CME China machine tool show power CCTE 2018, jointly launched for cutting tool exhibitors to create good benefits!

On March 7,


the fifth session of Shanghai international cutting tools and equipment exhibition & amp;CME China machine tool exhibition

national convention and exhibition centre. Shanghai

organizers of the

countries machine group chengdu tool research institute co., LTD.,

a proud spirit pegatron group co., LTD.


Shanghai exhibition exhibition service co., LTD.

world dialogue, integration & amp;Win-win to open a new chapter in

after five years of accumulation and development, CCTE through resource integration, strategic adjustment, is now gaining momentum, we set for 2018 and CME China machine tool show cooperation, a total of 7 square global biggest stage of the total size of the exhibition hall, the national convention center (Shanghai).


close to the market development trend, strengthen the exchange and the exchange, leading edge technology at home and abroad 2018 ccte will host a variety of high-end technical seminar series of activities, such as BBS, form a set of brand promotion, the exhibition, high-end dialogue, market development, leading the forefront and dissemination and other international trade exhibition platform, all-round display metal machining scope and depth of the whole industrial chain.

professional database, make & other;刀具制造单元”Comprehensive start!


2018 ccte tool manufacturing unit firing again!Focused on cutting tool demand, and car manufacturing, 3 c industry, mold processing, aerospace, new energy manufacturing, petrochemical industry, medical equipment and other industrial production technology of end user perfect and tool management innovation, docking the national high quality resources, providing a broad cooperation channels, a new online!

ccte as domestic professional cutting tools, the exhibition has experienced four years of endeavor and the industry and the accumulation, witnessed the cutting tool industry and the development of the industry users, has become one of the cutting industry benchmarking exhibition in China.



ccte previous highlights:

ccte 2016 attracted a total of nearly 300 companies at home and abroad, respectively from China, the United States, Sweden, Germany, Japan, South Korea, Britain and Taiwan, etc.上届展会既有行业高端和知名品牌参与,同时也吸引了众多新兴的创新型企业以及高新技术型企业参展。




  与CME的合作,可以借用它成熟的市场,为展商带来更多资源,这是理性地对两个行业结合在一起做的慎重决策,去达到资源整合、优势互补。Is to enjoy each other together, seeking the cause of the industry status and strategic adjustment, who is not a simple act.

exhibition location:

national convention center.

Shanghai exhibition schedule:

, decoration time: March 5 to 6, 2018, 2018 time: March 7 to 10, 2018,

exhibits categories:

carbide cutting tools

superhard cutting tools (cbn&金刚石)



















Is machine tool “manufacturer”, as well as machine tool “users”

, standing on the position of the customer, often will encounter these troubling questions: bought an expensive equipment, results in just a few years cannot face product upgrading to meet the requirements and be eliminated;Bought a surprising equipment price, results low efficiency or quality closes nevertheless, or subsequent frequent maintenance equipment utilization rate is very low, further exacerbating the product and management costs rise;Equipment all look very good, but is not so convenient to use, less human.

for the whole life cycle of products, the understanding of modern and nc machine tool co., LTD is very profound, thanks to him across;Machine tool manufacturers and;Machine the double identity of users, the machine is used for their own parts factory.And this role, make him stand very early in the product whole life cycle of the Angle to look at machine tools, so the design of machine tool and follow-up service is human nature and is economical and practical in the entire life cycle.

the CIMT modern wei will repeatedly throughout;New demand supply new era theme, is committed to manufacturing umbrella, no matter the wind rain, modern wei and always with thousands of manufacturing many of his peers.

China is a most potential market, is also a market full of unknowns.The old and new demand of alternating and the speed of change in the competitive landscape, inadvertently looked up and again has been changed.Modern power and is not only a machine suppliers, but also in the front parts maker, whether the confusion behind or a line of hard, modern wei all this and always standing on the position of the customer’s thinking.

;Momentum is positive response;Made in China in 2025 and 4.0 the German industrial demand, facing the future high-tech features, such as intelligent modern pose a threat to the community and the European research and development center of team working focuses on high-end equipment manufacturing and development and research in the field of intelligent function.X F6300 & amp;X H6300 is as modern power of the European research and development center into high-end market works.X F6300 five-axis linkage machining center as a high-end level in the industry has won a lot of customer’s approval, even beyond the industry well-known brands with other products.X H6300 as south Korean industry first adopted new high-speed high-precision circular knife library lie, more up to 348 dao database is optional, plays an important role in FMS production line in the future.

