Industrial upgrading and promote machine tool industry demand, zhengzhou June machine tool exhibition buyers pre-registration opening in an all-round way


2017.6.2-4, zhengzhou international machine tool exhibition grand opening will be in zhengzhou international convention and exhibition center.Then, about more than 500 exhibitors from all over the country, exhibits gathering metal cutting machine, laser sheet metal, forging press;Industrial robots, function of machine tool parts, tools and accessories, such as the main exhibits, compete to show fully digital, automatic and intelligent and the cutting and forming technology, precision stamping and casting technology, industrial robot technology development platform and software industry such as the latest trend products, jointly interpret the new pattern of industrial development.

metal cutting, laser sheet metal two galleries in photograph reflect, zhengzhou machine tool exhibition booth sold

in henan province, as a traditional industry in 2016 with “made in China 2025 henan action guidelines for lead, structural reforms to the supply side, there are in the province’s industrial economic development stable.In 2016, focus on the development of the five leading industries of the equipment manufacturing industry’s main business income is 1.1481 trillion yuan, 1.076 trillion yuan, food industry of electronic information industry was 335.9 billion yuan, 263.4 billion yuan automobile and parts industry.Intelligent manufacturing become the breach of the industrial transformation and upgrading, in henan province in 2016 identified 10 13, smart smart factory workshop.Along with the development of the transformation and upgrading of manufacturing industry in henan, henan all kinds of equipment manufacturing industry and the production scale expansion of area along the Yangtze river delta, the pearl river delta industrial transfer and so on trend, at the same time, the rapid development of the intelligent equipment and application domain expands unceasingly, henan industry users increasing demand for high-end metal cutting and laser sheet metal equipment, henan manufacturing fast prompted the development of the machine tool manufacturing industry in henan market.The release of

the government’s strong support, market sector bonuses, manufacturing demand season, June 13th. Zhengzhou machine tool exhibition as the Midwest’s most influential industry event, the booth has been basically sold out, metal cutting area all over the country, attracting high quality exhibitors: Taiwan TMC YingHan hong jin, Japan, Taiwan, rich letter into grinding machine, jie with cheng, oprah di, heng on, CNC, guangzhou eastern nc, Taiwan Tan Xing, constant at Taiwan, and many other enterprises exhibition site, the display industry under 4.0 high efficiency, high precision, points out, intelligent, green machine tool equipment, will focus on the focus from the simple, durable, affordable technology to the high cost of high-tech production technology, with high automation for the main window.Traditional industrial enterprises to boost henan manufacturing smart shift.

& other;Internet + & throughout;Popularization become laser manufacturing technology in the powerful weapon to the full use of the manufacturing areas, in terms of laser manufacture in the process of manufacturing to intelligent manufacturing upgrade, laser manufacturing has played a very important booster role.13th zhengzhou machine tool show in laser sheet metal area is unusually hot, bystronic di can mount, macro, everbright laser, laser power star, celestica laser, laser chengtong machinery companies such as large area in successive years, the show will be there with the latest laser products, provide viewers with high speed and high efficiency processing technology, precision machining, shorten the production cycle.Invited last,

industry higher-ups have rearranged

6 month machine tool exhibition, exhibition of zhengzhou increasingly close, zhengzhou exhibition will be in the same industry expo and intelligent manufacturing equipment and robot exhibition, exhibition of zhengzhou logistics teamed up, is expected to share resource of the 6 w to the audience.Now invite audience, China merchants group accurate call VIP audience, at the same time with the help of the media industry, vigorously promote industrial concentration area, increase the professional audience group visit.Zhengzhou machine tools exhibition

so far, has reached a strategic cooperation with nearly 300 industry media, monthly reports show the latest dynamic, and will work in each big website in April visit channel setting, easy to visit the registration.At the same time in metal processing, CNC cutting tools, machine tools, sheet metal and fabrication, cloud alliance manufacture industry, luoyang machinery manufacturing network, luoyang machinery network, mechanical transmission, zhonggong WeChat platforms such as intelligent manufacturing release exhibition registration information, using a wide platform resources invite audience.At the scene of the exhibition will also has nearly ten in the show will be broadcast live across the industry well-known media.At present, cooperation with the media number is growing.

