Chen Huiren leads a group to went to Taiwan to undertake a person of same business communicates an activity

October 2015 19-24 day, according to cross-strait entrepreneur job of meeting year focal point schedules the summit, standing vice-president holds association of industry of tool of Chinese machine tool concurrently secretary-general Chen Huiren leads a group to went to Taiwan to undertake a person of same business communicates an activity.    During the stage, delegacy inspected accurate machinery to consider to develop a center centrally in Taichun area, always enter company of Electromechanical of prosperous of machinist estate company, Cheng, Qing Hong Electromechanical industry company, Taiwan is brought promote Inc. of science and technology of Inc. He Yintai, their advocate business Wu involves applied technology research, machining center, report to machine component of function of guard of inside and outside of electric machinery of machine tool, main shaft, machine tool and scroll to wait. These 6 enterprises are in Taiwan this domain is before rank the first place or be being resided 3 models in delegate, and the type is more comprehensive: Have manufacturing company already, have scientific research orgnaization again; In the enterprise, have mainframe company already, have company of functional component form a complete set again; In mainframe business, already gold cuts treatment mainframe business, again report processes mainframe business.    Accordingly, inspect an activity this very helpful to understanding the integral situation of industry of Taiwan machine tool, also formed series to inspect report and industry to share from this.    Fact of essence of life manages (TPS) , essence of life calls beneficial management in the mainland, it is the method of a kind of production management that shows place of company of Japanese abundant field is created. Going up century 80 time, our country regards one of methods of 18 kinds of modern management as to try to be popularized energetically seed profit management. There also are many enterprises to had carried out seed profit to produce administrative method inside machine tool industry, but what be carried out seriously truly and insist to come down is few however, general it is blast and beautiful frame work. Accordingly, we are such to enterprise of Taiwan machine tool management of the fact that impose fine is very interested in praise highly and serious fact.    When making an on-the-spot investigation to always take company of industry of He Qinghong Electromechanical of machinist estate company, company controller is very earnest the practice that introduced an enterprise to carry out fact of essence of life to manage to us with detailed ground and experience. Bring although carry out fact of essence of life to manage without clear introduction,start a company, but the managed a system to also reflect fact of essence of life to manage marrow of this company. As we have learned, taiwan economy ministry comes to solid managing extending essence of life all the time for years, enterprise of a lot of machine tools tries to carry out in very serious ground, and from which benefit. Always held water 1954 into machinist job Inc. , it is Taiwan machine tool one of representative companies are had most in the industry, have many 500 stuff. Main product has establish horizontal machining center, stand lie door of compound machining center, dragon milling machine of lathe of machining center, numerical control, numerical control.    This company supervises fact of essence of life the particular case that uses at the company, the particular production of creation manages mode to call YCMPS. Method of this kind of management with high quality, low cost, short hand in period for the target, with complete member participate in for basic form, make from 5S foundation, eliminate all waste, improve product and service quality, shorten date of delivery. They manage target and strategy to be a basis with the company, established division of 9 3 seminar, cent to meet, part formulate job plan, develop an activity. Often still organize preeminent business inspect and learn each other’s work, with be inspired from which. They still put forward catchword: Manufacturing site reveals office namely, want at any time high grade groove.    Company of industry of the Electromechanical that celebrate grand held water 1975, it is the whole world opportunity of treatment of the 5th big discharge produces a business, the house in the sale that machines a machine tool in mainland report the 2nd, have stuff 300 much people. This company specific the way that executive essence fact runs calls CPS management the way, advocate ” complete an innovation, own improvement ” , every job unit should analyse plan and character everyday, reveal look in management board on.    Government sees the reality of essence of life of the company that celebrate grand board   In the manufacturing site of these two companies, the management that we see each team and group looks board on paste is worn a variety of management chart, showing all sorts of plan that administer a project and quality. Can see, look board the dynamic progress that reflective is manufacturing management, is not make an issue of, do sth for show.    It is besides primary manufacturing activity, can insist for a long time to develop so trival government activity, doing not have the culture of enough and powerful motive and height to agree is impossible. Enterprise of Taiwan machine tool can hold to, be opposite at the private enterprise reduce cost, enhance the quality, pressing pursuit that enhances market competition ability and strong desire, working at Taiwan enterprise serious, pursue perfect culture gene. This perhaps is us the reason place that a lot of enterprises cannot perserve, just also be we should learn the administrative marrow that draw lessons from.

