ecological demonstration area, the national scientific and technological progress advanced counties.In recent years, zhongxiang to build “JingZhong city new city” and “wisdom city” as the main body in the economic development strategy, strive to promote the city’s high-end manufacturing industry development.I5

intelligent manufacturing valleys will establish i5 intelligent manufacturing experience center, regional industry research and development center, intelligent test center, regional practice training center, center and remanufacturing industry data cloud, with modern service industry as the way to integrate social resources, in zhongxiang, and the surrounding area to form ecological intelligent manufacturing sharing.Central China i5 intelligent manufacturing valley project planning land of 1000 mu, is expected in the i5 intelligent equipment 10000 units (sets), is expected to 2021 annual sales income 6 billion yuan.