have a momentum, also don’t forget to upgrade the original requirements.Customer efficiency and quality of product demand is higher and higher, cost-effective features still as the starting point of the customer purchase equipment, modern wei was created using the

h I T4500 D2200M\/K\/K F5600 are upgraded equipment, compared with previous devices, on the scope, machining efficiency and machining accuracy further optimization, at the same time with high cost performance.As early as 2004,

modern power of headquarters had an unmanned plant production.In terms of how to build intelligent factory, modern power and has very rich experience and mature development and use of the experience, the current trend is to catch both of hardware and software.Combined with S E M E N I S company developed new H U N D A Y I – I T R O L intelligent system, its design is blended in the use of modern power and different from other manufacturers.This system embodies the modern wei and deep understanding on the humanized operation, and has been applied to the I – C U T400M\/I – C U T450T\/K I T4500 and other devices, can easily achieve a key control\/remote management, energy saving and intelligent processing, and other functions, the biggest characteristic is wherever you are, can through phone or computer to check the machine status, grasp the machine more likely.

modern wei and the future will continue to intensify the development of intelligent and input, insist on;User producers in this location, because we can offer in this field is not only precision equipment, also is not only a customized service, can copy these to some extent.Is our own rich experience with their own equipment, auto parts factory to provide customers with more lasting value: production experience and management pattern to draw lessons from, get seamless docking and fusion process, quality control is also easier.And these in turn further deepen our human nature concept, for research and design of machine tool in the process of fully understanding the manufacturing requirements and difficulties, and then the development of machine tools and related system obtained the inspiration, eventually perfect matching of the machine tool manufacturing industry especially automobile industry was born and evolving.

market in evolution, based on the C I M T the theme of the exhibition;新需求,新供给,新动力,现代威亚在进化的同时也更愿意分享和共同成长。

Factory automation in the five level, you know?

In recent years, China’s manufacturing industry has long been relying on labor advantage is gradually disappearing.Cheap labor force, was the main power of China’s manufacturing industry development, is now seldom so huge and cheap, companies are facing the worsening Labour shortages.
& have spentTherefore, for large-scale manufacturing, want to compete in the global companies, only rely on technology promotion way to improve the production, the introduction of automatic and intelligent technology.Automation is also necessary to the development of the factory.
& have spentAutomation level one: use fast clamping positioning fixture
& have spent

& have spent

using fast clamping positioning fixture, is the first step towards automation.In different machine tools and processes used in the unified fixture benchmark, the change of workpiece and the electrode is no longer needed artificial playing table, a few seconds the change can be realized, repeat positioning can be up to 2 & mu;High precision within m.
& have spentLow reduce preparation time
& have spentLow production time
& have spentOffline detection between low permissible in the production process of
& have spentAutomation 2: the machine integrates automatic switching device
& have spentOn the basis of using fast clamping positioning fixture, machine equipped with the automatic change of the electrode and workpiece, so as to realize the automatic processing of a long time.But this kind of automatic switching device to realize the automation of processing capacity is limited.
& have spentLow economic integration design
& have spentLow & have spentInvestment is less
& have spentAutomation level 3: configuration artifacts\/electrode composite system
& have spentThrough the configuration artifacts\/electrode composite system, can support more number of artifacts\/electrode change, can handle many different tray system, central preset data and numerical control program to ensure the transparency of the machining process.
& have spentLow & have spentContinuous automatic ability to ascend
& have spentLow machining process high transparent
& have spentAutomation 4: manufacturing unit
& have spentWith a processing equipment, many sets of machine tools and equipment, service through different machine and ancillary equipment to realize unattended processing, machining process with high transparency, real-time access to artifacts and process data, online measurement was achieved by three coordinate measuring instrument, ensure high quality production.
& have spentLow realizing unattended processing
& have spentAutomation level five: flexible manufacturing system,
& have spent

& have spent

with a processing equipment, many sets of machine tools and equipment, service associate all machine tools and related data, realize the unification of the data flow and logistics management, and equipment according to the demand, suitable for mass production.
& have spentLow & have spentEquipment according to demand extends

& have spent& have spent(the original title: five levels of factory automation production, you know?) (source: front CNC technology),

ZAYER company developed a new product TABAS5000 series high speed milling machine is used widely