exhibition more precise audience at the same time send EDM mail;Exhibitors website microblogging, WeChat will be posted in real-time dynamic expansion of it and the promotion;50 users industry group of professional maintenance, covering more than 10000 industry directly, indirectly radiation hundreds of thousands of people in the industry circle of friends.In order to ensure the high quality audiences to

, the organizing committee of the united association of luoyang bearing, intelligent manufacture c associations organized groups to visit procurement.New industrial concentration area, at the same time, luoyang los linzhou city industrial concentration area, luoyang industrial agglomeration area, luoyang los dragon industrial park such as enterprise with high and new technology industrial development zone industrial park management committee for exhibition materials.Luoyang bearing industry association, henan instrument institute website uninterrupted progress reports show, can be directly for registration.The organizing committee will also continue to strengthen and industry association, the society, industry area management committee and other agencies to focus on invitation strength strong purchasing parties to be present to visit procurement.

at the same time, fixed investment promotion team of more than 30 people call has been started, the one-to-one 140000 buyers of precipitation data in the database calls, real-time audience purchase demand docking, show the most appropriate market products timely feedback the exhibitors.

the exhibition organizing committee joint exhibitors invited audience together, the organizing committee will be involved in every exhibitors custom exclusive H5 invitation, to invite audiences at the same time the top five set surprise gift.

and 2017 in zhengzhou machine tool exhibition will further optimize the structure of each big exhibition layout, the audience and the organization, through a comprehensive range of promotional, diversification of form a complete set of activities, exhibition service, promoting the development of reasonable and efficient central manufacturing industry.

Sandvik coromant scholarship award ceremony was held in tsinghua university

On May 25,

;Friends of the 2016 annual tsinghua – sandvik coromant scholarship award ceremony was held in the department of mechanical engineering, tsinghua university.Sandvik coromant central general manager, Mr Duan Yan mechanics department of tsinghua university party secretary, Mr Zhi-gang lv and award-winning students and teachers attended the ceremony.

first of all, the secretary zhi-gang lv address on behalf of the mechanics department, this paper introduces the development of engineering tsinghua mechanics, as a traditional subject, and points out that the mechanical professional is the cornerstone of the development of human society.Mechanical engineering itself has endless charm, machining cutting tool material, coating, process and technology are worth every student to study.Look forward to winning students can put this to use, and contribute to the development of manufacturing.Mr

sandvik coromant Duan Yan and zhi-gang lv secretary to award-winning students and 12 teachers award, express our heartfelt congratulations to them.The scholarship program in addition to reward mechanics department the academic record outstanding undergraduate and graduate students, and to set up innovative;Scholarships and employment;The gardener award to reward to the equipment manufacturing industry, the employment of graduates and employment for the students teachers have made outstanding contributions.

the winning student representatives to report the results and experience in the scientific research project, and to better serve the society in the future study, contribute to the development of national manufacturing.Award-winning teacher representatives also share with you the in the style of social workers and students employment guidance work experience, showed the comprehensive mechanics department of tsinghua university teachers and students.

finally, sandvik coromant Duan Yan central general manager, said the sandvik coromant has always been committed to actively carry out cooperation projects between colleges, scholarships, and create a professing summer internships for students.Sandvik coromant company and give full play to their strengths, tsinghua university, society and market needs of talents together, realize the win-win cooperation model.Looking forward to further cooperation and work together to promote the progress of machinery industry and new technology development.

“Twelfth five-year” national science and technology support plan “generation CNC woodworking machinery product innovation to demonstrate the application in heilongjiang province

recently, the ministry of science and technology in Harbin organized & other;Five-year & throughout;National science and technology support plan & other;Heilongjiang province generation CNC woodworking machinery product innovation application demonstration project & throughout;Project YanShouHui.Acceptance of the expert group listened to project implementation and the self-assessment report, reviewed the relevant documentation, watch the video project results application, and on-site inspection application demonstration enterprise of Harbin’s eagle window industry co., LTD.Through questions and discussion, acceptance of the expert group thinks the project completed the scheduled task and indicators, agreed to by acceptance.