Haipuruisen passes Beijing company of new and high 2016 technology is maintained afresh

On December 22, to Beijing sea general lucky dark science and technology expands limited company (later development all abbreviation ” Haipuruisen ” ) , it is a life that is worth to congratulate. Basis ” company of new and high technology maintains administrative measure ” (country 2016 〕 of 〔 of division draw well 32) and ” job of cognizance management of company of new and high technology is how-to ” (country 2016 〕 of 〔 of division draw well 195) concerned regulation, cognizance Haipuruisen is company of new and high technology, period of efficacy is 3 years. Haipuruisen is maintained afresh for company of new and high technology, this is development of pair of business of sea Pu Ruisen not only approbate, also be to the sea Puruisen expresses great expectations. Haipuruisen is located at county of Beijing close cloud, held water 2007. 10 years short, haipuruisen is industry of numerical control machine tool to ignite a hope however. Today’s Haipuruisen in all patent application 128, the invention is patent 28, accredit is patent 82. Be not being satisfied is up gear, face a lot of honor, haipuruisen still not arrogant not impetuous, continue to be explored on machine tool road. In machine tool industry ” feel climb boil dozen ” , also let Haipuruisen harvest richer and richer production experience. ZhongGuanCun is new and high science and technology of unit of director of association of pilot enterprise, medium and small businesses, Beijing studies patent of technical company, Beijing development orgnaization… the validity that the report just of these bright looks confirmed to Sen Jian holds Hai Purui. On November 11, 2013, the national form that Haipuruisen becomes to exceed accurate technology revolution to drive conformity of manufacturing industry of equipment of Chinese high end to innovate through leading is new and high technical company. 2016, haipuruisen is mixed by right of top-ranking manufacturing technology again with when the innovation ability that all takes is maintained through company of new and high technology, the technical innovation level that also means Haipuruisen strode a new chance to extricateoneself from an awkward position again. Carry a state twice continuously company of new and high technology, solid to an enterprise belong to god-given. Of this honorary backside is Haipuruisen of each employee pay with effort, this among them hardships also has Haipuruisen only the person knows. To realize our country by ” make big country ” march toward ” production powerful nation ” new span, haipuruisen all the time with ” intelligence is changed ” , ” green is changed ” , ” the service is changed ” , ” internationalization ” to expand a line, make high accuracy, high-powered machine tool equipment. Kongfu does not lose an observant and conscientious person, haipuruisen already became our country crop the biggest exceed accurate machine tool to produce one of businesses. The achievement of such arrogant person is sea general luck dark person uses countless day day and night nocturnal boiling comes out, approve caboodle of high grade machine tool product to come out with a batch. Haipuruisen is own research and development tens of planting function exceeds accurate machine tool steadily to equip, go up with market equipment of other machine tool is different is, machine tool product can realize Haipuruisen glass of optics of pair of copper, gold, steel, Tantalum, germanium, aluminium, zinc, silicon, colophony, all fronts, crystal kind wait for material qualitative lens face, cone, spherical, blame spherical, cylinder, . Accordingly, of product of machine tool of sea Pu Ruisen cover a range very wide, inspect optical, optics to make from the eye, sunken imprint plate making arrives industry of lumber of office bad news, haipuruisen be nothing difficult. Be worth what carry is, by Haipuruisen of own research and development exceed accurate sheet to nod diamond lathe, exceed accurate sheet to nod numerical control of special type of roller of diamond lathe, accurate edition the much money product such as two upright boring machine is lathe, rigid numerical control domestic initiate, fill home is blank. Also as a result of machine tool product special with high grade, haipuruisen is gifted people’s expectations. The support of the favour of the user, government these become Haipuruisen to will develop henceforth not exhaust motivation. Congratulate Haipuruisen to pass Beijing again finally company of new and high 2016 technology is maintained afresh. Future, haipuruisen will take this honor to initiate bigger blue sky, trade of the machine tool that help strength is larger stronger.

How is lathe of inclined slideway numerical control installed and its use method?