ZAYER company brings the latest developed specifically for the asia-pacific market TABAS5000 series high speed milling, the axis rapid movement speed at an astonishing 50 m\/min, TEBAS series bionic design of machine tool based on topology optimization, to achieve much lighter than the same specifications of the machine tool structure, higher strength.Geometric design ensures good heat conduction, provide excellent accuracy stability.According to the principle of human body engineering design, working mesa 700 mm from the ground, the mobile control station can work on both sides of the machine, convenient operation.Do not need to pit, installed directly on the ground, the installation is simple, economical.This will help the customer greatly improve processing efficiency and return on investment.ZAYER large gantry machining center has a very wide range of applications, especially suitable for aerospace, rail transportation, ship manufacturing, machine tool manufacturing and domestic high-end manufacturing sectors such as energy, and provide the perfect solutions and turnkey project.As the table length can be up to 33?M, door width nearly 5?M, a wide range of processing, the field can processing all kinds of large size or the advantage of large specification high hardness material, and the artifacts of high machining accuracy, high speed cutting and rough machining strong cutting and finishing.Rough machining machine tool rigidity, can satisfy the large amount of cutting processing;Finish machining high precision machine tool, can guarantee certain key to form a high precision of size.In machine tool design, bionic optimization for use with our modular design, can according to different requirements of customers, provide such as double gantry, double spindle, double work table and so on solution, 30% ~ 50% can reduce the investment, improve the machining efficiency 20% ~ 100%.In order to improve the machining efficiency, adopts double gantry, mode of double spindle double location at the same time processing, the processing efficiency is doubled.In order to reduce the invalid time loss in the processing, such as large size workpiece loading and unloading time special long, adopts double table method, loading and unloading time reduced to zero, a workbench processing another pallet loading and unloading), due to the milling head specification weight is very big, adjust the laborious manual loading and unloading, ZAYER machine all adopt the automatic replacement milling head, a machine can automatically change up to six milling head (extension head, extended extended head, side milling head, extended side milling head, 45 & deg;Universal milling head and TWIST five-axis linkage head);All milling head and internal ram, automatic indexing plate connected by “HIRTH, after the removable nipple can be precise automatic back to zero, zero without manual calibration milling head rotation, greatly saved the time adjustment, increase the effective processing time.Is particularly important, ZAYER machines its precision and accuracy stable especially good stability, in the Chinese market has more than 20 years of the machine is still in use, good in the European market has more than 40 years of machine in CNC systems updated working 24 h long load to well today!In order to achieve the artistic level of high precision and high accuracy keep sex, ZAYER is novel in design, manufacturing excellence.In order to maximize the elimination of the spindle motor of heat disturbance, ram and milling head internal equipped with automatic circulation cooling constant temperature system.ZAYER machine tools of all components of the lathe bed is made of high quality castings, and all of the contact surface casting with wade in heath & middot;Coburg grinding machine for precision grinding processing.Processing and assembling process of fine determines the ZAYER machines after the use of high precision and excellent stability precision and stable performance.In the European market in developed countries such as Germany, ZAYER the application of the company’s large floor boring and milling machining center is broader than the domestic, more popular with users, the result also directly cause ZAYER company more than 50% products are exported to developed countries, especially in the German market.With these high-end manufacturing industry gradually shift to the Chinese market, such as wind power, large aircraft, turbine and ship manufacturing, etc., will lead to demand a large number of high-end floor boring and milling machining center.Suitable for strong cutting, high precision, high degree of automation, such as automatic change the milling head, rotary diameter up to 5 m above the rotary table that can meet the many varieties of small batch, such as complicated process of efficient processing.ZAYER company for many years in this field for application and continuous research and development, which has been leading the high-end manufacturing advanced processing direction.ZAYER kcu 30 and 60 kcu series dividing function can have any Angle of 45 & deg;Universal milling head cant satisfy any and surface processing, such as processing of wind wheel blade installation incline, workbench need not add tilting device, used with technology patent ZAYER 0.001 & deg;Dividing the 45 & deg;Universal milling head that can satisfy the processing requirements, greatly improve the machining flexibility and efficiency of the machine and reduce the manufacturing cost of the machine.And configurable ZAYER machines of the boring bar diameter of 220 mm, to satisfy the demands of high precision boring.ZAYER machine superior performance lies in the continuous research and development have core technologies and exquisite manufacturing technology and the perfect pursuit in the process of machining.Such as ZAYER company with technology patent 45 & deg;Universal milling head and TWIST head five-axis linkage technology.ZAYER of machine tool products are according to the principle of human body engineering design, working mesa height distance is appropriate, mobile control station can work on both sides of the machine, convenient operation.Do not need to pit, installed directly on the ground, the installation is simple, economical.This will help the customer greatly improve processing efficiency and return on investment.(the original title: ZAYER TABAS5000 series high speed milling in the typical application of large machine tools) (source: ZAYER company)






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