& other;Heilongjiang province generation CNC woodworking machinery product innovation application demonstration project & throughout;Project belongs to & other;& lsquo;Five-year & rsquo;Numerical control generation of mechanical product innovation application demonstration project & throughout;As one of the key tasks to woodworking machinery field in heilongjiang province as the research object, in view of the heilongjiang province in constructing numerical control cabin, nc carbonized wood drying machine, CNC machining, CNC wood large-format two sub-companies named seaport production demonstration base and the key problems of equipment and so on, the numerical control woodworking machinery development and innovation, and technology integration in the region of the typical demonstration and popularization and application.Since

project implementation, to carry out the nc solid charcoal mechanism, european-style wooden window nc sanding line, wooden beam CNC machining centers, CNC planer large-format two sub-companies named seaport key technology research and development, such as in fully digesting and absorbing advanced woodworking machinery, on the basis of numerical control technology, using intelligent CNC control carbonization temperature and wet process, optimizing the coking process of lumber, implements the new outdoor use after solid wood carbonized without warping and deformation;European-style wooden window CNC sanding production line, which can realize a feed more surface sanding at the same time;Intelligent CNC planer cutting plane cutting machine can realize two sub-companies named seaport cutting thickness of 0.12-3 mm surface plane cut sharply.

generation through numerical control woodworking machinery to demonstrate the application of product innovation, build the heilongjiang province woodworking machinery nc generation of technology system, to promote the application of numerical control woodworking machinery industry in heilongjiang province and demonstration.Project has formed a comprehensive demonstration base 6, realize series transformation equipment 3746 units, promote equipment 2172, european-style wooden window demonstration 1 sanding production lines of CNC, enterprises realize the output value 1.13 billion yuan, has obtained the remarkable economic benefits and social benefits, will pull the heilongjiang CNC woodworking machinery equipment output value of 2 billion yuan of above.Project research results of application and promotion, will be for the development of our country numerical control woodworking machinery to provide effective technology support.

Shandong cling to intelligent manufacturing development opportunity Booster machinery industry transformation and upgrading

5, sponsored by the shandong province by the letter committee 2017 mechanical parts industry in shandong province kinetic energy conversion between the old and the new intelligent manufacturing will held in chapter grave.

chapter grave, is located in the east of the shandong provincial capital jinan center, is a municipal district of jinan city.Strong industrial base in the region, transportation equipment, machinery manufacturing, fine chemical, food and beverage four big industry.In recent years, the old and the new kinetic energy conversion area in chapter grave positive construction, be shandong kinetic energy conversion between the old and the new leader.The first four months of this year, chapter grave completed investment of 6.38 billion yuan was provided.Jinan first machine tool car wheel processing industrialization of intelligent equipment special technical transformation projects, sales income is 150 million yuan, can be added by the new tax is 36 million yuan;Wright heavy alloy steel and non-ferrous metal forgings project, sales income is 500 million yuan, which can realize the new added tax is 66 million yuan.

in jinan, a machine tool production workshop, the wheel hub horizontal lathe processing equipment are stepping up production, will soon be shipped to Thailand.This is the first time shandong automobile wheel machine tool products are sold to countries along the way.

Li Mingye said: jinan first machine tool co., LTD. General manager & other;Realize unmanned manufacturing, and complete the automatic up-down material including automatic compensation, automatic processing, automatic detection, realize unmanned operation, to produce qualified products.Throughout the &;In

2016 shandong machinery industry main business income is

2016 yuan, accounting for 18.5% of the industrial, is important to promote the growth of industrial engine.Accumulated in whole province at present have 14 projects for national intelligent manufacturing special support, both in amount and quantity in the country.But compared with advanced provinces such as jiangsu, guangdong, shandong intelligence produce high-end equipment products, application of new model is not enough and the key problems such as the core technology of others and prominent contradictions.Shandong machinery design and research institute (