Lathe of this inclined slideway numerical control uses Electromechanical unifinication design, lathe bed and leg are integral structure, lathe bed retreat is inclined 30 degrees, the structure is compact, tigidity is strong, aseismatic sex is good, platoon bits is convenient. Machine tool main shaft uses main shaft unit, frequency conversion or servo advocate electric machinery, gaojukeshi does not have main shaft rotate speed now extremely timing, slideway uses an entrance slideway of tall accurate and linear scroll, drive uses communication servo electric machinery, fixed position precision is tall, floating rate is rapid. Slideway uses concentration automatic lubricant device and whole sealing defend, lubricant and sufficient, safe and service life is long.    Lathe of this inclined slideway numerical control can install much group to discharge tool carrier, multitask dynamoelectric tool carrier or tool carrier of hydraulic pressure servo. Clamp of main shaft workpiece can choose stretch collet or dynamical chuck, make workpiece outfit clip convenient and quick.    Of lathe of this inclined slideway numerical control procrastinate board the ball silk lever that transmission silk lever is high accuracy, the transmission space between filar lever and nut is very little, but also not be to say to do not have clearance, and should have space only, after moving towards a direction when filar lever when again retrorse drive, hard to avoid can generate backlash, backlash can affect treatment precision, and because this kind of machine tool of 45 degrees of lathe bed has gravitational effect, gravitational and immediate effect the axial at filar lever, the backlash when transmission is almost 0. If you are unidentified still white, you can look for a common nut and screw, upend up, pigheaded move screw, again retrorse go back, go to from beginning to end with respect to can clear nut controlling filar lever at the same time, won’t have backlash so, if make nut and screw smooth put, won’t have this kind of effect.    The tigidity of lathe of this inclined slideway numerical control is good, cutting causes machine tool vibration not easily, the cutting tool of this kind of machine tool is the cutting of inclined upper part in workpiece, cutting force and the gravitational photograph that main shaft workpiece produces are consistent, main shaft movement is relatively so smooth, cause cutting vibration not easily, and lathe of ordinary numerical control is when cutting, cutting tool and the cutting power that workpiece produces are up, the gravity that arises with main shaft workpiece is abhorrent, cause vibration easily so.    Installation of lathe of inclined slideway numerical control and use   1, the working precision to assure a machine tool, bolt of foot of soil preparation of the attune when installation or damping pay a foot, assure machine tool standard, do not make slideway screwy.    2, installation debugs the job to finish, must check rotational place to whether reach electric equipment line neatly first reliable, have running test next, experiment time is little at 2 hours, decide normal and rear accessibility test-drive is machined.    3, main shaft bearing can produce gap after the machine tool uses period of time, the user can be adjusted appropriately according to using rate. Space is too little, easy bring about bearing calorific; gap is too big, the precision that can affect work very exterior surface roughness. The locknut degree of tightness that can pass bearing of pair of main shaft around undertakes adjustment, the clearance of bearing maintains beautiful is in 0.006mm.    4, the size of the machine tool procrastinates board all deserve to have iron of a place of strategic importance, can be adjusted after use period of time through adjusting iron of a place of strategic importance big, small procrastinate board clearance, should in order to move agile, it is advisable to do not affect treatment precision.    5, the machine tool slides place must lubricate adequately, every (with 8 small chronometer) should undertake adding noting mechanical oily 2-4 second, bearing is lubricant should every 300- – 600 hours change.    6, should do good machine tool to maintain at ordinary times reach clean job.    7, the machine tool should read machine tool operation instruction handbook in detail before use.

Development of estate of machine tool of Wuhan numerical control plans to appear

The evaluation that holds yesterday is met on, does change blame mention vice director of center of technology of fierce heavy group, : of industry a matter of regret? Above of 3? digit adds Ou of knock of  of  of dice of storehouse of  of act of drought of creek of Wu ┠ Bu fast, but great majority of business of form a complete set comes from an other place, “Leader plant develops, did not pull use property of this locality form a complete set. As domestic production category the most all ready heavy-duty machine tool produces business, fierce weighs markets of a variety of product whole nation to have rate platoon, . Go to 1.225 billion yuan to realized gross value of industrial output last year, hold production value of countrywide heavy-duty machine tool 17% , implementation profit tax 258 million yuan, to lead of person of the same trade of whole nation of economic integration benefit. However, this locality component appears in fierce rarely in heavy production system. China in numerical control provides numerical control system again for fierce, used 6 last year, before this year 5 months used 12, second half of the year still can continue to purchase, ascend strange electric machinery to be China in numerical control offers money, also ” indirect ” become fierce to weigh business of form a complete set. In addition still fragmentary enterprise offers money again for fierce, gross does not exceed 5. Actually, dosage of component of machine tool function is big. It is with shield exemple, the technology is not sophisticated, every also can sell many yuan 10. Shield volume is large nevertheless, every a few tons are weighed, need special device to do. Wuhan is done not have, domestic company production, fierce does not purchase Shanghai again, be Tianjin, Shandong. Center of the milling head that the machine tool assembles, van procrastinates frame, pull the component such as mat, wuhan does not have company production, outside going to, purchase cannot produce periodic synchronism with oneself sometimes, fierce is machined oneself again. “Oneself machine expenses time, influence date of delivery. Influence date of delivery.. According to the analysis, wuhan enterprise does not have a law to weigh form a complete set for fierce, does the reason have 3: ? The branny cleanse that make a large bamboo hat is fierce make an appointment with drought to seek  to divide  of  of core of brandish of garden Yu  ? of ┑ of aurelian commonplace ざ is opposite ” disengaged ” enterprise, deliver person fund to these components feebly, buy professional equipment and research and development, although the technology with short of heavy fierce and quality requirement; have the company that can obtain fierce to weigh demand, lack news source, can weigh contact to rise with fierce rarely. Regard lead plane as the factory, wu Chongxi hopes to concentrate energy latest technology of absorption research machine tool and craft, relevant component makes enterprise form a complete set by professional this locality, form industrial alliance, can each doing his own job so, accelerate industry of Wuhan machine tool to grow rate. Yesterday, ” development of estate of machine tool of Wuhan city numerical control plans to implement plan ” evaluation can be held, does plan make target: ? ?015 year machine tool of whole town numerical control does business implementation to always stop a person 15 billion yuan. ” executive plan ” put forward, to 2015, whole town is heavy-duty, exceed machine tool of heavy-duty numerical control to produce per year a quantity to exceed 1000, numerical control system produces per year sales volume 40 thousand above, market of system of high-grade numerical control is occupied in than achieving 25% . Establish car, boring machine, milling machine and gear-hobbing machine, lie machine and do not fall wheel pair lathe should realize home to precede, the international that take a person is advanced level, in consolidating, system of high-grade numerical control shows some country lead position, accelerate passageway of much axis of high speed, high spirit below, research and development of system of acting numerical control, achieve international as early as possible advanced level. To 2020, machine tool of Wuhan numerical control strives to break up again time, year always receive a person to achieve 30 billion yuan. Up to 2008, enterprise of machine tool of numerical control of Wuhan dimensions above 11, among them plant of machine tool leader 5, enterprise of form a complete set 6, entire industry gross value of industrial output 1.878 billion yuan.

The patent technique with complete successful research and development: Turner has case

Technical descriptionMachining workshop is laying all sorts of machine tools (common lathe, numerical control lathe, numerical control milling machine, machining center) , among them every machine tool deploys a kit, there are all sorts of tools of place need in kit. The measure that has all sorts of of all kinds and all sorts of narrow measure, spanner, lubricant tool, valuable cutting tool, nicety. In actual production, the design of former kit is unreasonable the issue that brings to production is as follows: The first, of kit statified unreasonable. Of kit statified unreasonable, can bring about worker chaos to take chaos to put, the tool that does not know a need is in which, after giving out, do not know these tools should put which; Bring about whole kit to be posse in disorder thereby, cause damage of precision of narrow measure job, make the point of a knife of cutting tool is touched bad by other tools, do not facilitate at the same time of all sorts of tools check. The 2nd, the design of kit interior structure is unreasonable. Disagreement of design of kit interior structure pays attention to the narrow measure inside direct and minatory kit, valuable cutting tool, other tool be touched to fall fall, can affect the precision of these measure, cutting tool directly. The 3rd, the outside figure of kit and structural design are unreasonable. Job shops space is limited, use kit to go to the lavatory, kit is put in closer from the machine tool place commonly, but what the exterior form that designs as a result of kit and structure design is unreasonable, the worker can be mixed to touch the phenomenon of the injury by kit cut. Before the job, the worker can wait for the tool that should use, measure, cutting tool those who be put in kit to appear on the stage face. Of kit appear on the stage what the face designs is unreasonable, the worker is met inadvertently wait for these tools that are put in the mesa on kit, measure, cutting tool to be touched or slide, bring about narrow measure precision to lose thereby. Because kit design is unreasonable,the problem that cause is couldn’t get solve, can bring certain trouble to normal production, cause menace to producing worker person safety, narrow measure, cutting tool, tool also cannot get active management. Originate contentTo overcome the weakness of afore-mentioned existing technologies, this practical and new-style offer kit of a kind of lathe, can in 360 ° random a direction can be opened, the takes a need tool with very convenient handlers. This practical and new-style come true with following technical program: A kind of turner has case, include casing and installation to be in the leg propping up of casing lower part; Narrates casing is cylinder shape; This casing includes support; Of bracket on upright installation has circular roof, lower end installation has circular motherboard; The installation on the bracket between circular roof and circular motherboard has many circles fender; In bracket outside it how side contains is OK how side contains the sliding door of circular arc shape with 360 rotational ° . This practical and new-style beneficial effect is: Design kit into cylinder shape, 360 ° roll opens sliding door of shape of implementation circular arc, convenient use; Versatile on installation of one’s store of valuables trundle and can adjust fixed foot, can the shift of kit of very convenient implementation and fixed; The top of kit layer board uses fender of dish of form groove shape, can prevent to the tool is touched or slide, sponsorial body safety, tool safety and; The circular fender of kit uses fender of dish of form groove shape, can prevent a tool to slide.