), dean of jianghai Lin said: & other;Research and development for the user process demand and key technologies of unit, automation of complete sets of production equipment, it is a development direction, who can seize the development of the new trend in the us an opportunity to grab our industry pattern, the change of the pattern of economic development the opportunity, who took us industry shifts kinetic energy gap.Throughout the &;

Metal material gain puts glorious greatly TCT show in Asia in 2017

metal material manufacturing (AM) in the past 12 months has been widely attention, innovative companies and technology constantly emerging, and in full in the field of mergers and acquisitions has brought the huge change.TCT Asia 2017 exhibition in March 8-10 in Asia’s leading exhibition & ndash;& ndash;At the Shanghai new international expo centre, within the 10000 square meters of exhibition space, metal material to make flowers, only the new metal printing equipment to show there are 13, fascinating.

most of new selective laser melting (SLM) devices are brought by the domestic enterprises.This year is the third year of TCT Asia exhibits;Think first, then only a domestic manufacturing metal increases material manufacturing equipment exhibition;And now, eyeful is made in China.It is no wonder that the editor of TCT Daniel O & # 39;Connor sighed, & other;The exhibition on a wide variety of new metal material manufacturing equipment is really amazing.In China as well as a broader Asian market, increase material manufacturing technology application and development speed of stunning;Back in a few years ago, the region still lags far behind the west, and is now catching up at an alarming rate.Throughout the &;

with the EOS, Concept Laser, rainie salt and SLM Solutions of the matrix reloaded, combined with GE Additive with TRUMPF’s first exhibition in 2017, Europe and the United States metal material gain the attention of the manufacturing enterprises for the exhibition.

as the speaker in the exhibition, the increase of material manufacturing association chairman Graham Tromans said, & other;For manufacturing, China has its own unique insights;In China, compared with plastic, metal materials could be more favored by China’s manufacturing industry.At the same time, the automobile and aerospace is one of the most important two Chinese manufacturing economy department, that is the cause of the development of metal equipment companies so much.Despite China’s manufacturing rise, but with more sophisticated technology, European and American companies can still maintained a strong sales growth in China.Throughout the &;

3 d print in medical apparatus and instruments, orthopedist, the application of dental is one of the highlights of TCT Asian summit, have been the same this year.The audience enthusiastically participate in and to ask questions.At the same time, the technology of metal in the exhibition hall and three the also shine in the sky.About 1100 delegates listened to 45 high level global speaker’s speech, mainly related to metal material gain the most widely used in aerospace and automotive applications.

from northwestern polytechnical university, professor huang to provide China’s newest metal material manufacturing technology, shows the increase of material make great progress in practical application in China.Beijing university of aeronautics and astronautics large metal components to add material manufacturing national engineering laboratory huhu professor high-performance key large metal components are discussed in material manufacturing technical challenge and impact.

besides metal technology, the exhibition hall also showed many resin, ceramics 3 d printing equipment, 3 d scanners, measurement and testing solutions and design and process management software.TCT Asia exhibition organizers Shanghai winyao newsletter exhibition co., LTD., President of Duncan Wood noted that & other;This year’s exhibition activities will be the whole world original 3 d technology is presented to the Chinese market.The exhibition, cut a swath metal material gain, and different levels of the industry development is there for all to see.This is reflected the TCT Asia exhibition & lsquo;Quicker and better help manufacturing & rsquo;的承诺。Throughout the &;In

2018 and

as the year after year in the future growth and the increase of international actors, TCT Asia exhibition has become one of Asia’s leading 3 d technology event.In 2018, TCT group exhibition will be open for the first time TCT South Korea, for further extension in the region.For global market should be developed, we always tailor the high quality for the exhibitors and visitors of exhibition, to help them in line with international standards.行业前景目前来看相当乐观,而2017年的搬迁至新国际展览中心,确保了TCT亚洲展在展览空间方面有机会进一步成长,并保持3D技术展会的持续领跑。TCT Asia

2018 exhibition will be held in March 1-3, 2018 in Shanghai new international expo center hall N1.